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Fall 2017 Round 2 @ Copperhead

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    Well Round 2 is finally over and we definatly had some suprises. I'm your host Fozzy Bear.

    First up was Fly Chevrons.......err i mean classics. The top tier racers had kicked the tires and lit the fires. The very first Race Fozzy layed the smack down with his blue Chevron out cornering even TTT showing exactly what type of race this was going to be. The second heat TTT wasn't having any of Fozzy's crap. As with all racing Fozzy made a single mistake and SHADOW.............formally known as white shadow who was so fast he blew the white right off his name stole 2nd place like it was candy from a baby. Fozzy's car wasn't just blue on the outside. This seasons heating up and its only round 2. The top tiers where fearce with TTT eventually coming out on top. Much farther down the IOE list strange things where going on with Pauls yellow and green beast. Nothing could touched it......... was it the extra wings.................. where they legal............... was it the arrows for the marshals.......... you be the judge. One way or another this yellow hell bat got a clean sweep taking the top podium with a perfict score. 40 points for Paul. And where might the top tier racers end up you might ask well TTT got a near perfict score wrecked by yours truely at 38 points and with a come from behind and and all 2nd place in third at 32 Alan...................where the hell did he come from. That fly of his is something else to watch its seen here in its natural habitat in the green lane

    For its debut Carrera DTM's jumped on the stage in a dizzying blurr of absolutly terrible lap times. So bad in fact that Fly Classics turns out to be a faster class. But what they lacked in speed they made up for in destruction. The top teir was dominated by a pink mess that was suppose to have a blown motor. It sounded like crap but moved like a Japanese Bullet train dominating all heats giving TTT a perfict score of 40. The car seen here was a marvel of fluke engineering and tuning. In second with an almost perfict score was the untouchable Paul at 38 points. Well almost untouchable the white shadow touched him. Tied in 3rd place at 32 points in a dizzying display of burnt rubber and side swipes was The Shadow and Fozzy both looked confused as they scored exactly the same on exactly the same lanes. Aliens, Consperiacy, i thinking its just

    And then there was Group C. Fozzy came out to play and with his BEAR hands *wacka wacka* almost squeeked a perfict score with and unstopable very very scary Toyota. TTT had a Toyota himself and between the two started approtching track record laps. Who won you ask......well Paul did. Yup you heard it right Paul squeeked out a perfict 40 points and by squeeked i mean dominated. I'm not sure whats going on down there put we did take a few pictures of the action you be the judge...........this is the winning car . It begs the question what Paul is feeding these cars of his. Fozzy came in 2nd at 38 points and TTT 3rd at 36. That's close racing.


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      I want to stop the write up and do some analytics and predictions for this season. Our end points show alot of whats happening. We could talk about the winners all day long but i honestly think the competition is increasing exponentially with each season. Aarons and excellent example he's consistantly increased his points every single race over and over and over. It takes the blink of an eye and he can go from zero to hero slamming into 1st out of no where. The White Shadow is in the exact same boat. Both have been ever increasingly dangerous with each race and are only a stone throw away from the Top tier. Alan is currently hit and miss. But his hits are hard fast and consistant. Its a scary thought if he ever stops missing and remeber he now owns a track. Vaughn skills have hugely improved. We all have noticed. Throw youth and reflexes it may take some time but we already see the potential and the scores are reflecting it. 4's are turning to 6's then 6's turn to 8's then before you know it the rest of us are just slow and old.


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          Stats and more stats!

          Great write and recap can see that there are no easy heats, many heats had 3 guys battling it out right to the end with a few squeaking in at the wire, eh RJ?? I felt the wrath of Fozzy all day anf felt lucky to steal what I did thanks to some ill time crashes.

          Here's today's rundown of #'s
          • Paul 158 – wow, near perfection spoiled by (*say with me in a whisper*) The [formerly White] Shadow
          • Tom – 152
          • Matt – 136
          • David – 110
          • Alan – 106
          • Aaron – 94
          • Kenny – 92
          • RJ – 90
          • Vaughn – 70

          Class Podiums were as follows:

          Fly Classics
          • Pauly Walnuts – 40
          • TTT – 38
          • Big Al - 32

          Carrera DTM
          • TTT - 40
          • Pauly Walnuts - 38
          • (tie) Shadow & Fozzy – 32

          Group C
          • Pauly Walnuts – 40
          • Fozzy – 38
          • Triple T – 36

          Group 5
          • Pauly Walnuts – 40
          • TTT – 38
          • Fozzy - 36

          Round 3 is a quick turn around, next week at Silverado! We’re moving Brad’s round (4 from Oct.15) up to next week and swapping Bob’s (round 3 to Oct.15)…long story short, next week’s classes will be:
          • F1
          • Group C
          • TSN Classics
          • IMSA
          • Host Class

          Bob will host round 4 (with his round 3 classes) on Oct.15. I know – very confusing, but it saves about a ½ day of having to rejig the entire scoring workbook!

          I have Kenny and AA-ron way next week. Paul is doubtful he can get another hall pass. The Ozzies are keen to join after getting a taste today, so if anyone has extras for the classes above , please bring ‘em.

          Here’s the breakdown of the preliminary round 3 driver rotation. Fly Boy touches down in 4 spot (based on his season finish last year), potentially the 3 spot if Pauly has to do his chores.

