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Race Results from 01-21-2011

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  • Race Results from 01-21-2011

    Hey guys, sorry for the lateness. Was working this weekend (Grrrrrr)

    Well hello race fans and welcome to another NJ132SCRA report.

    It has been a cold and snowy 2011 here in the New Jersey area, but the snow and cold has not stopped the racers from attending weekly races. This week we welcomed Bill to the group. Bill’s brother Larry has been racing with us for a few months now and Larry decided it was time to introduce him to the group. Okay, it was more like now was the time to put the beat down on his big brother.

    Bill and Larry have been racing magnet oval racing which is very different than our non magnet road course style of racing. But, by the way Bill raced you would have never known that he had little time with no magnet cars.

    The evening started off with our Fast Can Am series. Most people still pulled out those Slot it Chappy’s. Boy, I am sure glad that some of the cars had the white wing, well that was until Bill’s car tried to imitate an airplane and flew off the table. Hey Bill, so did mine during practice before everyone showed upJ. I really need to get to Home Depot to buy some of that colored electrical tape so that I can tell my car from the others. On more than one occasion Dave was watching the wrong car. I still think it was due more to his advanced age, but he claims it was due to the cars all looking alike. Well, even still Dan proceeded to rip everyone apart until the yellow lane. That is where our penalties from the prior race were to be served. Hey Dan, seemed like an eternity didn’t it? Jeff also put up some blistering laps until the yellow lane. In the end both Jeff and Dan racked up enough laps to finish 1st and 2nd. Dave was steady and come in 3rd.

    The real fun was watching both Larry and Bill’s brotherly rivalry. Each attempted many times to overtake each other and on occasion knock the other out of the grove. Was fun to watch both of them battle each other. Nice racing guys!!

    Our second race was the FIA GT1, 2, 3, 4:
    This race featured many of the cars from two weeks ago (Ford GT of Jeff and Larry, Aston Martins, and a Corvette). Racing was very close here and penalties were served on the yellow lane again. Paul set a blistering pace that was not to be matched thanks to penalties being served by Jeff and issues with Dan’s car in the red lane. Once again the brothers Bill and Larry battled with Bill beating Larry by less than one lap.

    The 3rd race of the evening was A1GP cars run at 10 volts. Dan needed to leave early since he had a Saturday race and I should have also. For whatever reason my Nederland’s car would not stay in the slot on the red lane. Dave would have you believe it was the driver or the tuner (that would be me Dave’s cousin). But after taking a beating in the red lane the car seemed okay the rest of the way. Jeff took 1st place with Dave in 2nd followed by Paul, then Larry, and Bill. Guys, tell me that opened wheeled racing is not fun!!!!

    See you all next week.

    Fast Can Am Red White Blue Yellow Total Finish
    Jeff 26 28 26 23.35 103.35 1 100
    26 28 27 22.03 103.03 2 90
    26 24 26 25.36 101.36 3 80
    23 25 26 25.23 99.23 4 70
    21 22 22 20.33 85.33 5 65
    16 22 24 20.02 82.02 6 60

    FIA Lemans Red White Blue Yellow Total Finish
    Paul 24 25 26 24.04 99.04 1 100
    24 25 25 22.03 96.03 2 90
    23 23 24 24.1 94.10 3 80
    21 26 25 20.61 92.61 4 70
    20 21 22 21.67 84.67 5 65
    18 22 22 21.19 83.19 6 60

    A1GP Red White Blue Yellow Total Finish
    Jeff 24 26 26 25.53 101.53 1
    Dave 24 24 25 23.02 96.02 2
    Paul 17 24 23 24.03 88.03 3
    Larry 21 22 23 21.44 87.44 4
    Bill 18 23 21 21.25 83.25 5
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