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Welcome to PMCC!

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  • Welcome to PMCC!

    Welcome to the Pebblestone Model Car Circuit!

    Firstly thanks to the owner and the moderators of SCI for giving us this forum. We will try to use it well and wisely!

    PMCC is a loose club based around my home track, but there are many plans afoot to expand onto other home tracks. I live in Irvine, Ca, in the heart of Orange County, and those who race with me come from all over Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. We meet once a month, generally on the first Saturday of the month, but sometimes on a different schedule as dictated by my business travels.

    The PMCC track is a 3-lane, 60 feet per lap routed track that lives on a covered patio behind my garage - living in SoCal has both advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantage 1 - no basements, Disadvantage 2 - very little space. Advantage 1 - the weather lets us put a track on a patio. Advantage 2 - the weather lets us race on the patio almost any time of the year. Advantage 3 - did I mention the weather?

    Oh, yes, photos:

    If you want more, take a look at my thread in the Routed tracks section:

    Gascarnut's Routed Track

    Currently we are racing pretty much whatever people have in their boxes, mostly and NSR cars, but we always try to add in something extra each meeting, like an IROC-style race for Scalextric Mini Coopers, or Fly trucks, or similar, and we generally end up with some racing for scratchbuilt cars on foam tires. Most of us also race 1/24 scale Retro cars at Buena Park Raceway, where there is now a vibrant Retro32 class running as a result of our activities.

    So, that's an overview of who we are and what we're doing. Questions are welcome.

    I will post a race schedule and a timeline of activites on each race day in a separate post, and I will get some of the other racers to chime in here too, with photos and comments.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Welcome Race Fans! Pebblestone or as people in the know call it "The Stone" is a beautiful and fun track from the mind of head Pebblehead Dennis Samson! Watch this thread grow! We have such a blast that I'm planning a home track as well! I just hope I can do as good a job as Dennis did and I will be happy!


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      Hi Guys---just found your "Pebblestone" thread!! I'm hoping to add my new track to your circuit once Bob Scott's got it down her in South OC installed! I haven't made time to race at BPR--but I"d love to race a small home track circuit with you. I"ll post a picture of the track once the "makeover" that Bob is working on is completed. Some of you have seen construction pictures on the Slotblog. It's a 4 lane routed kidney shaped track with elevation changes-- S section and a "donut". Looking forward to getting it up and running in a couple of weeks. CYA there!!


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        Okay--- I'll post a pic of it "under construction"--- and follow with some more later. But you can see the basic layout here. More coming soon!!


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          Open track day soon at The Stone in April! We will have to try the new "Ernie" cars!


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            Had a blast Dennis at the race yesterday! Lunch was great!


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              Race Day at The Stone tomorrow!


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                Racing was really fun today---Dennis will be posting a "race report" later. But it was nice and cool with overcast skies--and we had a BLAST with several runs with IROC style racing in vintage Nascar and Trans Am cars!!! CHECK THE REPORT!!!!
                Next month--we'll try to get a Pebblestone and a "Hillside" race in!!! Break in the Hillside the right way!!


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                  We will have to get a race on Tim's track ASAP. It was fun yesterday but many did not come but still had good racing. Thanks to Gary and Dennis for the IROC toys.


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                    Race at Tim's Hillside Rwy June 4th!


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                      FTPS Proxy Series Trucks will race on The Stone this Saturday!

                      The trucks are in Irvine today so they should be delivered today or tomorrow!

                      I will talk to Dennis but I want to UStream this race and if that's OK with Dennis I'll go down and buy a HD webcam to shoot the race with.
                      Thanks to Ary for his help in setting this up!

                      Let'z Race!


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                        Proxy Trucks were a blast at The Stone now on to Tim's Hillside track for more wood track action! I will UStream it if I can as well.


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                          Originally posted by HarVWallbanger View Post
                          Proxy Trucks were a blast at The Stone now on to Tim's Hillside track for more wood track action! I will UStream it if I can as well.
                          Another afternoon of laughs with the Wallbanger....


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                            You want laughs???...wait till they Elephants see my track!

                            This turn should be, particularly, fun!



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                              Yes that will be a nice turn for the elephants. Make sure Barney marshalls that turn. That way he can get his workout in.