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The 1/32nd Carrera Canadian Nationals

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  • The 1/32nd Carrera Canadian Nationals

    Hi Guys,

    Here it is, the Annual Carrera Canadian National Races.

    The Rules

    Any 1/32nd Scale Carrera GT Car. Any of the cars from the DTM, FIA GT, or Group 5 are eligible. The basic idea is that it be a GT Car with doors, Big wheels, and a Big GT wing. If you are unsure of your cars eligibility please ask me.


    The Stock chassis unmodified in any way except to accommodate body float. If you are unsure of your "modification" please ask me first before making your chassis ineligible for the race.

    You can use ONLY the parts that came in the box. Slotting Plus Body Screws (SP159903) are Allowed. You can "shoulder" the stock body screws to accommodate for body float. A Drill and a Dremel with a cutoff wheel works well for this.

    Parts Wise, If it didn't come with your car, YOU CAN NOT USE IT. Period.

    Lead Weight is Allowed - All lead must be inside the car - i.e. not stuck to the bottom of the chassis


    The Stock body must be used. No modifications are allowed except to accommodate body float.


    The stock axle assembly must be used, for both front and rear axles. I will true the front tires on everyones cars on the PM tire truer.

    Rear tires will be Silicone Super Tires. This is the ONLY aftermarket part we will be allowing.


    The Stock motor is the Only acceptable motor. You are allowed to remove the reversing chip and plug the guide directly into the motor. The connector must be used. You can also remove all the capacitors on the motor.....although it makes no performance difference.

    Race Date

    Sunday Feb 18, 2108 - Track opens at 11am. The Green Flag drops at 1pm.

    The Format

    We will be racing 6 minute heats running the South Loop.

    Race Fee

    FREE FREE FREE (Bring a few bucks so we can order pizza)

    That's it guys. Build em up. If you have any questions please ask here. If you need a car come see me or any of the fine Slot Car retailers in the GTA. Both Minigrid (Downsview) and Panther Hobbies have GREAT selections of well as Race Haven of course.

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    Count me in. Wouldn't miss it.


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      I gotta say that I am very impressed with the Carreras...........they look awesome and with a set of rear tires and a bit of time they are indeed smooth and fun to drive on our Wood Track.

      I should have a big order in next week of Fresh Cars and Tracks.

      Race Haven Hobbies


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        Well some major closed door negotiations underway, But T n T is looking at a blowing the doors off the competition and our own if the ink dries on the contract. Some of the sticky points have to due with the race day donuts...



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          Hmm, speaking of donuts, looks to me like those rear tires are sticking out of the bodywork a little bit. Does Justin Truduea as PM mean we have more liberal rules?
          Originally posted by Pro Stock View Post


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            PS - Wish I could compete, but gotta sell 1:1 cars ever Saturday.


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              That sucks Johnny........but a man has to work.

              Since everything is stock I am fine with any of the ST tire fitments even if they stick out a little. There would obviously be problems if someone tried to take advantage of this.

              This is going be a VERY close far our testing with a bunch of different cars shows them all within 2 tenths.

              Race Haven Hobbies


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                Ana is looking to find some sponsors to put a program together We will be back from the beach by than But time will be short. Not sure if there will be time to test but we or I will try my best to be there
                The oldest member of Ana


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                  It will be great to have A&A back int he house!

                  Looking forward to it Achim.

                  Race Haven Hobbies


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                    I wanted to try and make the Scalextric one, I'd like to try and get out for this.


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                      "Do" or "Do not" Nash......There is no try.

                      Race Haven Hobbies


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                        The 1/32nd Carrera Canadian Nationals
                        You can count me in Ron .

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                          March 25th is a Friday. Are we racing on the Friday or the Saturday? I might be able to make this, but my wife may have other ideas



                          • #14
                            Fixed Rob.......Thanks!

                            Ra e Haven Hobbies


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                              Well negotiations are still on going. It's amazing how hard it is to come to a consensus over donuts and the quantity and quality.

                              But it is looking good...



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