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Michigan 4th annual 24 hour race

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  • Hello to all the racers in this year's 2014 Michigan 24 hour race. I would like to congratulate the Slot Car Corner Team for winning the race and setting another new world record. I hear that Smokeio from team S.C.C. can build fast, missile-like race cars. I would say that Mike and his family, the race host for the last 4 years, holds a world record also. Nick


    • I've followed this race the prior three years with extreme interest. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and most of the Cover Leaf team awhile back and have been fortunate to get to know them better over the last year. As a first things 24 racer, I didn't know exactly what to expect. However, knowing the Clover Leaf group I knew it would be a great time. And ed it ever.

      The amount of slot car knowledge and incredible driving skill that was involved in this event was mind boggling. I an almost certain I learned something new from every racer at the event.

      There are too many specifics to remember or bore the general readers with. I will say that team CanAm welcomed me and by the end of the race I knew I had developed great friends.

      It is amazing at how you can build a friendship with someone just by standing/sitting next to them for 5 hours passing with toy cars. Art (DUM DUMS) and Eric (Cinci) were great to hang out with as we raced around the track.

      Can't wait to do it all again!

      White Lane
      (CanAm newbie)


      • 24 hr Video

        Though everyone would like this. Great video..




        • Thanks Don and Diane for putting this Great video togather of this Great Michigan 24 event.