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GT-SRC: Greater Toronto Slotcar Racing Club Porsche Race Series

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  • GT-SRC: Greater Toronto Slotcar Racing Club Porsche Race Series

    There is a new slot car racing club in the Toronto area: The Greater Toronto - Slot Racing Club. Our goal is to provide affordable, competitive, and fair racing in a club environment. We'll be running a weekly series at Raceworld with a draw prize every race night, and trophies and other prizes awarded at the end of each season. Charter GT-SRC members include Grant Richardson (Treasurer), Sean McQuade (Communications), Franco DeVuono, Rory Wood, and Serge Tourikian.

    There will be a club fee of $20 per series paid to GT-SRC Treasurer ( 8,10 or 12 races per series - still to be determined by racers' input). This fee will cover the Prizes / Trophies awarded at the end of each series. Each club member will receive a 'Dash Plaquet' for participating complete with our Club name - Series - Year etc. The first, second and third place will recieve trophies with Our Club name, Series, Year etc. Any monies left over could be put towards other prizes to be drawn at the end of the series.

    Race Fee - $10 per race. $5 dollars from each entrance fee will be paid out in 'Race Bucks'. We will have a random draw 'out of a hat' at the end of each race to determine the winners.

    Spec Car - The GTSRC has chosen 'Stock' 956 / 962 Porsche as the spec car for our first series (including the 956K high tail 'Jagermeister'). All tech will be done and enforced by GT-SRC. Cars that do not pass tech will be disqualified and receive no points for the series. The car's entrant will not be eligible to participate in the draw for 'Racebucks'.
    • Inline slot it pod - can or bell drive (no offset pods)
    • 9 tooth bronze pinion - 28 tooth Slot it Crown gear - bronze only (no Teflon)
    • 15x8 Slot it aluminum rear wheels (Ortmann tires)
    • Plastic Slot it 'stock ' front wheels and Slot it tires
    • Slot it wheel inserts must be used (no drilling out centre of insert)
    • Press in 'Stock Guide' (any braid can be used)
    • Solid Slot it 'Stock' or Drill Blank axles
    • Slot it 21.5k orange bell or Slot it 25k white bell (with 'Stock' Slot it lead wire)
    Rules - Cars will be teched by GT-SRC Members.
    • No Magnets
    • Rear Tires will be no wider than 11mm and no taller than 19.5mm
    • Tires can be glued to rim
    • Cars must have a clearance of .047 on 'block' (this rule may be changed to allow for tire wear)
    • Front tires must touch on 'block'
    • Front tires must be as wide as plastic rims
    • Front tires can be sanded
    • Wheels/tires must not be visible when viewed from above
    • No coating of any kind on the front and rear tires
    • No chassis reinforcements are allowed
    • Lead can be added(no weight on underside of chassis)
    • Original motor wire leads must be used. red silicone lead wires.
    • Motor shaft must act as centering guide for Crown
    • Motor shaft can be trimmed for clearance
    • Motors must be “unopened”- any evidence of tampering will result in disqualification
    • Motors may be glued / taped into chassis
    • Motor sealing tabs must remain clearly visible
    • No axle spacers or shims are allowed
    • No Aftermarket bushings or bearings may be used
    • Tires cleaned with water only
    • No com juice, braid juice, or lighter fluid
    • Rear wing must be on car
    • Minor sanding of the four sides of chassis for body clearance is acceptable
    • No sanding under or inside of chassis in the attempts of reducing weight
    • Stock body and interior - Painting is allowed - Cars will compete with original chassis/body combination. Bodies may not be lightened
    • Lexan interiors/windows will not be allowed
    • All cars must have 4 stock Slot-it wheel inserts.
    If you have any questions prior to next Thursday drop Sean McQuade (SCI member Aerostarz) a line at
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    2008 Race Schedule and Payouts

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      We have already chosen the trophies for 1st to 3rd place, Plaques: Sublimation 4th to last place; Tool box plaques: Engraved 1x 3 gold or black coloured plate.

      GT-SRC Stickers will be handed out to all racers once membership fees are paid.

      Hope to see you at RaceWorld this Thursday April, 10 at 7:00 pm!!


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        Amendment to the Rules

        (956C ‘High Tail’ are now allowed).

        There is a shortage of 956 / 962 Slot it Porsches within our local area, there fore we will allow the "Slot-it SICA09a High-tail Porsche 956C Jagermeister"

        (Pinion and Crown Gear Update)

        • Slot it 9 tooth bronze pinion - Slot it 28 tooth Yellow Crown gear – bronze only. teflon and aluminum not allowed. This rule has been implemented to reflect the 'Spec Car" rules.
        ( Tires)
        • 15x8 Slot it aluminum rear wheels (ortman tires).


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          Why only Ortman tires?
          Team Super Tires


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            Hi Dan!
            Hope all is well at Ace Hobby in Niagara Falls NY!!
            Please tell Ron i said Hi!
            Back to your question:

            The majority of guys in our area already have Ortmans from various home and RaceWorld series. In addition there is a supply of local Ortman tires.

            This will allow any new racers to have the chance to have the same traction as our more seasoned racers and still follow our spec class.



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              has anyone tested their cars yet? what kind of lap times did you turn?


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                GT-SRC - Porsche Challenge Race Schedule and standings

                GT-SRC - Porsche Challenge Race Schedule - Thursdays - Race @ 7:30PM Sharp!

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                  The rules in the first post of this thread have been revised. Changes are in red.
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                    Great fun, good competition. 4 racers with 171 laps. Looking forward to next week.



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                      GT-SRC Race Standings for April 17th 2008

                      My apologies for getting the results out late fellas.
                      Great turnout guys and an all around excellent race!!
                      The club stickers came back from the print shop on friday and will be distributed out at the next race.
                      Please find the enclosed results from last Thursday.

                      Remaining races
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                        GT-SRC Race Standings for April 24th 2008

                        The actions continues in fine form!
                        Amo, Bernie and Serge lead the pack with Roger and Tim in hot pursuit!

                        Final position was rectified by the team discussing and taking a vote.
                        1st, 2nd and 3rd place Trophies should be ready for viewing for next Thursday.
                        pictures to follow..

                        Remaining races
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                          April 24th race photos

                          The grid


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                            Top three and tech time!


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                              GT-SRC Race Standings for May 1st 2008

                              Bernie led the pack this week and blew away his previous fastest lap time of 5.980.
                              This race saw Bernie place 1st and post a new fastest lap of 5.881 with Amo trailing a close second with an equally impressive lap time of 5.882!!

                              Congrats to Roger placing third with a fastest lap of 5.986

                              Remaining races


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