Normally Paul enters this, but I guess you can't get good help anymore:

12-12-10 was our first holiday slot car race. Members from the NJ132SCRA and NJMetro slot car clubs gathered in Edison, NJ. Racers prepared their two (an in some cases three or four) best cars for the following race classes.

The first race was Modern Era GT1. Run with a max motor of 21.5k, any wheels, silicone tires, weight, and no magnet. This was the speed race that most racers find fun. Cars raced were the Nissan R390, Scaleauto Toyota, and the BMW Mclaren. The first four racers Mark, Dave, Carl, and J.J. set some very respectable lap times. This was J.J’s first time on the track and quickly learned where you needed to break and where you can go all out. You should also know that he finished 4th. The racing was fun and as with some races there was a race in the race. Jeff Y. had two things in mind. The first was to finish in front of Paul, and the second to finish 1st. Also, Dan and J.J. had their own race, with Dan finishing 6th. Another race in a race and one that was goes back to my first race was between myself and Dave my cousin who got me involved in the hobby.

Matt who was the youngest racer in the group put up a great challenge and ran a total of 113.84 laps with a Scaleauto Toyota. Jeff who finished 1st ran 130.38 laps, 2nd was Paul with 128.57 laps, and third was Mark with 122.73 laps. Kim, Dave, and Carl ran into car problems. Glenn who arrived just before racing borrowed a Mclaren and ran a great race.

To slow things down a bit, okay a lot the next race was Ninco Classics. These cars included a Jaguar, Cobra, Ferrari, and a Corvette. This race was run with 3 min. heats due to the incredible speed that are produced by the NC1 and NC8 motors. Carl had his Jaguar running, well, like a Jaguar and took 1st place. Jeff who was running a Cobra finished 2nd, and 3rd was Paul with a Ferrari Testarossa. The racing was very close only 6 laps between the first 8 racers.

I hope to make this the first of many holiday races attended by slot car enthusiasts.