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Race Results 11-12-10

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  • Race Results 11-12-10

    If you’re a slot car racer and find yourself in South Jersey and want to inflict a bit (or in my case a lot) of punishment on yourself you need to visit Carl’s “Track of Torture”!!! This tight, twisty and compact track feels like its miles long. This condensed and challenging Scalextric track has more R1’s then Paris Hilton (Does that even make sense?) Carl’s track takes skill and concentration if you even want to think about taking a podium finish. Then there’s your car… You better have it ready to run.

    Well Friday night a group of fearless racers headed to Carl’s to tame the beast. Carl had his GT40 running as if he found out how to magnetize tires. This car was hauling @ss, not to mention straight as an arrow. But, Jeff was right there with him steady, smooth, and fast as always. Next up was Dave, dang! where did that car come from? Oh yea, we know (right guys)! Dave drove his Fly 512s like a pro. Dave, Carl is proud of you!

    The other racers could only watch as the top three cars put a beating on us. But Dan, Paul, Larry, and Jim were still banging away.

    Ninco GT1, 2, 3, 4 was up next. This time it was Jeff’s turn to show what he had. Jeff’s Ford GT was hot setting blistering lap time. Carl and Dave (Yes, the same Dave as before) was hot on Jeff’s bumper, but in the end came in 2nd and 3rd. Dan with his Lambo, had to overcome some braid issues, but was able to take 4th. A couple of things to mention… First, Jim was in the battle with his Ninco 997 with the NC5, while Larry and Paul brought out some cars that have not been seen in a while. Both ran the BBR Ferrari 430’s with NC5’s. While these cars are nice the new Ninco chassis and NC14’s ran away form them. The crash of the year belongs to Dan and Paul. Somehow Paul’s BBR ended up on the roof of Dan’s Lambo. What would Enzo and Ferruccio say?

    Our third race was the NSR’s. Can I just say YEA BOYEEEE! Most of the racers brought out their P68’s and Jeff even got his British Racing Green P68 out on the track. Carl and Larry selected the 917’s to do battle with. Boy, who doesn’t love these cars. Styling, Speed, and Handling is all you have to say. Jeff was victorious followed by Carl then Paul.

    Larry, great racing! You will find the DiFalco to be a great controller.

    Fly Classic Closed Cockpit
    Carl - 103.29
    Jeff -95.42
    Dave -94.49
    Dan -92.36
    Paul -88.23
    Jim -83.29
    Larry -82.48

    Ninco GT 1, 2, 3, 4
    Jeff - 104.26
    Carl - 102.30
    Dave - 101.30
    Dan - 99.42
    Paul - 94.29
    Jim - 93.33
    Larry - 82.47

    Jeff - 108.08
    Carl - 107.10
    Paul - 102.15
    Dave - 99.20
    Dan - 97.46
    Jim - 94.09
    Larry - 91.50

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    good times! thanks paul.


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