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Ohio Scale Racing - Results Round 6

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  • Ohio Scale Racing - Results Round 6

    Round 6 was completed yesterday in Oxford Ohio at the Ohio 1/32 Scale Racing League's newest host. Mr and Mrs Butch Dunaway treated us to a full day of racing on the Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Raceway. They both worked very hard to prepare in the days before and throughout the entire day for us. The track was in perfect condition and Mrs Dunaway cooked and served us the best pizza and chocolate cake I have ever had. I am wondering if these recipes are in Finklemeyer's cookbook....

    Practice got underway shortly after 8 am and at about 9:30, the sound of Scott's blades pounded the ground as he and Ross arrived by helicopter and landed just about a stones throw from the entrance.

    We began the races right on schedule at 11am and it was very close racing all the way. The track is quite fast and very fun to drive. It seemed that there were many more side-by-side battles that lasted for many laps throughout the day than I have seen before.

    Before I get to results, I want to thank our 2011-2012 league sponsors for their support. Thanks to Difalco Design, SCX Worldwide, CincySlots, BRS Hobbies, Hot Slots 132, and Slot Car Corner. Slot Car Corner recognizes the special efforts of two league members at this round. Congratulations to Butch Dunaway and Eric Roberson and thank you for setting the example for good sportsmanship. Difalco Design had a Genesis HD30 in the battle once again. The more that try it, the more that like it. Thanks Jim! And SCX, CincySlots, and BRS Hobbies each provided a car for our event. The lucky racers to receive these cars were Andy, Eric, and Jeff. Thanks Chuck, Bruce and Brian for the great service and products!!!

    These are the numbers through all lanes 5 minutes each.
    The NASCAR numbers:
    Driver/Laps/Blap/Blap lane
    Jeff 150 7.410 Orange
    Bob G 146 7.363 Yellow
    Pat 146 7.789 Orange
    Butch 143 7.579 Green
    Scott 142 7.582 Green
    Eric 142 7.848 Blue
    Sam 142 7.640 Orange
    Steve 140 7.859 Orange
    Bob B 139 7.742 Orange
    Andy 133 7.973 Green

    The numbers:
    Driver/Laps/Blap/Blap lane
    Pat 154 7.418 Green
    Eric 153 7.468 Blue
    Andy 152 7.460 Orange
    Sam 149 7.358 Orange
    Butch 149 7.629 Blue
    Ross 144 7.468 Yellow
    Steve 143 7.641 Orange
    Jeff 141 7.797 Orange
    Scott 138 7.851 Yellow
    Fred 115 8.019 Green motor failed
    Bob B 151 7.418 Green DQ fun run
    Bob G 154 7.359 Green DQ 26K motor rpm

    Modified Round January 28th
    172 - 6.480 - Green - Butch
    164 - 6.530 - Yellow - Greg
    163 - 6.649 - Green - Jeff
    161 - 6.590 - Orange - Ross
    161 - 6.641 - Green - Eric
    161 - 6.699 - Blue - Sam
    151 - 6.687 - Yellow - Steve
    143 - 7.030 - Blue - Maxx

    Thanks Butch!!! It was a great day!

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