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Fall 2017 Round 4 @ Racers Haven Speedway

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    You won't have a Triple T to kick around

    Take a good won't be eyeing the rear bumper of the Triple T trio this weekend..

    So gather as many nuts and berries as you can, as I'll be back for round 5 with a vengeance! Until then...


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      Round 4 Stats

      Toight like a tiger......was the day of racing...and we have our first race day winner coming from the bottom of the driver order.

      So here is a pic of today's big board:

      I spoke with Paul, he said he gave Bobby a 3 instead of a 6 for a 3rd accidentally hence the "29" which should be a 32. The stats have been updated to reflect that.

      And now here is your adjusted standings after 4 rounds:

      And your class standings...

      And your detailed scoring by round...

      And finally your updated IOE's after 4 rounds along with the updated driver ranking for next round's driver rotation...pending racer confirmation

      Looking forward to today's write-up!
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        Welcome boys and germs to another fine addition to our 2017 season. This will be the second last time we will ever be at Racers Haven Speedway before they close there doors for good. I'm throwing a track pic out there for the records

        I'm Fozzy Bear your on the spot reporter..............

        In fine form our first class was Ninco. Every time we race these little wheeled beauties they seem to get faster and faster. I honestly think they are quicker than Trans Am NASCAR and the new DTM class. Our top tier was dominated by my own ultra smooth Jaguar in a slug fest with Pauls ultra wide 53 Corvette. Big cars and big power made for a relatively uneventful top tier. This is saying alot after all its Ninco. Al did manage to mangle his AC Cobra's diff in the 3rd round but for the most part people kept there parts to themselves. Fozzy took 38 points for a 1st place and Paul taking a very close 36 for 2nd. It wasn't until about the 6th round the Ninco cars we all remeber started to show up. Back from retirement was the all great Kimchi. Although we aren't sure what he was doing while he was away i was thinking it may of gone like this

        In no time at all Kim and Bob where at it as if Kim had never left. It took till the very last turn for Kim to slightly hang ten with his Jaguar and Bob took that win with a No Hands 550 Spyder special.

        He wasn't even using his own car. I swear Bob could put a potato on the track and race the heck out of it. But threw all the ups and downs even threw White Shadow murdering his driver (a sight that will give us nightmares for years) the Kim did it with 32 points coming in 3rd least i think he did cause bob has 29 points which isn't possible. Do you see what happens when your not here TTT. Things get crazy. But don't act now there is more crazyiness to come.

        Correction: Bob tied Kim in 3rd place at 32 points a piece.
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          NASCAR was next. The top tier racers where at it again Paul's 88 car vs Fozzy bears Sharpie. Paul almost had Fozzy a few times like in round 3 he was up 3 turns until someone scattered cheero's all over the track. Oh by cheeros i mean the livery that was some accident. But while Fozzy and Paulie where playing slap &%$# in the top tiers the points seem to level out neither did bad but both didnt' do good tieing at 32 points each in 2nd and 3rd. It should be noted White Shadow was lurking at 30 points in 4th. So who won you ask what happend you ask .......well stay tuned after these commercial breaks to find out.

          Thanks for staying with us. Well i was watching my rear view mirror and i notice Al was never far behind lurking in the shadows so i decided to keep an eye on him. All of a sudden all heck broke loose in round 5 and Al was up against the KKK.

          No not those idiots i mean Kenny Kim and Kevin..........what the heck kind of racing do you think we are doing. Anyways the KKK decided to bring all yellow cars to confuse poor Al in a color war (haha). Three yellows and one black made the track look like a bunch of crazy angry bees

          Round 6 very quickly turned into a smash up derby as the KKK fought among themselves. Kenny in his very fancy custom painted number 11 car saw Kim slowly pull away. In a desperate attempt to stop him he flew off the bridge at Kim in a complete and utter disregard for how awesome his car looks just to try and stop Kim.
          Round 7 As KKK faded into the distance the carnage continued as No Hands decided Kim must die and nothing and no one would stand in his way. He would risk life and no limbs in a epic attempt and kill everything that moved. Unfortunally he missed. Kim was lining up for a near perfect run. As Kenny the Carnage No Hands leaves rotation White Shadow moved into position. Kim had to work for his money but eventually he had to shake it like a polaroid picture coming in 1st at 38 points.
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            Ok lets stop and recap whats happening. The top 3 at this point is Kim Matt and Paul. I thought Kim was suppose to be rusty. Tired. Not with it. He's not suppose to be winning.

