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  • Fire up your Engines er..... Motors

    Racing at the 2FERS

    Sept. 2nd 2012 5:00.

    Bring a Corvette I know we have some Rev/Mon's out there maybe a few Carrera C6R and who knows NSR?

    We can do a relay and mix up the cars, sound like fun??

    Frog Hollow (the hybrid in the shop) is working well and of course the King is in the house,you know the basement.
    The Ovaltime is stacked away taking a well deserved rest.

    Hope y'all can come.
    Your host's will provide basic refreshments......if you have a brand you prefer,please bring it (You know I mean cookies right )

    Need directions? PM to Drumphil or myself

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    Planning on it, Lord willing. A Corvette relay sounds fun.


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      Derek was polite and didn't ask for an RSVP, but can we please see posts from people who plan to come? Thanks.


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        Thanks Phil,
        We always seem to have fun no matter how many show up,but the maid and butler really hate embarrases them to run out of dessert

        I think he might want to know who he's racing come with your game ON !


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          I'll Be There

          Hey guys been real busy but i have seen this post and i do plan to come. The new job keeps me busy and I start school in october so I have been "consumed" shall we say and i am looking forward to the corvette relay as well. Hope there's a full house but if not we'll have a great race anyway LOL.

          Cheers guys,


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            We be ready
            OK boys and girls.....lights are on 'freshments are cool Ac is running in the building.
            Downstairs track is a little dusty,we've been spending time on the shop track.

            Will try to get some pictures (so put a little butch wax on your hairs) for everyone that can't come

            See ya at 5:00


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              "Cream of the crop" racing at the 2FERS

              **** click on this for a video***


              *****click on this for a video***

              Thanks Hawk and Drumphil for joining us....really like the relay races
              I'll get some numbers up later.
              Last edited by 2FER SLOTS; 09-03-2012, 06:22 AM.


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                Here is how we ran 'em....

                On the Frog Hollow track in the shop:
                Two 100 lap races with teams.
                Cars provided and prepped by the host
                25 laps first driver in an F1 car then 25 laps second driver F1
                25 laps first driver in GT (Ferrari 430) then 25 second driver GT.
                All timed with Carrera's bullet proof 71590
                Seward team .....97 laps fastest 5.83 s.
                York team.... 100 laps fastest 6.00.

                Race 2
                Run what ya brung NASCAR
                25 lap relay again switch drivers....adds a little excitement
                Seward team 90 laps 5.86s
                York team 100 laps 5.49s (old SCX cars rule on this track)

                Next we moved to the Little King.
                Ran a race with 4 heats everyone driving their own Greenwood Corvette except for the last heat we switched to C6R either Carrera or Scaley.

                Colin left us in the dust with his well prepped Greenwood.
                first place Colin 148 points
                second place Phil 98 points
                third place Derek 97 points
                fourth place Chris "I hate this car" @55 points


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                  As they say - a good time was had by all.


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