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  • PSSRA Classic Specifications

    PSSRA Specifications for “Classic” Cars

    Proposition: The objective of this document is to rule the Slot it “Classic” categories

    0 - Approved Cars
    0.1 The approved models are: Alfa Romeo 33/3, Chaparral 2E, Ferrari 312PB, Ford GT40, McLaren M8D and Matra MS670B
    0.2 Any modification, substitution or omission may be made only if clearly ruled by this document. Sometimes the prohibitions are explicitly reaffirmed for clarity.
    0.3 The traction magnet must be removed.
    0.4 The maximum width, measured at the tire, is respectively 62.5 mm and 63.5 mm at the front axle and rear axle. The wheels, tires or inserts must not be visible outside the body when viewed from above under any circumstances.
    0.5 The minimum distance between the gear and the track must be at least 1.0 mm.

    1 – Configuration
    1.1 “Classic"
    The motor chassis (pod) must be 0.0 mm offset CH13 or CH13b; or 0.5 mm offset CH70 with either aluminum 15.8 mm wheels coded PA24Al, PA17Al or 16.5mm wheels coded PA43Al.

    2 – Body & Modifications
    2.1 The body cannot be modified.
    2.1.1 It is acceptable to omit:
    § Mirrors
    § Wipers
    § Sidelights
    § Front towing eye (also from the chassis)
    § Additional lights
    § Antennae
    2.2 The re-painting of the existing body livery is optional and must cover the outer surface only.
    2.3 The painting of white bodies is mandatory and must cover the outer surface only.
    2.4 It is forbidden to paint the transparent parts (except where it was painted on the real car like the top of the windshield, etc.)
    2.5 The body posts for fastening to the chassis can be reinforced by means of a plastic ring.
    2.6 The body must be fixed to the chassis with all the screws as in the stock car.
    2.7 All parts included in the stock car and planned for the specific model can be used.
    2.7.1 "Tear proof" components designed for the specific model may be used.

    3 –Chassis and modifications
    3.1 All EVO and EVO 6 Chassis can be used.
    3.2 The Chassis is the entire assembled set of the original components.
    3.4 The front axle supports (cups) are optional. It is allowed to thin their sides for the proper insertion on the chassis pins.
    3.5 M2 grub screws can be used in their assigned location to adjust the front axle ride height.
    3.6 The front axle plastic bushings of EVO6 chassis are optional. M2 grub screws can be used In their assigned locations to adjust the axle position.
    3.7 The maximum width of the elongated holes for the screws holding the body is 2.6 mm including the washer when present.
    3.8 The maximum width of the elongated holes for the screws holding the motor chassis is 2.6 mm including the washer when present.
    3.9 The two triangular chassis inserts may be glued and/or the tabs melted in place if used or they may be removed.
    3.10 Tape may only be used to retain the body screws. Tape or any other material may not be used to control movement of any chassis components, only screws or suspension where allowed.

    4 – Motor Chassis (Pod) and Modifications
    4.1 The motor chassis must be 0.0 mm offset CH13 or CH13b; or 0.5mm offset CH70 and cannot be modified. Flashing and casting imperfections may be lightly sanded.
    4.2 The original rear bushings CH14 can be replaced by the bushings coded CH56.
    4.3 Bushings cannot be glued in their housing.

    5 – Axles and Gears
    5.1 Solid steel shafts coded PA01, PA01-45/48/50 are allowed only. Axles may be trimmed.
    5.2 Stock gear ratio:

    6 – Wheels
    6.1 Front Wheels:
    6.1.1 Wheels for Classic models must be PA17Pl or PA17Al.
    6.2. Wheel diameter 15.8 mm coded PA24Al, PA17Al or 16.5 mm, coded PA43Al.
    6.3 The wheel to tire contact surface must be original and clean.
    6.4The use of Classic wheel inserts is mandatory.

    7 - Tires
    7.1 Front tires
    7.1.1 The stock tires coded 1159C1 or PT1027Z0 (formerly PT07) can be installed.
    7.1.2 Tires cannot be glued to the wheel. The compound must maintain the original characteristics; hence any maneuver that may alter its nature, such as treatment with liquids or other substances, is forbidden.
    7.1.3 The minimum diameter of the front tire mounted on the wheel is 17.8 mm, the diameter shall be uniform across the width.
    7.1.4 The identification mark "" must always be present and clearly recognizable.
    7.2 The rear tires must be the F22. They cannot be glued to the rim. Tires may be cleaned manually with lighter fluid prior to park ferme. During cleaning no external power may be used to spin the tire.

    8 - Motor
    8.1 Only Orange-can motor is allowed.
    8.2 The motor cannot be glued nor secured with tape to the chassis or the motor chassis. However, it can be fastened to the motor chassis with screws located in the assigned locations.
    8.3 It is forbidden to modify the motor or make any maneuver that may affect the performance, including breaking in using any type of liquid.
    8.4 S-can motor shafts may be trimmed if found to interfere with the interior, wheels or tires.

    9 - Screws, Washers and Spacers
    9.1 The screws must be or metallic appearing.
    There must be as many screws as in the original car, at the assigned locations, and maintaining the original function.
    9.2 Screws may be left loose or tightened.
    9.3 Spacers at the front axle are allowed, as long as metallic and provided that the complete axle assembly width does not exceed the maximum set value.
    9.4 One washer only can be used on each screw at each location as in the stock car.
    9.5 Loctite or similar glue may be used to affix screws. Body must be removable for tech inspection.

    10 - Pick-up
    10.1 The allowed pick up codes are:
    § CH26 § CH10 § CH66
    10.2 A grub screw may be used in the CH66 pick up shaft.
    10.3 A grub screw may be used inside each CH66 braid housing.

    11 – Wiring, Braids and Eyelets
    11.1 The power cables, braids and eyelets to hold the power cables should be Slot.It or Slot.It appearing.

    12. Ballast
    12.1 Ballast weight may be used.
    12.2 Weight may not be placed on the outside of the chassis or body.

    13. Interior
    13.1 Classic must use stock or replacement full interior specific to the model entered.

    Final Rule, if it does not mention it, it means you cannot do it.
    Last edited by The Professor; 04-24-2014, 08:48 AM.
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