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  • Friday Night at the Races

    Hi Guys,
    Well last night was first official race of our season and if this is any indication of how the year is going to be we are in for one if the best seasons in a long time. Our first race of the season is the Multi-mfg GT2/GTS Le Mans 1668-2000. While this is a multi-mfg race we only had two non ProSlot cars last night. Not that it's a bad thing. It gets those older cars off the self and onto the track where they should be.

    We had couple of new comers to our Friday night race. Eric and Josh came up from Pennsylvania (won't hold that against you) to race with us and let me tell you, Josh is one heck of a racer. Even when being surrounded by veteran racers he did not crack one bit. He showed us that no matter how old your are you can still race with the big boys. Kudos to Eric for tuning those cars. While they did run once before at my house at a regional race for the Sideways Group 5 they have not had a lot of track time and he has the cars down. Looking forward to seeing Josh race once he gets a feel for the track. Okay, not really because there's nothing worse then being beaten on your own track by a newcomer

    By the results you will see that some people have hard at work fine tuning their cars. The first two cars (even though one was DQ"ed) were 41 sections apart with the 3rd place car a lap down. We did have a number of track calls and if not for them this race would have been even closer. If you are wondering why the 2nd place car was DQ'ed it was due to the tires protruding beyond the rear fender. Guess I should have checked before I raced someone else car. However, there were some other battles in the race. If you look at places 3 to 8 they were only separated by 3 laps. Not to bad for the first race of the season.

    The second race of the even brought back out the Sideways Group 5 cars. These cars were featured this summer in regional races in the Northeast followed by the National Race at GT Slots in PA. So, pretty much these cars were already to go and just needed the dust blown off them and maybe a new set of tires. There were a couple of new models raced which have not been raced on my track in the past. The Ferrari 512 BB seem to be a nice car on my Scaley Track. However, Jeff showed that his old Wurth Capri was no slouch. Racing was again close with only sections separating the top 3 finishers.

    Well enough it's time to go enjoy the weekend and get ready for next week. Next week will be in Red Bank at Carl's. Please check the website for details on Carl's second race.

    Selected Multi-mfg. GT2/GT3/GTS, 1995-2000

    01. Carl B..........77.42, Proslot Porsche 911 GT2
    02. Jon W...........76.14, Proslot Porsche 911 GT3
    03. Robert H........74.75, Proslot Porsche 911 GT2
    04. Jeff Y......... 74.58, Ninco Ferrari 360
    05. Bob P...........73.93, Proslot Porsche
    06. Kim D...........73.50, Proslot Ferrari 360
    07. Dave M......... 71.49, Proslot Porsche 911 GT2
    08. Josh H......... 71.31, Proslot Ferrari 360
    09. Eric H......... 67.88, Proslot Ferrari 355
    10. Tom P...........66.51, SCX Ferrari 360
    11. Don W...........65.79, Ninco Calloway
    12. Paul P..........77.01 Proslot Porsche 911 GT3 (DQ, rear track width)

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    More details on 9/25/15 races, to be run on Carl Bergen's Scalextric Sport track, Red Bank, NJ
    Track opens 7pm, 1st race starts 8:30pm

    1st Race; Series: Multi-manufacture GT2 /GTS,1995-2000: No traction magnets, weight inside chassis. 18K motor limit, short can or SCX RX-type motors only; adapter can be used to fit short can motors into long-can chassis. Any gears, wheels, guide. Any black silicone tires, no clearance spec, otherwise club super stock rules apply.

    2nd Race: Selected Ninco JGTC/GT (2 classes combined) - No traction magnets, NC-5 motor only. Weight inside car, only Ninco standard or pro parts. Any braid; any silicone tires on rear, otherwise club stock rules apply.
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      2nd race results from 9.18.15

      Here are the results from our second race last Friday.
      Sideways Group 5 Red White Blue Yellow Total Finish Car
      Jon 79.58 Ferrari 512 BB
      Jeff 79.01 Ford Capri
      Paul 78.98 Ferrari 512 BB
      Josh 76.82 BMW M1
      Carl 75.42 Porsche Moby
      Bob 75.41 Porsche 935
      Dave 75.17 Ford Capri
      Kim 73.31 Porsche 935
      Don 71.81 BMW M1
      Eric 71.80 BMW M1
      Holt 71.74 Porsche 935


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