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DeBary Glen is up and running

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  • DeBary Glen is up and running

    The only things that remain are to fix some locations where the slot didn't line up perfectly, do some final window dressing and install the lap counter.

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    Well done, I bet that is a good feeling!


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      Everything is complete. The LEDs for the trackmate lap counter finally arrived and are now installed. Now all I need are three or four good racers to come and have some real fun.


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        Saturday evening what is likely to be the core of any racing here at DeBary Glen, came by to get acquainted with the new layout and facility. They were Tony Przybylowicz and Grant Goerner who are members of the GRRR Florida Retro Racing organization. We had some fun with several varieties of slot cars and concluded that Carrera classic NASCARS and Carrera modern GT class cars will most likely be our initial racing classes. We also tentatively agreed that Saturday evenings will be race night, most likely one or two Saturdays per month. We now have to go out and recruit a few more drivers.