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Sunday Enduro and Swap Meet.

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  • Sunday Enduro and Swap Meet.

    Hi Guys,

    On this Sunday we will be having our Second Enduro race, and the Our First Swap Meet. Bring anything you don't use anymore and see what you can trade it for. I know there are going to be some Chris Walker cars for trade for sure.

    Bring whatever you have, wheels, tires, chassis, detail parts, motors, cars, ANYTHING that still has some life left in it.

    If you guys have any questions please ask.

    Go to:

    The First post has the Rule Set for the Enduro.

    Thanks Guys, hope to see you there. Last time we had 6 Teams. The race was 80 minutes long.

    There will be BBQ and the Snack bar will be open.

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    Looks like A & A racing will be trying to come out again. Just looking for a time that the racing is targeted to start and also if there will be a start time for the swap meet also. I don't want to miss any deals.

    P.S Any updates coming from last Fridays Racing????



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      Hi Adam,

      The Swap meet will start at Noon. The race will start at 2.

      I am doin the Race Report now.


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        Hi Guys,

        The swap meet response has been great! I am sure that will contribute to a good race as well.

        Come one, Come all, bring your stuff and make some trades!!!!!


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          swap meet

          is the swap meet just for 1/32 stuff ?


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            Hi Jim, Any scale you wish, I am planning on bringing a couple of 1/24 cars, but I am certain that most will be 1/32.



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              thanks, I will set the GPS for Brampton ( Gas Pedal & Shifter )


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                I'm gonna try to also make it out.
                I have many, many shelf queens, never ran collecting dust. maybe its time to get rid of them.

                then there is my old 4 lane track. Over 6 Artin 4 lane sets and tons of custom boarders, aprons etc. track is all painted in flat grey latex for best grip with ortmans etc.

                take a look



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                  Hi Guys,

                  Response on the Swap meet has been amazing!!!

                  Come on out, bring whatever slot car stuff you have, any scale, and car, any part, and controllers, ANYTHING that is slot related. Bring it!!!!!

                  It is going to be a swaping free for all!!!!


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                    A few guys have asked, there is NO Charge for the swap meet. Come on out.


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                      I have my Mosler but no partner...I think I will come anyways...ron


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                        Swap Meet

                        Thanks for hosting the Swap Meet Ron, it was a great day for it.

                        Some people arrived in style :

                        some people brought stuff to sell / trade :

                        I bought lots of stuff :

                        I hope you all enjoyed the rest of the day of racing !
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                          The Enduro Results and a HUGE Thank you!!!!

                          Hello All,

                          Thank you for making this a Great Slot Car Day! I had a ton of fun and the Race was Awesome.

                          Chris and Bill D took Top spot driving Bills new Slot it F40. The car was wicked fast and smooth. Nice job Guys!!!

                          In Second Place was Ron B and Rory. They were driving a ScaleAuto/Pro Slot Toyota GT1. The car looked good and they were consistent and fast.

                          In Third place was Naptime Racing. Bill B and Tim drove well and the car was quick. If Tim could step it up a little to match Bill's pace they would be on track for the win. Looks like its another trip to the spa Tim.

                          Mike drove a awesome race!!! He teamed up with Ronnie and they took the fourth place spot.

                          A&A racing were the guys that arived in style. They should have been handed the win just for that. Isn't lookin good what its all about?

                          We also had MR H.O. Slot Racer Rick Anderson out!!!!! Rick and Bill G wheeled around Bill G's Slot it 312pb for the afternoon. They both looked like that had a lot of fun!!!

                          We will be doing this again in about a month for Sure.

                          Great Day, Great Fun, Great Hobby!!!!

                          See you all soon,
                          Race Haven Hobbies


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                            Thanks Ron and Pete.Had a great time and also thanks to Ron B for making the Toyota run quick. Rory


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                              Rory, you mean Ron made it legal. I was there I saw it fail Tech.

                              The Senior member of Naptime Racin done good. Word is he is looking to make a deal for a new driver/teammate with a fast car. We had no takers at the Swap meet for one.

                              Swap meet was great. I sold 4 cars and 4 bodies. Amazing what slot car enthusiasts will buy ain't it? Can't wait for the next one to bring even more stuff. I will soon have enough cash accumulated to buy a new car from Ronnie. You should replace your Porsche every so many races right?

                              I am dragging my teammate out through the snow this morning to practice. Northlands International Raceway is opening for testing. Being retarded is great. Rather than going to work Monday morning I get to play with toy cars.

                              Our second loser trophy from yesterday.

                              bill b