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The Hillside is for sale!

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  • The Hillside is for sale!

    I've decided to sell my house--and downsize!! So I won't have room for my track!! But--I am willing to sell it complete RTR---Pyramid power supply--proffesor motor controllers--trackmate program and computer to run it all with!! $2500 or best offer. Track does come apart---it's designed to have 13" elevation change so it will need to have 1/2 a dozen new legs or--change the side walls down the main straight and the "S"'s!! Pictures here--track is in EXCELLENT condition with magna braid!! 714 240 5417
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    What is the measurements of the track?


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      Lane spacing? 1/24 capable?


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        from his other for sale post

        Originally posted by tim neja View Post
        I've enjoyed my "Hillside" raceway for nearly 5 years now!! But I'm going to be moving and NOT planning on having space for this great track!! I'm going to sell it--there's Pictures in the Club Corner--- "Hillside" section of racing tracks--I'll sell it "Turn Key"!! Slot it controllers--pyamid power supply --computer --monitors and track mate racing system. It's really a GREAT track for BOTH 1/32 and 1/24 as it has 4" lane spacing. The footprint is 9' x 22' and the racing length is 78'. Comes with everything for $2500.00. If you're in SoCal or nearby--and want a great track--contact me.
        Tim Neja
        714 240- 5417


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          Thanks Fred---yea--the track record is held by a 1/24 "retro" car that races at Buena Park Raceway! The track is VERY versatile with the power supply capable of 0- 16 volts.


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            Tim, I understand downsizing, but you still need a place for the track in the new place....Unless you already have the new house picked out, tell your agent you need a space to fit the track in, it is a must!!!!!!! Put this country's fine real estate agents to work for you.....


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              Track has been sold!! Thanks Bob Scott of Cruisin!!