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10.16.15 Race Results

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  • 10.16.15 Race Results

    Hi guys,
    Well another series has come and gone. I will miss this one more than others mainly do to the fact that we did race Slot it, NSR, Scaleauto or other cars that off the self are great cars. The car most ran were the ProSlot cars which many of us had on the shelf just sitting there waiting for their turn. The neat thing about these cars is that they were all competitive, looked great, and were pretty easy to get ready. However, it's now onto the next series so we need to say goodbye for now to these cars.

    The last race determined the series winner. From what I figured Carl B. with his "1st place" finish take the top spot. However, Jeff Y and Paul P. did not make it easy for Carl. Carl finished with 89.32 laps and both Jeff and Paul finished with 89.16. Only 16 sections separating 1, 2 and 3 is pretty awesome. Fourth place was Bob P. Good think Bob had that 30 second penalty If you have read my other reports you noticed Josh's name mentioned. Josh and Eric are new to the group but by the way they run you can see they are slot car enthusiasts. Once Josh gets familiar with our tracks we definitely will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Next week starts the NJ Metro 2nd series of the season. Carrera GT/DTM cars will hit the track and for some of us it will be the first time we are running them in a series. Hopefully they be as exciting as the last cars. If your interested in checking out what we are running Google NJ Metro Slotcars.

    Mutl Manuracturer GT2/GTS 1995-2000 Era

    Carl -89.32

    Paul -89.16
    Jeff -89.16

    Bob -86.68

    Josh -85.62

    Kim -84.58

    Carlo -84.14

    Jon -83.66

    Dave -83.51

    Don -83.59

    Eric -80.27

    Larry -79.48

    Holt -75.69

    Fly March (with Quick Slick Tires)
    Kim - 84.77

    Jeff -86.74

    Paul - 84.47

    Carlo - 83.26

    Don -82.44

    Larry -81.24

    Robert -79.71

    Bob - 79.44

    Josh - 78.61

    Eric - 71.49

    Carl - 58.78

    Please note that the race location has been changed to my track. See you next week.
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