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Michigan 5th annual 24 hour race

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    Congratulations to the winning team & to everyone who participated in this year's Michigan 24-2015.

    Great job Mike & Co. on hosting a big event like this.

    To Rob Hall & Co., a great gesture on your part in running the charity program.

    Nick & Sandy

    Team Super Tires :USA: :canada:


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      I want to say a BIG thank you to my teammates, the Hazzard boys team. You guys did a tremendous job, especially considering you didn't find out I wasn't available to participate until raceday morning. And I sincerely appreciated you allowing me to come back in and run my last 2 heats.
      To the other teams, I can't express enough appreciation for helping out the Hazzard team in my absence. As Jason says, I don't think you will find that level of sportsmanship in many places, but here it was quite evident. It shows what a great group of guys we have participating at this great event.
      Rob, a great effort you did for the charity cause. This was no doubt it was a bit of effort on your behalf, and I'm sure you had some help, but congrats for breaking last years record.
      To the Cloverleaf guys, WOW!! You guys pulled off yet another successful 24 hour race. That you guys keep doing it year after year is simply amazing. For sure teamwork is required, and you guys have it. Congrats, and thank you for all your efforts.


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        [COLOR=#000000]I'll just say that the team from Atlanta (whatever their real name is!) deserved the win with a great drive in difficult conditions. They were pushing all the way and ran great heats, even some over 400 laps. That's quite an achievement. During the race, the results projection had them over the record pace for a while, until some technical problems made that «dream» seem more difficult to get to. But they kept on pushing until the end and this victory is well deserved, with only a 4.5-members team. I'm getting to know these guys more and more each time we race together and there are wonderful human beings behind those fast slot car racers.[/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]To the Clover Leaf team and «assistants», you are truly a wonderful organizing committee. This is quite an undertaking and you are able to pull it off each year. Even when the software issues stopped the race for a while during the night, you all kept your smiling faces on and just worked at it until it was resolved. Bravo! And a huge THANK YOU. To all the green shirts out there (Rob, Mike, Paul, Art, Dave and Craig), I can say that I'm very happy to count you as very good friends.[/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]Steve said it right when he said that the CanAm and Cincinnati Slot Rods were much faster than they ever were at this race. CanAm is a nice group of guys and they work very well together as a team. They were faster and had more fun in 2015. Keep it up! The Cincy car was very fast in the last part of the race. And their drivers were able to do something with a fast car. Kudos to you. The podium is in sight for next year![/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]Also, congrats on Professor Motor for their first team effort in a 24-hour race. They were in 4th place for a while before technical problems had to be resolved and they lost a lot of ground. But they kept fighting and finished not too far away from 5th place.[/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]Now, to all my long-time teammates from the Slot Car Corner team and the «rookie» Kurt, it was a pleasure to share this car with you. Mike has been working for months and months at building great cars for this race. Nobody can even understand how much effort goes into this on Mike's part. What he does for this hobby and this race team is truly incredible. During Friday practice, all the cars were so good, we didn't know which one to choose. We finally picked a race car at the end of the day. We'll never know what would have happened if... We had some technical adjustments during the race and we learned that a Difalco controller without its chip is basically worthless. :noidea: But we also know that the Hazzard Boys were fast and they had a great car. It was their year, no doubt about that. Now, it wouldn't be a competition if we didn't want to get back at them next year. And we'll certainly try.[/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]Mike, even with this second place, I've never seen you smile and laugh so much at a race. You're a great friend and teammate.[/COLOR]
        [COLOR=#000000]Steve, you're the best captain a team could have. You care a lot about every team member and the health of this hobby. Nobody can ask for more, you give everything to this hobby and to Slot Car Corner. Thank you.[/COLOR]
        [COLOR=#000000]Georges, if I'm still racing slot cars, it's in great part because I have someone like you to share this hobby with, in Québec or elsewhere. Travel companions like you are rare to find.[/COLOR]
        [COLOR=#000000]Kurt, I've gotten to know you over the past years, including a few trips on the old continent where our friendship was solidified. Racing with you on the same team just made this even more fun. I feel like we've let you down for your first experience with us.[/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]Dickie, my friend, you and I started this link between us in Québec and you in the Northeast US. That night around my track in Québec City a while ago was the start of a wonderful decade of fun and friendships. I really hope you feel better now, after this awful Saturday that came at the worst time possible.[/COLOR]

