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October race results

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  • October race results

    Well, even though we had to deal with a lack of an electronic means of counting laps, last evening was an enjoyable experience. I kept it simple, 20 lap heats with points awarded for finishing position. 4 for first, 3 for second and so on. We ran straight rotation instead on european style. After each heat I wrote down next to each driver's name which lane they were in and how many points they earned for that heat. After everyone had driven all four lanes I just added up the points and declared the winner.

    Driver red white blue yellow total

    Larry Granger 1 2 3 1 8

    Grant Goerner 1 2 3 3 9

    Rick Turner 1 4 4 2 11

    Garold Page 3 4 4 2 13

    So, Garold took top honors, Rick was second, Grant was third and Larry came in fourth. This was Grant's first visit on race night and I can see where as everyone gets more experience driving the track the competition is going to get tighter. After me, Garold has the most time on the track, Rick has been by several times and Larry, due to the fact that he lives way up in Ocala, only gets to come on race day. Grant lives nearby and should be getting more practice time in.

    Tony P. and Olivia had other commitments and weren't able to attend. It appears that this group of people will become the core participants on a regular basis. Everyone seems to get along well together and we manage to race without getting too serious. Larry had to leave first, wanting to get home to watch the end of the NASCAR race (we weren't aware that it had been postponed).

    Rick had brought his Scaley Trans Am Camaro and wanted to run it so I loaned Grant and Garold a couple of my pony cars and we had a fun run for about 30 minutes. On my wood track the advantage the Pioneer cars had on plastic pretty much vanished and we all had a lot of fun.

    Finally after Grant had to leave, Garold, Rick and I spent some time driving my LMP cars. All three were Lolas, one has the billboard fin. My gold/white/red Lola was the cream of the crop. I'm glad to report that although we ran them hard and had a few crashes nothing got broken, not even a mirror. I don't trust my top tier cars to just anyone but Garold and Rick are excellent drivers. If ever we could afford to make it to one of the big time 24 hour races I would want them on my team.

    Next race date is November 14th, again the second Saturday of the month. We will continue to run the Carrera classic NASCARs as the main event. Hopefully I can persuade the guys borrowing cars to buy a trans am car and we can schedule two races soon.