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Fall 2017 Round 3 @ Silverado

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  • Fall 2017 Round 3 @ Silverado

    Here you go Fozzy, post away....whatever black beast you may have, my golden screamer is rebuilt and ready to tango!

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    Oh not that evil thing. We shall see if the black beast from the east is worthy if not the march 761 is one of the most deadly cars ive ever tuned. Combine that with a toyota from hell and a certain rainbow warrior Gonna be a good race.
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      black beauty with the 761 in background. If she's half as fast as she looks i should be doing pretty good. Only problem is after this race everyones gonna want a scaley

      I also have a full line up if someone ...........say new perhaps needs a few cars for next race. Just watch out for the spits
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        Some info that was long over due sit is finally back up..

        Detailed results after 2 rounds:

        Points by Class after 2 rounds:

        Overall standings after 2 rounds:

        Updated Prelim driver line up for round 3:


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          Paul you just made my list...................


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            Dear Diary Paul was mean to me and TTT was even meaner. Well the race is long over and the dust has settle and round 3 is now in the history books and boy what a race it was. I am your host with the most Fozzy Bear.

            Today was raced at our ultra smooth Circuits of Silverado where groove meets smooth. Security was tight for our race today with a guard dog on dirty
            First up was Forumla 1. Unlike the last time we played with these open wheel terrors everyone seemed to keep there parts to themselves. The much anticipated Black Beauty from the stables of Fozzy turned out to be all power and no control. In the top tier the return of TTT's thats been repaired more times than Cher's face proved that with alot of effort comes a reward..... nothing could touch this hi pitched monster of the track seen here Nothing even came close TTT with a perfict score of 30. In a stroke of marshaling genius Auto Von Zipper got marshaled properly to take out Al in a spectacular display of skill. After Kevin figured out that he could trust the marshals he really found his groove hammering out a 4 way tie for second place with Brad David and AJ (new guy) all in at 26 points. The rest of us well..... F1 was very close and very tight.

            Group C was next up peaceful and looking more like a time trail as everyone raced in an orderly faction. TTT was way out in front again. We had a on car camera for this one as seen here . White Shadow was keeping Bob honest. New guy AJ was racing like he was top tier in another Fozzy special (you would think I would learn). New guys these days don't know there suppose to be last. Doesn't help Paul has decided that his car doesn't need screws in the middle of the race . White shadow who happens to be going for marshal of the year managed to scoop the screw before we could even hit the track call button. How you saw that is beyond me but well done....................White Shadow. Please vote for him in the upcoming Marshal of the Year Awards . TTT with 30 points. In a supprise move rising to the top in second place with 26 points was Fly Boy and his home track advantage. Insert Pic Here cause group C was so close we have a 5 way tie for 3rd with Kevin Fozzy Paul Bob and David.


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              Stats and more stats

              Today's big board:

              Today's results:

              1. Tom - 146 pts

              2.(tie) Brad and AJ -128

              4. David - 126

              5. Paul - 118

              6.(tie) Kevin, Matt & Bob - 110

              9. Alan - 106

              Updated IOE rankings after 3 rounds:

              1. Tom 94.47%

              2. (tie) Brad & AJ 85.33%

              4. Matt 80.43%

              5. Paul 79.57%

              6. David 76.17%

              7. Bob 76.13%

              8. Alan 68.39%

              9. Aaron 66.88%

              10. Kevin 65.16%

              11.Ken 63.75%

              12. RJ 60.00%

              13. Vaughn 43.75%

              14. Kim* 0.00%

              15. Colin 0.00%

              Standings after 3 round:

              Detailed Class Standings

              Detailed scoring after 3 rounds

              IOE updated after 3 rounds, with your preliminary driver line up for round 4 (with Fly Boy Brad missing the next round along with the Red Deer Rebels)

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                BBW aka Als big winged warrior got voted best looking car in TSN . Top highlights where When Kevin and AJ had some ford on ford action. For multiple laps these 2 where neck and next a GT40 vs AJ in a ford mark 4 Fozzy special. On the very last corner 2 scoops pulled off one of the best passes of the day flying threw the finish line with AJ nose still ahead of Kevins back wheels cause a roar in the crowd.

