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New season kicks off on 9/28 in darnestown, md!!!

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  • New season kicks off on 9/28 in darnestown, md!!!

    IHSR, founded in 1994, opens it's 25th racing season at a member's home in Darnestown, MD on Saturday, September 28.

    Each race is on a Saturday unless otherwise noted. Typical race day begins with host opening his home around 8 am for testing, tuning, practice, and bench racing. The first of four classes usually runs around 10 am. Breaking for pizza lunch after the second class, racing continues with the last two classes through the afternoon, usually winding up around 3:30 pm.

    The schedule as it currently stands is below, it will continue to fill out with the season wrapping up in May of 2020. Not only will the venues listed below host more races, an additional venue in Charles Town, WVA will host races. The rules and classes we run can be found at

    Note: new members always welcome, and we always have class legal loaner cars available to those trying us out.

    You'll not find a better, more welcoming and helpful bunch of guys with whom to spend a day slot racing.

    Saturday, 9/28. Darnestown, MD. Routed 4 lane
    Saturday, 10/12. Chambersburg, PA. Routed 4 lane
    Sunday, 10/27. Severna Park, MD. Artin 4 lane
    Saturday, 11/16. Chambersburg, PA. Routed 4 lane
    Saturday, 11/30. Dauphin, PA. Routed 4 lane
    Saturday, 12/7. Rockville, MD. Routed 3 lane
    Saturday, 1/18/20. Chambersburg, PA. Routed 4 lane
    Saturday, 2/1/20. Darnestown, MD. Routed 4 lane.

    Contact me at [email protected] for more information.