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9.25.15 Race 2 Carl B.

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  • 9.25.15 Race 2 Carl B.

    Happy Saturday,
    Week 2 of the NJ Metro GT2 Series and oh what a series it is. You will see later on but I think we should rename this the ProSlot series rather than Multi Manufacturer. All but two of the cars raced were ProSlot cars. Not that it's a bad thing as we get to run them but 80% of the cars on Friday night were ProSlots. Love it when math is easy (8 of 10 = 80%).

    Friday night at Carl's is always an adventure. Carl's track in Red "Bang" is called that for a reason. A lot of track in a small area means a few things. 1. Lots of Bumping, 2. No Track Calls (YAY), 3. Not so happy racers (just kidding). For anyone new to this track like Eric and Josh who did very well for their first time, it's a track that requires a lot of fineness. Speed, while not altogether bad is not going to get you much if you are not smooth. Smooth and consistent is what is needed to master or at least do well on this track. While all of us have ran this track many times I again must give credit to Eric and Josh on their first time here. Especially Josh who finished 3rd only a lap off the lead. I need to mention that Josh is a kid around 10 years old. Reminds many of us of a racer in the Philly area "Little" Phil who is a National Champion. Josh, if you keep this up don't expect us to treat you like a kid.* winking

    As I mentioned this track is very tight and technical. Last night we have a few racers feel the wrath of Carl's track. We saw cars whose motors popped out of the pods. Guys, HOT GLUE is the name of the game! But still was a great race and very close. Between the 1st and 2nd place cars there was only 7 sections. Now I will say that if Carl's slot on Blue was a but wider I would have won by more but then Carl did take advantage of Jeff by "Red Banging" him a time or two. Still this is the way racing should be close and exciting.

    Special thank you to Don W. for taking pictures. Attached is the Podium cars.

    Next week we are up in Fort Lee, NJ at our longest track in the group. Very different than the tight technical track of Carl's. For those interested in seeing this track please go to our website. You can also google NJ Metro Slot Cars to check us out.

    If I can figure out how to post pictures I will post the winning cars.

    See you next week


    Paul 99.46 - ProSlot Porsche
    Jeff 99.39 - Ninco Ferrari 360
    Josh 98.19 - ProSlot Porsche
    Kim 97.43 - ProSlot Porsche
    Carl 95.01 - ProSlot Porsche
    Dave 94.65 - ProSlot Porsche
    Holt 90.02 - Flyslot Corvette
    Don W 88.24 - ProSlot Porsche
    Eric 87.32 - ProSlot Ferrari
    Jim 83.35 - ProSlot Ferrari

    Ninco JGTC/GT
    Carl 104.23 Lexus
    Jeff 100.23 Ford GT
    Paul 99.35 3 Ascari
    Kim 99.31 4 Ferrari 360
    Dave 99.24 Lexus
    Don 98.23 Nissan 350Z
    Holt 91.48 Ascari
    Josh 90.19 Ninco Ferrari 360
    Jim 79.47 Ninco Ferrari 360
    Eric 23.00 Ferrari 360

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    Thank you for the overly nice compliments. Josh and I enjoy racing with the group. The day after the first race of the season, Josh said, "Dad, I like racing at Paul's. The guys are nice and it isn't crazy there."

    It is nice having a variety of tracks to race on. It helps us in learning how to set up our cars for different types of tracks. The tracks we have raced on, have been high speed tracks and the more technical tracks that we have raced on with the club have been challenging to us. It has also been challenging building and racing classes and cars that are new to us.

    The guys in the club could not have been more welcoming to us especially to Josh. He looks up to all of them, and I am impressed at the level of respect and camaraderie they have shown him.

    Today we raced 1/24 at The Race Place with some club members and had a great time. After not being able to race on Satudays because of our summer schedule, we are glad we finally got to try hardbody 1/24. Thank you Martin for lending us cars to race.

    NJ Metro Slots is a first class organization with even better members. We hope to race with the club for many more years.


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