To all 1/24TH racers I will be having a BRM and Scaleauto race on December 21ST. Doors will open at 5:00. If you have any questions please ask. 248-931-3930. If you think you might be here give me a heads up just so I have an idea how much snacks I will need. You can still show up even if you do not reply just want an idea how many.
[LIST][*]5:00 Doors open[*]Around 6:00 get pizza.[*]After done eating around 7:00 first race ( BRM)[*]Scaleauto race after BRM race.[*]After race track will be open.[/LIST]
[/B][LIST][*]Both classes are run with the national rues with the exception of the rear wing or spoiler Rules. You are also allowed to change gearing on the Scaleauto.[/LIST]