          Scoring to date, Round 3 preliminary driver rotation pictures will be posted as soon as website is back up from maintenance.

          So to sum up, Oct.1 at Silverado, racing F1, Group C, TSN Classics, IMSA and a Host class. Fly Boy says doors open at 11a, heat racing starting by noon.

          Season IOE now updated for 2 rounds:
          1. Tom 93.13%
          2. Matt 83.75%
          3. Paul 80.00%
          4. Bobby 78.75%
          5. David 72.50%
          6. Aaron 66.88%
          7. Alan 66.25%
          8. (tie) Kenny and Kevin 63.75%
          10. RJ 60.00%
          11. Vaughn 43.75%

          Over to 3 lane land next week where Fly Boy lowers the landing gear and lays down the law on his home track

          Triple T
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            Round Two is in the books......

            Round Two write up

            Hello fellow racers and slot car followers. Before I get going with the write up. I would like to say hi to Aaron and his father who stopped by this afternoon to se what RMR was all about. Thanks for coming buy and looking forward to seeing you and your father to join our assorted group of racers.
            So after a horrible show by your truly last round, I was looking forward to some racing. But my day did not start of on the right foot. So I woke up with a back that did not want to play. A few T-3 and a muscle relaxant, so I was off to the races.
            So while for waiting for our racers from Red Deer to show up there where a lot of catching you as Alan "Farmboy" showed up for some racing. Great to see him again. And also hoping that Farmboy will host a race or too. Tom if you can can you please insert the photo of Al's track in here.

            There was a lot of close racing today and a near perfect race day for your truly "Pauly Walnuts". I really think that within a year to two years there will not be a top five and lower five. It will all be the top drivers at RMR. Aaron, Alan and David are so dangerously getting there.

            Round one was Fly Classics and it seems that we are all going back to the old school small body Chevron's and the Porsche 908. Again there was a lot of close racing with these beauties. Tom And Matt where at their old games of racing hard with each other and one and awhile the would knock each other out. If memory serves me right this was the class the the treat of the hammer coming down was being let known to Fozzy from our newest treat this year.Mr A.

            Round two was our newest class, the DTM's. With everyone thinking that these babies are Carrera's and they would had handle just like everyone's favourite class the NINCO! Well. A welcome surprises was watched as they really handle a lot better than we all thought. This was the class that I was worried about little Aaron that I completely forgot about "The White Shadow" aka David. He passed me with ease and I could not catch him after I realized that it was him.

            The third round Group C, was jammed packed with tight racing with everyone. Most noticeable was the passing the candle for the top two podium spot between "TTT and Fozzy Bear. But there was also a lot of close racing with Myself Kenny aka "No Hands", David and "Butter" aka Mr. Aaron.

            Round four, which I think was the most favourite class off the day. "Group V". This was the class for everyone to watch cause there was nothing but nail biting heats. From the top of the drivers rotation to the bottom. And it was very clean. There where some "You can't pass me there" comments, which resulted in a few derailments of cars and tongues. Nothing really bad was said.

            So with this all being written and said. Racers that where there today that took pictures and videos PLEASE add them to the thread.

            Cheers for today.
            Pauly Walnuts.


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              I believe you forgot to put in my score in for DTM in buddy. And yes a great day of racing today.



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                Originally posted by ken weir View Post
                Seems to me you have the glued together cars reversed. At least that hoe I remember it. Good luck TTT needs to feel like your on his tail. Good luck.

                Was the other way around today! I was chasing that boy all around the track...the worm has turned, every heat is an out and out battle!

                Good to hear you're still kicking, we miss your presence...I dedicated my new DTM to you - she's a purdy Pink Pig!


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                  Originally posted by MrCarp View Post
                  I believe you forgot to put in my score in for DTM in buddy. And yes a great day of racing today.


                  Thanks, fixed.


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                    This video is of Al vs Paul i was going to cut the audio but it really adds to the video. It has no tags and a vague discription so unless you know where to look you can't find it.


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                      Reflecting on today...some highlights:

                      • Watching the grin on Vaughn's face as he went into the snake squeeze 3 wide being the only one to emerge...but he did manage to get some good air with that DTM later!
                      • Pauly managing to get past corner 1 - I guess those muscle relaxers did the trick?
                      • Al taking the challenge to Pauly lap in and lap out only to suffer a deslot trying to pass on the outside
                      • David handing the wrong controller to Matt
                      • Racing heads up with Matt, every hard and generally clean - Karma caught up to ya after that one episode with a restart, eh!
                      • RJ's grey Bimmer hanging in for a respectable debut in DTM
                      • The Shadow dropping the "white" in his stand against Trump LOL
                      • Aaron hanging with the big boys running at the top of the heap
                      • Kenny's Scheisser...never disappoints...the old grey mare can still run with the young ponies
                      • Fozzy, as always you are a gracious host...and getting to be a real thorn in my a good way!
                      • Finally, getting to meet Colin and Aaron, great guys despite from being from a continent known for housing criminals, too many things that will kill you and Fosters...

                      Lots of pics and video up on our Facebook page, just search for "RockyMtnRacers"

                      Looking forward to round 3, although Fly Boy is eager to show us how it's done


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