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  • Rrrrrrrracin

    Been a little quiet around here
    Just putting it out there.....the tracks are still alive in York
    We are working on a Carrera digital setup right now and hope to get some new recruits.

    In the meantime the 2FERS been keeping the track warmed up

    Ran every car in the fleet...yup even the motorcycles.
    Times ranged from 13.76 sec for an old Strombecker Porsche to 8.565 for the Slot.its not counting a 17 second time logged for the motorcycles

    At stake in the race was a $50 Walmart gift card........Yours truly did not win it!
    Mrs. won 17 races I won 16.

    Fun thing was running every car no matter how it car had a motor problem and finished the last few laps smoking badly,that's racing

    If your in the area and wanna race check us out!
    PM your intentions and we'll see what works out

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    Bumpin' because we are still having fun
    If you are around York give us a shout