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Michigan 4th annual 24 hour race

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  • Pretty sure they have extra sets glued and trued...:thumb:



    • I don't think you'd ever get a set of properly glued tires off a rim that would leave you with a smooth enough metal surface to accept a slip-on set of tires. And to go from glued and trued to slip-on would change the entire race anyway. My bet is that you can put on fresh glued and trued tires; but it takes time and if you're going at record pace, then the lost laps on a tire change is certainly something to take into consideration. Just like 1:1 racing.



      • Yes we change the whole wheel not just the tire. Marks record will have to be checked first but if it is in fact during the race and not from a track call then yes it is a track record.
        We have just gone dark so the next 5 hours will be all night driving.


        • On heat 17 Team Cincy Slot Rods replaced our failing yellow can motor. We are back running 7.4 laps after falling all the way back to 8.0 laps with the bad motor.

          We pulled one fast motor change and only lost 80 laps off that heat.


          • Sorry for the late halfway results.

            Just past halfway, here are the projected standings, meaning if things continue as they are, this would be the final results. They can and will most likely change....

            SCC - 273.82 miles
            Dum Dum - 266.22 miles
            Cloverleaf - 262.54 miles
            Hazzard - 254.33
            CanAm - 238.43
            Cincinnati - 237.72


            • Well, the sun's up here on the East's it going for you guys in Michigan? The lights should be coming on again soon; if they're not on already............

              How many laps in a mile: I assume something like 42 if the track is on the order of 125 ft.(??)

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              • The night time session is over. All the cars made it through, and are still running.

                The battle for last between CanAm and Cincinnati has gotten very close. At the end of heat 26, they were only 5 laps apart. But then CanAm has another guide problem, so looks like they now have to battle back once again. They're not giving up, that's for sure.

                SCC is still on a record pace, currently projected at 272.64 miles.
                Dum Dum has 2nd with 264.39
                Cloverleaf is holding 3rd with 260.03
                The Hazzard Boys are still in 4th with 254.52
                Cincinnati is 5th with 240.22
                CanAm is right behind with 240.14


                • Heat 33 out of 36 is complete.

                  Not much has changed in the standings, but everyone is certainly getting tired out. Still some good racing going on, and lots of comaderie and laughter as well.


                  • Heat 35 - SCC is in their last heat. We need 275 laps to break last year's record. And who's driving?
                    Smokeio is, the one who built the car. It couldn't be a more fitting finish...


                    • [quote=nhdungeonracer;829681]Heat 35 - SCC is in their last heat. We need 275 laps to break last year's record. And who's driving?
                      Smokeio is, the one who built the car. It couldn't be a more fitting finish...[/quote]

                      Go go go! Another world record? :banana:


                      • Thanks so much for the updates Dickie

                        Again thank you for keeping SCI readers updated with info from the race.
                        It does not look like there are any big battles on track as you come down to the wire. Well done and congratulations to the Event organizers and all entrants.

                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



                        • Well, Smokeio ended with 396 laps, so we have a new record. Unofficial at this time, it looks to be 272.3 miles!!

                          The last heat is going on now, and Team Hazzard has a slight chance to catch Cloverleaf for 3rd. Cloverleaf may have to pull their car for repairs. If they do, the Hazzard Boys will try to capitalize.


                          • Congratulations to Team SCC for their record setting effort in the 4th Annual Michigan 24.. Much thanks goes to Mike Stott for his continued efforts to bring our hobby to new heights in the United States and also for our friends from Canada. Congrats also to everyone else who competed in the event. I have raced in a similar 24 hour event with almost all of these guys and I know the hard work and dedication they all put into making their teams potential winners.. Congrats to all !!!
                            Ray M.


                            • Congratulations to all 6 teams.
                              Truly a great accomplishment.

                              Well done to SCC for setting a new record.

                              A big kudos to team dum dum's for a fantastic second place finish!
                              You guys did great and competed against some world class talent.
                              Sorry I couldnt make it. You certainly didnt miss me.

                              Great job!
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                              • Wow, coverage kinda dropped off at the end. Unless I missed something do we have to guess at the final results along with totals? :noidea: