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  • PSSRA General Rules

    IROC Series
    · IROC cars are usually supplied by track host but anyone can provide 4 cars to race IROC.
    · Each of the 4 cars provided are assigned to a lane. Random lane rotation with two 1-minute heats with crashes re-slotted after the first minute.

    Regular Series
    ·Bring your own car. Random lane rotation, two 1-minute heats with crashes re-slotted after 1 minute racing on each of the four lanes twice.
    ·Length of a series is 2 months 1st Wednesday of every other month will be the start of a new series.

    · Each racing class will have a spec sheet defining class type such as Group C. and expressed misc. rules for that particular car/class. If it is not mentioned in the spec sheet it is not legal.
    ·Car Body: Exterior minor parts need not be present, i.e.; mirrors, wipers antennas etc. However, all wings and drivers must be present during racing and must be repaired by next heat.

    3. CAR & DRIVER
    ·Lemon Rule: Driver may switch car but a car may never be switched during a race.
    ·Tires and Braids must be free of chemicals or additives

    · Standard controllers with no external power source.

    ·Pre-race casual tech for all cars may be preformed by Rules Committee at 6:45pm when track shuts down IROC series will be raced first.
    · The host will be Chief Marshal for the evenings racing. He or someone he appoints will grid cars, start timer, etc.
    ·Track Issues: if there is an issue with the track the chief marshal or the Rules Committee will be the decision maker to stop the race and make necessary repairs.
    ·Tech Inspection: A full tech inspection will be performed at the beginning of each series by the Rules Committee.
    ·Park Ferme: All cars will be held after tech and untouched during the race. Drivers cannot handle their cars during the race. No one will touch the cars except for the person responsible for gridding the next heat.

    ·Scorekeeper announces drivers, cars will be gridded, and the race will be started.Cars will always be gridded in front of the start-line. Exceptions: tracks without stop/go boxes.

    ·If a car fails to start, the Chief Marshal or Rules Committee will call a restart. The problem will be fixed and the heat will be restarted.
    ·If a car starts, then stops during the race, the car will be removed and treated as a crashed car. A faltering car may continue until it ceases to run or becomes a hazard to the other cars, at which time it will be removed.
    ·If the track was the cause from either track power or obstruction the problem will be fixed as best as it can and the last heat will be rerun
    ·If a car has a major malfunction, it may be fixed in between the driver’s heats. The car needs to have a casual tech performed before it is allowed to race again. Car must be on the grid no later than 5 minutes after the race is ready to begin of the drivers’ next heat. Repairs must be made in the presence of either track host or rule committee.
    ·Braids: If a driver suspects his car is running badly because of braids, he must ask the chief marshal or Rules Committee to inspect them. At no time must the car owner do this themselves.

    ·Cars that have crashed are removed from track placed on its side or upside down to keep the tires clean. And will stay impounded during heat. After the heat is over the crashed driver may request to have the car examined by a corner marshal to check braid alignment or guide.
    · If a car is de-slotted by corner worker or other interference it will not be put back on.
    ·After completing a heat, unless you are racing in the following heat, please take your turn and corner marshal for the next race.
    ·At no time “should” a driver marshal any car! Some tracks there
    is no choice.

    9. SCORING
    ·Heat Races: 1 point for each lap completed. It is combined with position points, i.e; 4 pts = 1st, 3 pts = 2nd, 2 pts = 3rd, 1 pt = 4th.
    ·Race: the driver wins a race by scoring the most accumulated points from his total race heats. Tie breakers: number of wins, 2nds, 3rds, and 4th’s. The winner receives 10 series points while others receive respective points; 8 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 - 2 and 1 point for the remainder of the racers.

    · Please be courteous and quiet during racing. No cussing or tantrums after crashing.
    ·While racing, controllers must remain hooked up until that race is over.
    ·Drivers need to be away from the table enough so the other drivers can see. If your sight lines are blocked you need to alert the Chief Marshall before the race is started.
    ·Marshals need to be alert and aware as not to impede the heat.
    ·Spectators need to be away from the driver’s stations.
    ·Drivers need to complete the race they are in. No bailing out because you are losing. After the first half you may ask to be removed but you will only receive 1 series point, regardless of where you place. Late drivers completing only the second ½ will receive their full points scored. Exception: allowances will be made in emergency situations at the discretion of the Chief Marshall or Rules Committee.
    ·No food, beverages, or tools are allowed within track confines.
    ·When marshalling please do not wear controllers around the neck as wires could impede other cars.
    ·Drivers meetings may be held at the beginning of every race event to quickly go over any rules questions.

    ·Any break of the above conduct rules may result in a track penalty. First time is a warning, and then upcoming heats will be forfeited. Warnings and penalties are up to the sole discretion of the Rules Committee.
    ·Absolutely NO confrontational arguing or harassment either during the race or on a public forum. This is for fun; any violations will result in a ‘race misconduct’ and or suspension.
    ·Illegal Car: If it is determined, in a post race challenge, that any car does not comply with the Spec-sheet and/or general rules, it will forfeit its position, scored last and be given 1 series point. Cars can be challenged by any group member.
    ·Race Misconduct: This is a severe infraction where the race has been disrupted due to a person’s behavior. Only the Rules Committee members may make this call. The person will forfeit his current race points and be asked to leave the event premises. 2nd offense will have a series suspension added, and be grounds for expulsion from all PSSRA events.

    1. Rule changes will be discussed as time goes on, but will not go into affect until the next season. The Rule Committee will have final say in these rules whether expressed or implied.
    2. Check flyers, schedules, tech sheets or contact the Rules Committee with any questions.
    3. Should anything not be covered in this edition of the rules, or interpretations of existing rules arise, then the PSSRA Rules Committee has final say.
    4. Rules for a specific monthly series (NASCAR, F1, and Enduro Series) have their own rules and supersede these ‘general’ Wednesday Night Rules. Please contact series commissioner for specific rules
    5. The Rules Committee members for the PSSRA are Tony Kuljis and John Powers.
    Last edited by The Professor; 04-24-2014, 09:12 AM.
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