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Racing on the "Stone" in April

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  • Racing on the "Stone" in April

    Saw Dennis today at Dom's "Laguna Seca" raceway in Murrietta--he said he wants to run next Saturday at Pebblestone in Irvine. That's the 7th I believe. Come on out and find out what 1/32 on routed tracks is all about!!!

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    I'll be there!


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      RACING AT THE "STONE" TOMORROW!!! Happy Easter everyone!!


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        Happy Easter Bunny to all! The Stone will get a work out tomorrow!


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          Very fun race at the "Stone" today--perfect weather and great track conditions!! Thanks for the great lunch to Addy-- hard core "racing" today--not track 'rubbering in' parties with this group!! These tracks are RTR!!! Ran IROC with Revel Nascars--Inline cars--angle winders and scratch builts!! I think Barney and Craig took pictures--hopefully they'll get some up with Dennis's race report!! Fun day--thanks again to all!!


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            Yep, that was a good day's hard racing! As Tim said, the track was pretty much ready to go, although it seems the heat took a little bit of traction away in the middle of the afternoon.

            Thanks to all who made it today, for those who were too late for my wife's brisket, thanks for the second helping I got for dinner!!

            Here are the results:

            The IROC race run as usual with Gary Donahoe's well-prepped Monogram Galaxies:

            I managed to eke out the win, aided by some tricky electronics on my controller, but the rest of the field was close behind as you can see. Craig has the Poium shot so I will post that later.

            Next up was plastic inline cars:

            Time took this one from Barney and Phil, who ended on the same lap. Tim ran a Sauber with a 29k old-style motor and even older Ortmann tires. Barney and Phil's cars were on NSR rubber, as was Mill's Porsche in 4th. Gary ran a Toyota into 5th on S2 silicones, and Dennis ran his ScaleAuto Mercedes GT3 on Super tires. Craig's McLaren had NSR rubber but just would not hook up. Jimmy Bling's Avant Slot Audi R10 runs on S2s and JOhn had trouble with hos NSR Audi R18 and had to change to his backup Jaguar and then to a loaner.

            Fast times:

            Two for Barney, one for Phil, but Tim had them covered with three solid heats.

            On to the sidewinders and anglewinders.

            Tim used his NSR Mosler to good effect to edge out Dennis who was running an NSR Audi R8GT3 and Craig with his Ferrari 312PB. Tim and Craig were using NSR rubber, Dennis tried a pair of F22 and they worked very well. Mill was in 4th with his Nesta-painted Chaparral, running on ProSLot rubber, which surprised some with how well it worked. Gary was the first of the silicone-tire cars with his Monogram Follmer Lola T70. Barney and Phil both had some issues that allowed Jim to move off the lower rungs of the ladder, and John will get better with moe practice - this was only his second visit here.

            Fast times:

            Once again, the podium shot will come from Craig.

            Last race of the day was for scratchbuilt cars on foam tires. This really ups the pace and some of us struggled to adapt.

            Barney blew us away with his inline car, which was a surprise as usually the anglewinders are king, but his car was fast and he drove it well. Phil and Tim continued the close finishes. For the rest, we all struggled to put together good heats, although Mill did manage the fastest lap for the day with a blistering 4.602 on red lane. It w3as good to have Mike Kravitz join us too for the final race.


            Thanks to everyone who could make it, I hope you all enjoyed the day. A special thanks as always to my wife Adie who gave us yet another lunch to be remembered!
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              Anytime I can podium against these guys I feel good and to win the scratch race with my Model 1 inline car was great. Thank you very much Dennis for the fun day and to Adie for the great vittles!
              BTW after I looked at Mill's Chappy it did not have P/S rubber on it but NSR rubber was mounted on it...... that's great as I was going ta call Dan for some of that fast P/S rubber!

              Here is a pic of the Model 1 with my F1 chassis.