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Race Results 11-5-10

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  • Race Results 11-5-10

    Better late then never!

    Friday night was a chilly night in Edison, NJ but the racing was anything but. The second race of the series was raced on a bit longer and faster track than last week. Let me tell you race fans there are some people out there who really enjoy this. Jeff and Carl the tunemeisters (I just made that up) knew just what was needed lock up the two top spots in the Fly Closed Cockpit race. Dave (who I found out last week spent a lot of time in the basement) also discovered how to get a bit more speed and handing from his car. Mark and Paul were close, and next week will be a force to be reckoned with. For Larry it was his first time on the track and from what I saw learned a lot. He certainly has his Lola ready for battle!

    Ninco’s were next up and let me first say that I think Jeff likes these. Even on the Red lane (outside and longest) Jeff had his Ford GT FLYING!!!! Even the best cars on the White or Blue lane were not competition. During practice yours truly almost wrecked on every turn just trying to keep up with Jeff. But, this was not under race conditions. While Jeff did finish 1st, Kudos must go out to Dave and Paul (yes me) for not backing down. Dave finished a lap off Jeff and Paul 2 laps. Dave was also running with a controller that had no breaks, but heck, Brakes are over rated (right Dave). Mark, Carl, and Larry I’m sure will be ready next week. The race is being held at Carl’s track and will certainly be a battle.

    The third race of the evening featured Fly Chevrons, Sloter Lola’s, 917 Spyder, and a 908/3. If you want to see a really nice picture go to: These cars are gorgeous and look great running around our tracks. I look forward to seeing these in our next upcoming series. Nice job to all the racers on getting these cars ready.

    Below are the results of Friday evenings Race:

    Fly Closed Cockpit
    1 – Jeff – Lola T70 – 68.30
    2 – Carl- Ford GT40 – 66.31
    3 – Dave – 917k – 65.89
    4 – Paul – 512S – 65.61
    5 – Mark – B19 – 64.59
    6 – Larry Lola T70 – 51.31

    1 – Jeff – Ford GT – 71.53
    2 – Dave – Ford GT – 70.54
    3 – Paul – Ford GT – 69.41
    4 – Mark – 997 – 69.03
    5 – Carl – Ford GT - 65.70
    6 – Larry – Murcielago – 59.83

    Hockenheim cars
    1 – Jeff – Chevron – 69.44
    2 – Paul – Chevron – 68.60
    3 – Carl – 917Spyder - 67.61
    4 – Mark – Chevron – 67.59
    5 – Dave – 908/3 - 61.90
    6 – Larry – Sloter Lola – 58.10