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Race Results 3-4-11

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  • Race Results 3-4-11

    Friday March 4th was a started the next series for the NJSlot132SCRA group. For the next six races we will be running Vanquish and A1GP cars. This is the first time that we are running Vanquish cars in a full-blown race series and it promises to be quite and exciting one. Racing these 1/28 (I think) scale cars on Scalextric track with not much room will tests the drivers patients. The race got off to a great start and saw a variety of Vanquish cars. Dave ran into some issues with his yellow Shadow car and ran Carl’s L&M car with the “Cow Catcher”. Pretty cool seeing that go around the track. All we needed was a cow. Dave was able to fix his guide and braid issue and was back on track.

    The first 4 racers (Carl, Glenn, Dan, and Paul) all ran well with 21 laps each with the exception of Glenn with a 20 (new car out of the box, watch out next week). For the most part the racers practiced patients except for me. Got a bit too anxious and had a couple of crashes. Still finished in 2nd but should have had another lap or two. Jeff who had home track advantage took full advantage and finished 1st. Carl during practice seemed, okay was sandbagging it. He pulled out his Yellow Shadow car and proceeded to fly around the track finishing 3, eleven sections behind 2nd place.

    The racing was very close with most drivers scoring 20 or more laps per heat. Most of these cars had their rear axles and gear changed.

    The second race of the series was the A1GP cars. Very different type of racing than the Vanquish cars that were raced first. While the Vanquish cars are just large and required your attention, the open wheeled A1GP required even more patients around the track. For those who are interested we run these No Mag, Silicone Tires, and 12 volt. Make for some fun races.

    The battle if you can call it that came down to Jeff and Carl with Jeff (Mr. Consistent) taking 1st. Carl had some issues in the Red and Blue lanes that cost him dearly. Dan had a rocket ship of a car until a couple mishaps. Dave had his A1GP dialed in and finished 3rd, should be a contender in the upcoming races. As for the others a bit more tuning and practice then watch out.

    Next week at Dave’s, third race NASCAR SCX PRO

    Race Results

    1 – Jeff – 87.23
    2 – Paul – 85.58
    3 – Carl 85.47
    4 – Dan 83.36
    5 – Larry – 81.22
    6 – Dave – 79.40
    7 – Glenn – 79.08

    1 – Jeff – 84.61
    2 – Carl – 78.52
    3 – Dave – 78.06
    4 – Larry – 74.58
    5 – Paul – 73.53
    6 – John – 54.00
    7 – Dan – 45 (DNF)