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March 9, 2016 - The Dale

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  • March 9, 2016 - The Dale

    As reported earlier on the Official R32 Website:

    Dick Seaman #8 BRM Sings in his Golden Shower
    March 9, 2016 - The Dale
    In the interests of safety race director Three Sail Windershaw decreed that the red lane would be closed tonight and all racers would merely cycle through the remaining three lanes... First to take to the fabled speedway were the giant 'boats' (as some others call them)... MOPAR power fielded a whole field of 'boats' thereby sweeping the podium - with Jimmy Jr. just missing the golden steering wheel by less than a few seconds (translation = one lap with a 7 second 'race to line' differential to the benefit in Slottrak language)... MiA was up on the bronze wheel in this one for a smooth and steady finish prooving once again that slow and steady trumps fast and erratic - and boy underneath he was ecstatic! Frank would keep the slot and soldier on... while Jimmy the Greek bought the farm. Up next were the loud but nimble front motored cars - competing for glory among the rest of the stars. A loaner Lotus and maybe a Porsche for hire, could the rental team reach the line before the night would expire? The shiny red Maserati driven by Francesco de Nova... took the early lead ahead of the other rookie from Morovia. The french entry was loud but unfortunately fell short... could the Ferrari D50 successfully retort? Yes - it may finally be the night... for the italian stallion to prance upright! But that crafty old Dick Seaman was yet to come... and he crossed the finish line just ahead of the scrum! Old Enzo simply farted and then turned in his grave... while BRMers all took to the pub to celebrate yet behave. Those lovely sleek sportscars roared onto the track - a field of brits would now battle the continental boot... the count three to two, I only brought a knife - please don't shoot! Luke warm ale and spotted dick might be delivered from the pub... but tonight I'll have a cold Moretti and some veal and pasta grub... One Alfa locked down last while the other car passed... all the way to the front without a shunt... That Aston was nimble and the Jaguars very fast - but they didn't have the stones to kick italian *ss. Up next was a very fast class - would they be a handful or an exhilarating blast? After it was done Ford did prevail... finishing one - two... while BMW were third and fourth - oh boo hoo! A heary thank you to Jim O. for hosting a fun night of racing, and to all who participated to make racing happen.

    Classic Stock Car(180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

    Classic Stock Car Results
    1. Art - 61 Laps (11.924 ext.)
    2. Jim O. - 60 (4.907)
    3. MiA - 56 (17.509)
    4. Frank - 55 (22.051)
    5. Jim M. - 54 (19.067)

    1950's Grand Prix (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

    1950's Grand Prix Results
    1. Art - 64 Laps (5.967 ext.)
    2. Jim O. - 63 (12.406)
    3. Frank - 63 (14.776)
    4. Jim M. - 62 (20.450)
    5. MiA - 55 (23.943)

    Sportscar(180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

    Sportscar Results
    1. Art - 62 Laps (9.633 ext.)
    2. Jim O. - 62 (19.125)
    3. Frank - 59 (24.272)
    4. Jim M. - 58 (12.333)
    5. MiA - 49 (21.390)

    Group 5 (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

    Group 5 Results
    1. Art - 73 Laps (12.893 ext.)
    2. Frank - 69 (14.740)
    3. Jim O. - 69 (17.971)
    4. Jim M. - 67 (10.890)
    5. MiA - 66 (20.417)
    Cheers to the R32 diehards and to to Jim O. for hosting another splendid evening at The Dale...- Art

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    Sorry I missed it.