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A Thanks from Race Haven.

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  • A Thanks from Race Haven.

    Thanks guys for the great turnout Friday. I hope everyone likes the track and hopefully had some fun.

    I look forward to seeing, and participating in some great racing.

    Thanks again and see you guys Friday.


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    Can I play?

    I've dusted off an old 1/32 car and have a few questions.

    1) Can I run this on your track? (just practice)
    2) Would you have track legal tires for this old dog (thin axle, not sure of the size)

    Anything else that I would need to try this on your track.....see pic




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      Hi Mike,

      That car is not eligable to race. We race Plastic chassis cars with Rubber tires. Your car will not work well with the foam tires. Even to put rubber tires on it would not make that big a difference. You are more than welcome to wheel it around for as long as you like in practice though.

      I can probably set you up with an axle/tire/wheel combo but you would be at half the price of a Slot it car. I don;t think it would be worth spending the money on that chassis.

      If you have a chance, drop by the store and we can chat.

      Have a look at Slot it's website. Most of the racing we do revolves around the Slot it line of cars and parts.

      Thanks for the interest.



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        Thanks for the response Ron......I didn't expect the car to meet any of the current race specs, just wanted to loosen up the old trigger finger.
        I've spent hours going through the forums and things have changed big time. I'm an old racer (employee) from the O'Conner days (70's) and it appears the slot car is making a come back....great to see.
        I'll be doing my best to get out to a Friday night race to watch some of the "old boys" (Fergy, Cinny1) try for a comeback. These guys were the top dogs on the tracks (at O'Connor) 30+ years ago......should be fun to watch.
        Oh, BTW, do you have a defibrillator on site?....might want to get one!

        Last edited by FlyingNow; 03-09-2009, 02:05 PM.


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          Ronnie what are we racing and when? You said something about an enduro on Sunday. That might be better for Dom and me this weekend. And we might be able to bring another Ace racer along too!


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            Did you say something about an Enduro Ron? How about two man teams and a full rotation of 5 heats for each driver?

            Maybe run our Porsche Series cars? Most of the new people have those cars.

            Afternoon race? This will cut into the Seniors naptime. Cots available?


            P.S. Seniors discount eh. Hey Canada Pension and OlderAgeSecurity don't pay that much.


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              Hi Guys,

              Stayed tuned today for the post about Sundays race. I have had quite a week last week. I will post something as soon as I get down to the shop today about the plan for Sundays race.



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