            Well lets get back to the action as we still have hope
            Next up Trans-Am.
            Round 1 with fozzy feeling the red lane curse Paul just stomped showing he was the true king of Trans-Am tuning.
            Round 2 with Paul still in a untouchable state Al broke out into song "OOPS i did it again" and he repeadidly plowed into the White Shadow like a

            Round 3 Pauls luck ended as his digital chip kept swithcing him lanes. Bob was quick to point out it was an anolog track. The Jury is still out on this one

            Well i think you all know whats about to happen. Kim started early as the Krazy Karnage Kompilation came back into rotation by kicking Al when he was down. Karma had something to say to this as No Hands was in a zen like state passing Kim in the 5th round. This was short lived as Kim and Bob where at it again like this was

            In a sudden turn of events Kevin was disqualified from the officials leaving Bob in his own lane and his own devises far from the now KK. The 2 K's fought for position as Bob pulled far ahead looking like a sure win. But as luck would have it 3 rolls later and Kim coming out on top he locked in 1st place at a hard fought 36 points.
            Round 7 group alztimers kicked in. Want to make a quick shout out to Bob for smoothing out the rough times as clearly no one was paying attention to 2nd 3rd 4th. Clearly TTT was the one that payed attention to the little things the rest of us are just watching the pretty colors. Paul a respectable 2nd at 34 points and No Hands in 3rd at 32 points. A small side note Fozzy was lurking in 4th at 30 and Bob at 28. This was very close.
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              double post
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                Well last up with the last chance was the host class Fly trucks. With a 3 inch space (we measured) these puppies didn't have much room

                I asked Bob what exactly these trucks where. He said the first one was a Henway i asked him what that was and he said a Henway's about 5 to 6 pounds. The next one was a Piecost apartently they are 4.95 at Safeway. I gave up after that. Personally i along with most others found the red lane to be exceedingly difficult but No Hands and Kim both harrassed the leaders in the red lane. We quoted Kevin asking if we will be racing real cars next round to the answere of yes. Trucks where very difficult Al managed to figure out how to bounce off the boards back into the slot but the rest of us struggled. This class was exceedingly close. In the end Kim 1st place at 36 points Fozzy at 34 in 2nd and Bob at 32 in 3rd.

                So final scores. Welcome back Kim you kicked our butt at 142 points proving that your really are the wiener. Well raced and relatively clean you still got it. Nice job. Second at 134 points which seems to be a consistant threat is yours truely Fozzy Bear. Hot on my heels in Third at 132 points is Paully Wally which i think boosts him to 2nd over all if we drop 1. I want to thank everyone for coming out today you guys are awesome. Kim i hope to see you at more races but next time give us a chance will ya
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                  Great write-up Fozzy!

                  With all those pics, I knew the Internet was slowing down for some reason?!

                  Sad that I missed this one...especially missing the opportunity to see a Kevin race Ninco


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                    It was defiantly entertaining the funny part is if Kevin figures out his car is identical to my own we will all be in trouble. It might be smoother too. But that Corvette from Paul is crazy fast we really had a pants off dance off in the first few rounds.

                    Not a pretty sight at all
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                      Ok there let me say this first. Fozzy easy with the vids. Don't need people knowing what I do when I am by myself. Lol.

                      Honestly back to the write up. Very well done Mr Fozzy with the Press Pass. Another great write up as usual. Today was a day of close racing and many more ups than downs. It was great that Kimchi came back to our clan of silly racers. It was also a sad day as today was our second to last time we will be racing on the great track. Bob's track will be missed.

                      To day was a day for crabbing points and I thing some of us really did. Although I really not sure that it will help some of us. Today I really looked at the stats and was in shock to find myself in second 6 points behind the Fozzy. I have to say that it was a lot of fun racing again Fozzy today, oh by the way Fozzy, I will never just move aside and just let anyone win. If you want you come and get it. And I know you it will be clean when you do come and get it.

                      Looks like our next event day will be an interesting day looking at the drivers rotation. And I am looking forward to it. I truly am enjoying how much all of us have upped our game this year. It is going to be a tough year for moving up in the ranks.

                      Well that'll do donkey.....that'll do.

                      Cheers for now Amigos.

                      Drops Fozzy Jag, lol.


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                        Congrats to Kimmy

                        Welcome back to the gang...

                        But hold yer horses...


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