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The 1/32nd Carrera Canadian Nationals

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    So we're running both Carrera and Scaley on the same day? Cool!


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      After testing all morning I got a 6.571 out of the RHH Audi RS5 on White! I really think the trick to this class is a FULLY broken in motor, and Fully broken in (flat face) tires.

      Raceday is one week away Gents. We will be testing Friday night and Saturday afternoon next weekend with track direction changes every hour or so.

      If you want to Win you're gonna have to test and tune Gents. I hope to see everyone out Friday night for some valuable track time before the big event.

      Race Haven Hobbies
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        Race Day! I think we will have over 20 heats today.

        See you all shortly. 10am Practice sessions begin running the South Loop.

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          Wow! 20 Racers to run for the Win. A fantastic turnout and maybe the best afternoon of slot car racing the shop has ever seen.

          Full Results up tomorrow evening. for now this is how the dust settled.




          Thanks to everyone that made this event the biggest one in the history of the Store! I am looking forward to the 2018 race already.

          Until next weekend..........

          Race Haven Hobbies

          PS, the Canadian Scalextric Nats are currently still underway. I will post the podium later this evening.
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            Great racing guys, congratulations Ron.


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              To heck with waiting until 2018. This should be a quarterly event. Let's have a summer solstice race!

              Lots of fun Ron, great day. With a little luck my Carrera's will be better than mid-pack next time.


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                Sunday March 5, 2017 - South Loop

                Hi Guys,

                Just an Epic afternoon of racing. HUGE turnout and with the body off technical inspection in the books it was time to get it going. Here are the results for this years race.......

                2nd Annual Carrera Canadian Nationals

                Ronnie - 260 66' Audi RS5 DTM
                Gabriel - 255 76' Aston Martin Vantage GT3
                Dave - 253 29' BMW M4 GTR
                GC - 251 47' Ferrari 599 CUP Car
                Glen - 249 38' Corvette C6R

                Tim - 249 23' Mercedes C-Klasse DTM
                Steve - 240 74' Audi R8 GTR
                JCB - 239 45' Lamborghini Huracan GT3
                Ravi - 233 17' Ferrari 458 GT
                Sal - 231 10' Porsche 997 Cup Car
                John - 230 59' Porsche 997 Cup Car
                Charles - 230 45' BMW M4 DTM
                Jim - 230 33' Ferrari 575 GTC
                Paul - 226 64' BMW M4 DTM
                Tony & Simon - 223 68' Mercedes C-Klasse DTM
                Terry - 223 36' BMW M4 DTM
                Mike V - 219 Audi RS5 DTM
                Dan - 212 7' BMW Z4 GT3
                Alan - 206 20' Ferrari 458 GT3

                Fast Laps

                Ronnie - 6.693 (B)
                Gabriel - 6.624 (B)
                Dave - 6.801 (B)
                GC - 6.880 (G)
                Glen - 6.918 (W)
                Tim - 6.901 (G)
                Steve - 6.906 (R)
                JCB - 7.179 (R)
                Ravi - 7.439 (P)
                Sal - 7.184 (R)
                John - 7.274 (R)
                Charles - 7.368 (R)
                Jim - 7.150 (R)
                Paul - 7.394 (P)
                Tony & Simon - 7.247 (G)
                Terry - 7.469 (B)
                Mike V - 7.449 (P)
                Dan - 7.431 (B)
                Alan - 7.630 (B)

                What can I say? Audi RS5 was on fire. Well prepped and tested she was bound to be a winner.

                Gabriel did not at any point let up though. A couple too many crashes or else it would have been a lot closer. A fine drive Gabe.

                Dave rounding out the podium in a tremendous result considering he developed a new car. Both Gabe and I ran last years rig.......

                Top to bottom the grid was the most impressive one I have seen at our facility so far. I can say without a doubt that fun was had by all and I hope we see everyone back out when we run the Nationals again.

                Thanks to everyone that came out. I think I remembered everyones rides.....please chime in if I got it wrong.

                Hopefully I can get the Scaley Nats up after dinner........

                Race Haven Hobbies

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                  The 3rd Annual Carrera Canadian Nationals are one day away! I am expecting a huge turnout and the racing will be as fierce as ever.

                  Are you in? You should be! The racing is totally free and the goal is fun.

                  Come one, Come all. Spectators are welcome!

                  The store opens at 11am and the Green Flag Drops for Race 1 at 1pm.

                  See you all tomorrow,
                  Race Haven Hobbies


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                    Sunday Feb 18, 2018 - North Loop

                    Hi Guys,

                    As anticipated, this is the full result from last weekends The 3rd Annual Carrera Canadian Nationals Race. We had 9 racers out to run for the Win. With last years Champ out with the Flu we were destined to Crown a new Champ for this year. Here is how it all went down........

                    3rd Annual Carrera Canadian Nationals

                    Gabriel - 263 10' (Aston Martin GT3)
                    Glen - 257 20' (Corvette C5R)
                    JCB - 253 57' (BMW DTM)
                    Dave - 249 43' (BMW DTM)
                    Joe Guts - 246 50' (Audi A5 DTM)
                    Marius - 242 5' (BMW DTM)
                    Ravi - 234 24' (Mercedes DTM)
                    John B - 233 60' (Audi R8 GT)
                    Sal - 230 58' (Porsche 997 GT3)

                    Fast Laps

                    Gabriel - 6.466 (P)
                    Glen - 6.693 (W)
                    JCB - 6.735 (W)
                    Dave - 6.941 (W)
                    Joe - 6.977 (B)
                    Marius - 6.919 (P)
                    Ravi - 7.233 (R)
                    John B - 7.201 (R)
                    Sal - 7.247 (B)

                    Well Done Gabriel! He put over 2 laps on last years total and smashed the lap time record!!! What a Drive!

                    Glen blew the dust of his antique Corvette and ended up in second place!!! A amazing result given how little effort he put into it.

                    John Basset rounded out the podium with a much better result than last year. Well done Johnny!

                    Although turnout was down slightly from last year the racing was as fierce as ever. Thanks to everyone that came out.

                    The Scalextric Canadian Nationals are about 3 weeks away. Sunday March 18, 2018. Mark the date, this is the biggest race we throw all year. Don't miss it!

                    See you all next weekend for the 1/24th Scale Street Car Nats. The VW bus is ready to go!

                    Race Haven Hobbies


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                      The 2018 Field of Cars.........minus one for some reason...........

                      Race Haven Hobbies


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                        2019 race is only a few weeks away .... who's racing?


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