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IHSR Seeking Additional 2018/2019 Venues

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  • IHSR Seeking Additional 2018/2019 Venues

    IHSR is setting it's 2018/2019 season, and is looking for racers AND possible new venues.

    You live in the PA (York/Harrisburg/south), WVA (Charles Townish), MD, Northern Virginia areas, and you've got that great multi lane 1/32 layout you've built in your basement or garage...but most days most of the lanes are empty.

    Why not host one or more IHSR events? We're a great bunch of guys, an active club since 1995, and we're looking for new racers and venues for the next season.

    Your layout:
    3+ lanes
    Routed or plastic
    Needn't be a huge layout, big enough to make for interesting racing
    Must have a reliable race management system.
    Reliable regulated, 10 to 14 volt power supply.
    Room for turn marshals, and pit space for a dozen racers, more or less.

    Check out past events and rules at our website:

    Reach out to me for more info: [email protected]

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    Living in the Buffalo area rules out our 2 tracks.
    But, I am interested in what type of cars you run.



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      Originally posted by bobbyraz49 View Post
      Living in the Buffalo area rules out our 2 tracks.
      But, I am interested in what type of cars you run.


      Last season's rules are on the website:

      They may be tweaked a bit for next season, but in a nutshell

      ALL classes = no magnets & no silicones.

      63 and older sports cars. 14.7K motor or a 20K slim can. Rubber tires of period scale width.

      Carrera GT. Stock except for magnet removal, weight added, and can run OEM rubber or urethane tires.

      Slot It Group C. Magnet removed, otherwise stock with F or N 22 rubber tires.

      Open post '63 sports cars. Rubber, urethane, or foam tires. No magnet, any motor. Any chassis.

      All bodies in all classes must be injection molded plastic. NO silicones in any class. No traction magnets in any class. Rules for track clearance, tires not being visible from above the car, etc.