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  • Welcome to NJ Metro Slotcars Club

    The NJ Metro Slotcars Club was formed to provide a race environment where fun and competition can peacefully coexist within a structure designed to keep things fair. Host tracks are in members' homes, currently in NY and NJ. The club was formed in 2010, and currently we have 21 members.

    We primarily race 1/32nd scale cars, but also run 1/24, and potentially other scales as well. The intent is for the majority of series races to be closer to stock, with specific documented modifications allowed to correct club-determined manufacturing defects. More emphasis will be on driving cars that raced together in real life than on performance. De-emphasis on trying to out-build or out-spend each other to gain a performance edge. Other classes will be run offering a balance of tuning creativity for performance, and low cost.

    We are building a racing culture where such tuning creativity as well as driving technique is openly shared among members, with the objective of all individuals in the group becoming more knowledgeable about maintaining and increasing the performance of their cars, as well as becoming better drivers, and having fun with this hobby. All are welcome to come race with us.
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    Fly LeMans Classic Series Schedule

    Typically 2 races are run per race date: the series points race scored for end of season awards, and a track owner selected race. Below is the schedule for the remaining races in our current series.

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      Thanks Robert

      And welcome to SCI to your Group thanks for letting SCI Members know a little more about your Club.

      Happy Holidays.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Next club race:

        ...and thanks to you Alan for the opportunity to share about our club. Thanks also to club member Dave Marcus for initiating things in getting this done.


        Friday 12/14/2012
        Don Wormley's Scalextric Track, S. Plainfield, NJ

        Track open for practice 7pm, racing to start 8:30pm

        RACES TO BE RUN AT 12 volts unless otherwise indicated.

        1st Race: Series: Selected Fly 1970's LeMans Classic (Porsche Flunder, 917k and 917LH, Porsche 908 and 908/2, Ferrari 512s and Coda Lunga, Lola T70. Any mfg. braid, Indy Grip or black Super Tires silicone tires, no magnet, weight inside only. Stub or straight through axles allowed, stock white endbell Fly 18k motor. Fly cars only, no Flyslot. Otherwise club Stock rules apply.

        2nd race: Selected Fly LMP (Joest Porsche, Lola B98, Panoz). No magnet, weight allowed inside car only, silicone tires, stock Fly white endbell 18k motor, no cars with pods or long can motor support. Otherwise club stock rules.

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          Great to see another home track club join SCI. I also love your mission statement. If I were in the area, I'd run with you guys, for sure.


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            Hello Gents,

            Well last week for most of us seemed like a long, long, long week. I for one could not wait for Friday evening for two reasons. First, it was the end of that long week. Second, ITS FRIDAY NIGHT RACES!!!!!

            We had 15 racers show up to Jeff's in Cranford to run the third race of the Fly Classic series. Competition was pretty close with most people running hight teens and low 20 laps. But in the end it was Jeff with 86 laps (and home track advantage) on top followed closely by Carl on 7, yes Seven sections behind. Glad I was not on the track holding Carl back. Third was Larry with a pretty Blue and Yellow (can't remember the model) car.

            Boy, now for some speeeeeeed. Jeff who typically runs open wheeled races for his second race chose this race in order to break out his new Slot it Porsche 911 GT. Bob P and Carlo also showed up with theirs. Boy are these some nice runners. Right out of the box they are quick. Slot It has really picked up their game recently. Since the Lola came out with the Flat 6 angle winder setup they have put out some fast running cars.

            Next weeks race will be at Don Wormley's house. Please see the website for second race details.

            Results are attached. Carl, do you have Adobe installed on your computer? If you can not open the file let me know.

            Thanks and enjoy the weekend.


            12/07/12, Jeff Young's Scalextric Track

            Race 1, Series: Selected Fly 1970's LeMans Classic
            01. Jeff Young........86.31
            02. Carl Bergen.......86.24
            03. Larry Johnson.....84.08
            04. Kim Daniels.......82.19
            05. Carlo Tonalezzi...81.60
            06. Don Wormley.......80.02
            07. Tony Kurdzick.....79.11
            08. Mario Baskin......78.60
            09. Paul Pearlman.....78.10
            10. Bob Pomann........77.34
            11. Dave Marcus.......76.13
            12. Robert Holt.......75.23
            13. Zach S............74.75
            14. Jim Regan.........73.71
            15. Steve.............71.04

            Race 2, LeMans GT1/GTP, 1997-2004
            01. Jeff Young........93.70
            02. Robert Holt.......91.75
            03. Carl Bergen.......91.12
            04. Bob Pomann........90.33
            05. Kim Daniels.......89.70
            06. Tony Kurdzick.....88.08
            07. Paul Pearlman.....86.77
            08. Carlo Tonalezzi...86.02
            09. Zach S............84.44
            10. Dave Marcus.......83.12
            11. Larry Johnson.....81.41
            12. Steve.............80.24
            13. Don Wormley.......79.16
            14. Alec..............64.33
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