                Paul finally figured out after the first heat that

                and came out to race his p38 racing like it had nothing to loose kicking and crawling his way up to a 3 way tie for second at 26 points. David also came to party

                as did Brad both tieing for second at 26 points.

                Hang onto your hats everyone cause its about to ride off the rails here comes IMSA. In a discusting show of Bear hate and Fozzy racism TTT decided to lend AJ (new guy) his backup IMSA. As seen here this marvel of engineering turned our already way to quick new guy into TTT 2.0. AJ as seen here

                showed skillz no new guy should posses clocking in a tie for 1st place with TTT and TTT 2.0 both at 30 points. In third place Davids WHITE evo came out of the SHADOWs proving control over power wins the day at 28 points. It should be noted that while the other classes where very close IMSA wasn't you either won or you lost hard.
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                  Last up was our host class Alfa Romeo Targa thingys............psst Fozzy Bear doesn't actually know the name of them.

                  The very first race TTT was involved in a spectacular crash in the Monza wall leaving him horribly disfigured. We must warn our viewers we did get some hospital photos viewer discretion is advised

                  The marshals where fast but Paul and Fozzy where faster. This single moment wrecked TTT's perfict day proving that TTT isn't a robot (i still have my doubts). In all of our racing no ones every gotten a perfict day not even TTT but boy was he close. In other news Kevin decided to pay tribute to our friends in red deer by loosing his front wheels in some red road rage. The RRR was strong with this one.
                  At the end of the Host class everything was different. Paul proved that even his bad days are good in a tie with the new guy (AGAIN really who invited this guy) at 28 spectacular points and clocking in 3rd place tie was Bob and TTT with 26 points.

                  So where did it all land you ask. Tom comes in at 1st place at 146 points nothing new and exciting here but in 2nd with his first race and first podium is New Guy AJ. Thats one heck of a way to enter racing with us. I think ever TTT will be checking his mirrors these days

                  It should be noted that the host with most B-rad aka Fly Boy also tied for second with and extreamly consistantly high point value throughout the entire line up at 128 points. Lurking just behind the podium in 4th place is the White Shadow. You can here his whispers as he get ever closer to the precious.
                  As for everyone else just remeber

                  It was an awesome race thank you for coming out, special thanks to our host Brad. Thank you and good night. I Fozzy Bear normally sign out with a joke so What do you call a pshychic midget who has escaped from prison.............................A small medium at large Waka Waka
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                    Well yes indeed it was a good day of racing. My hat goes of to the newest addition to our crazy group of guys. Great write up Fozzy. Hey Tom, i have a question for ya. Are you really that upset witj me wrecking your perfect day that you are only allowing me to race one ever class in two weeks. Lol.


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                      Ahhh Fozzy, you da man! Now go put on yer pants!

                      You had me at "dear diary"...I love the 3 parter, building suspense.

                      After that horrible accident, I just ask that you all away when we race next time, especially since my evil town Kimchi don't call me Cruella may be there.

                      Love the write-up, love the wheel to wheel racing especially going heads up against Silverado track master B-rad. Welcome to our new Aussie AJ.

                      Guess what comes with success AJ? You get to move way up in rotation, look forward to racing you next time out when the slowbees are raced.

                      Triple T

                      PS AA-Ron passed his firearm's test and will be coming with a new NASCAR weapon next time watch out!


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                        Originally posted by MrCarp View Post
                        Well yes indeed it was a good day of racing. My hat goes of to the newest addition to our crazy group of guys. Great write up Fozzy. Hey Tom, i have a question for ya. Are you really that upset witj me wrecking your perfect day that you are only allowing me to race one ever class in two weeks. Lol.

                        LOL I soiled myself by overcooking a few turns. As I said, too many things need to happen for a perfect day to happen...I honestly doubt we'll ever see it, especially when we have Host classes. But is all good, today's result was way beyond my expectations. As I've said before, a slew of 120's is good enough to bring you to the season podium...anything beyond is just icing on the cake! Mmmm cake....


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                          Mmmmmmm cake


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                            Hey bud. With me racing once in tbe rotation for the next race. Everyone should be able to pass me in the pionts. Lol. I see you still have not corrected the drives rotation.


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                              Thanks so much guys for being so welcoming. I really had fun! Thank you matt and Tom for lending me cars. Looks like for next week I should have a nascar ready if my tires get here. Can't wait! And great write up!


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