        [COLOR=#000000]This was again a wonderful event. We have to drive a long way to get there. But it's always worth it. Let's do this again, shall we?![/COLOR]
        [COLOR=#000000]Christian, Team Slot Car Corner[/COLOR]


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          [quote=cgingras;900756][COLOR=#000000]Kurt, I've gotten to know you over the past years, including a few trips on the old continent where our friendship was solidified. Racing with you on the same team just made this even more fun. I feel like we've let you down for your first experience with us.[/COLOR][/quote]
          Let down? Absolutely not! :) I loved every minute of it, getting to see you guys again and play with toy cars. Not winning is part of racing, we all know that -- and if we can't have just as much fun in second place as we do when we're winning, then we're in this hobby for the wrong reason. It was a tremendous experience from beginning to end, and any hiccups in the middle were part of the fun. It's not easy to bring a new team member into the 'well-oiled machine' that is SCC, and I'm sure I threw SCC's game off a bit. I might get some mileage out of the chip story, though. :lol:

          I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


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            First and foremost, thanks to Mike, Art, and the rest of the Cloverleaf Racing group for hosting this event. It requires a tremendous amount of work and coordination for an event like this to move along smoothly. I know this probably sounds like a broken record, but it takes a lot of work to keep 30+ content with food, space, etc. Cloverleaf Racing's generosity does not go unnoticed in this event. My only suggestion is to stock up on more brownies - more brownies means Jason spends more time eating - that means he's not talking even when he's awake.

            I'm having a tough time finding the right words to describe my experience this year, and this is because it was the best time I've ever had racing slot cars. We could have finished last this year and it wouldn't change a thing. The camaraderie in this event is amazing, and our group is very thankful for the folks that gave a helping hand when we needed it most - Fumey, Kurt, Rob, Team Cinci, and anyone I have forgotten - thank you! I also want to thank James of team CanAm, Craig of Cloverleaf, and Mike of Cloverleaf for good, clean racing throughout the entire race.

            On paper, Dickie looks like he barely lifted a finger only having run 2 heats out of his 6 and marshaling while laying in bed in his hotel room. The truth is that Dickie's efforts to helping our team this year started months before the race with team talks about car setup, tire preparation, etc. - he even attempted to get us coordinated and purchase team shirts. You are always welcome to come race on our team Dickie. Just never forget this.....

            To Steve Sawtelle, Christian Gingras, and all those who help Slotcarcorner USA & CA operate - thank you for being the "go to" for many of the components required to build these amazing endurance cars. It must be rewarding to watch your precision parts at work and withstanding the test of endurance racing. It truly is a testament to the quality of parts you provide when the majority of the cars are sporting some form of SCC parts - all you have to do is look at the spec sheets! Thank you guys.

            Smokeio, thank you for all of the tips you have provided over the years on this site and to me personally. I have the utmost respect for you, your driving, and your car building. I missed racing along side you this year. I'm lying - it was nice not to have to dodge the swivel. :yo:

            To Mr. Rob Hall - [B]You are a class act.[/B] [B][U]You[/U][/B] have turned this event into something you and the rest of Cloverleaf Racing can truly be proud of. Team Dickie's Dixie Hazzard Chicks' total charity donation of $240 will be split into two - we will be donating $120 to our original charity of choice, SPCA, and $120 to the Wounded Warriors Project - a great suggestion by our good friend, Jay Hodges (The Old Jaybird).

            Last but not the least, thank you to my great team mates. We set a goal for ourselves to do better - all we wanted was a podium. We never expected to win the race, especially after Friday practice was over, but we somehow made it happen. I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to race with every Wednesday evenings. I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to race with away from home. But ****, please make sure you guys serve more brownies next year.

            Does anyone know what Rob likes to eat???

            Team Dickie's Dixie Hazzard Chicks
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              About 100 pictures of the race are here, on my Flickr account:

              Some of them are here:

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403209072[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403209102[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403219172[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403229248[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403229272[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403229277[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403229311[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403229326[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr

              [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]1403219104[/url] by [url=]Christian Gingras[/url], on Flickr


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                I would like to thank Mike and everybody at Cloverleaf Racing group for all there hard work to put on a race like this. Another big thanks to the lady's that prepared all the good food. All I can say is job well done looking forward to next year.

                Rob Hall thank you for your hard work with the Charity Raffle and to everybody that made this happen . Thank again for taking this event to the next level. :thumb:

                Too everybody that came but and offered there help if we needed a corner marshal ,pit guy or anything you don't know how much that meant to our team thank you very much.

