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IHSR Season Continues 12/4 in Dauphin, PA

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  • IHSR Season Continues 12/4 in Dauphin, PA

    The next stop in the IHSR season is on 12/1 (ERROR IN SUBJECT LINE) in Dauphin, PA. The layout is a 65' (more or less) routed 4 lane track. Originally known as The Flying Cow Raceway, masterfully built by an IHSR founding member, 2 years ago it changed hands, has been mildly modified, and remains one of our better racing venues.

    IHSR always welcomes new guys, and have plenty of loaner cars available for first timers.

    UPDATE: IMPORTANT INCENTIVE FOR NEW/RETURNING GUYS. One of our classes is Slot-It LMP. No mag, tuning allowed/no mods (other than adding weight, see the rules) and MUST run ScaleAuto sponge tires. I am offering a brand new, sealed white kit of a qualifying Lola, throwing in a new strip of PM lead, AND a brand new pair of ScaleAuto sponges to the first person arriving who:
    a. Has never raced with IHSR before, ever. OR
    b. Has raced with IHSR in the past, but has not a single time this season a all lnd not at all last season.

    'Ties, ie people meeting the above criteria who arrive at the same time, or are there before I get there, will be decided by flipping coins or drawing from hat.'

    Rules schedule can be found here:

    Email me at [email protected] for more information about IHSR in general, or the 12/4 date in particular.
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