                Steve Sawtelle and all the slotcar corner team what a class act they were the first to come to offer help when we found out about Dickie was not going to make the start of the race. Like Mark said thank you Steve for what you do for the hobby. Also had a great time at luck's steakhouse.
                Smokeio, had a great time racing with you thank you for all your help.

                Now on to my team mates. Dickie thank you for all your hard work leading up to the race building car and test and your help on Friday. Mark,Jason & Jon thank y'all for letting me be part of the team not only are you all great team mates but you are great friends.

                Team Dickie's Dixie Hazzard Chicks


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                  Can we get a new name for next year? Something cooler like Sprinkles or something?:noidea:



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                    [quote=RacerX132;900913]Can we get a new name for next year? Something cooler like Sprinkles or something?:noidea:

                    You're asking about a name for next year? You haven't picked one for this year yet! :lol:


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                      Be careful what you ask for Jason. We didn't ask for any changes this year, and look what happened...:eek:


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                        It's ok Jason. They're just jealous that we get to put sprinkles in our ice cream.


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                          Congratulations to Team Hazzard on a great win. They worked hard late into the evening on Friday and was even making changes moments before the race to come up with an excellent car. Their driving was fast, consistent, and courteous throughout the event and are well deserving of this win. When we first raced against each other in Chicago a few years back, you set the standard for endurance racing for car performance, car building, and driving. This is the standard that I strived for, especially the high level of driving. You raised that standard again for me which I will work hard at achieving and will come back next year better prepared for the challenges of this event. Hey Jason, I love you man….

                          I wanted to personally thank both Junior from Hazzard and Scott from the Can Am teams. You guys raced me cleanly and gave way to me when I was on a mission to make laps. I saw Scott actually stop a few times to make sure we didn’t tangle in the high banks. Thank you.

                          I am still amazed that Mike Stott kicks his family out and opens up his home to us to use from Friday morning to Sunday night. I know that everyone from Cloverleaf helps in one form or another and everything was great from the food, coffee, bathroom, etc. Special thanks to Craig’s wife and daughter for serving us food. Everything during the weekend was outstanding and I can’t think of one thing I would suggest to make this event better. Thank you.

                          Then there’s Rob. Who would have ever thought this pain in the rear blabber mouth would have had a heart of gold to turn this event into something where we raise money for charities. Rob, YOU are the big cheese in my eyes. Thank you.

                          Thank you to my teammates/friends. Each year I look forward to racing with you no matter what the outcome is.

                          Thank you to all of the participants of this event. This is more than just a race. It’s a good time getting together with friends who all happen to have the same hobby.

                          See you all next year.



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                            [quote=Mark;901069]It's ok Jason. They're just jealous that we get to put sprinkles in our ice cream.[/quote]



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                              How does «The Sprinklettes» sound?


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                                First off I would like to say sorry for the delay I had a draft saved and it got lost somehow. I would like everyone to know how much I appreciate all the kind words about our race. I can not believe that we are on our 5th year already.
                                I would like to congratulate the Hazard boys (or what ever you are calling yourselves today). I know that you guys were still working on your car at 11:00 on Friday night and still not satisfied with the results. Then Saturday morning you found out that Dickie would not be able to race. You guys race a very clean race and were strong through out the whole race, if it had not been for the braid issue you probably would of broken the world record. I would also like to thank you for using our Quick Slicks tires.
                                This year was the closest racing I think we have ever seen. If one team were to of had any more problems it would have changed the whole out come. We did see a new track record and also saw more cars running below the 7.0 time on a regular basis. Every time I think we will not be able to go any faster it seems like we do.
                                I would like to thank everyone that helped out during the race, without your help I would never be able to make this race happen. I am sure I will forget someone but I will try to get everyone. Big thanks to Craig s wife and daughter for all the help with the food and the clean up. Thanks to Dave W for helping with the timing and all the other odds and ends that you do. Thanks to Dave Z for taking time out of your weekend to help out with the race. I know that everyone did there part just to keep thing moving along and cleaning up after themselves.
                                I would like to thank Rob for setting the charity part of the race I know we have a few things that we will address for next years race so that things move more smoothly, we are always looking to improve our race and the was one of the best additions.
                                Big thanks to all the teams that keep coming back and entering our race year after year, it really means a lot to me that you think enough of our race to enter it year after year.


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