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Fall 2017 Round 8 @ Mugello

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    Right off the bat we knew that no one would give an inch. Kevin was renamed Mr.Plow cause he didn't just run over people he put it back into reverse and ran them over a second time. After the carnage had subsided track knowledge and experiance took the podium as a three way tie for first at 28 points between TTT AA-ron 5000 (new and improved) and AJ. SCREEEEEETCH. Wait hold up. AJ has never even raced at Mugello and our rookie of the year didn't just podium the hardest class to run at Mugello he even took TTT perfict score away from him. This is bad definatly definatly definatly bad.

    Lurking in 4th ........shadow


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      After a fabulous start Trans-Am was next on deck. 2 of the new scalextric Javelins dazzled the crowds with there pretty new lights. I got the inside scoop on the new Javelin from AA-ron 5000 himself.

      He said after he upgraded his central processor and rewired his ram that his response time in the corners where up 13% and his torque to weight ratio was up another 12%. I dunno what that all means but those cars sure did look shiney today.
      In first with a perfict score that even the rookie of the year couldn't stop was TTT at 30 points. With 28 points after extensive training in the off weekends with a near perfict score only ruined by AA-ron was the man with the plan

      So i know your going to ask where our superman rookie of the year landed well solidly in 3rd place with a staggering 26 points. In 4th place with honable mentions was Wall Paul.


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        Terrorists attacked Mugello today in an unprecedented biolodgical gas attack that left many helpless and afraid. Someone even farted on AA-ron 5000 sevearly damaging his optics.

        Once the air movers came in and people could breath again DTM started up. A super heavy over powered car on a technical track..........what could go wrong. Well for yours truely lots but a few had planned for this eventuality. While the rest of us suffered from the gas the Shadow proved that fart gas has no effect on him slamming down a perfict score at 30 points. TTT also followed at 30 points as our rookie of the year proved he was powerless to stop the home track king. in a tie for 3rd at 26 points was rookie of the year and the man with the no hand plan. Honerable mentions was Fizzy bear just out for a sunday drive at 24 points and 5th


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          We interviewed Shinaka Windrunner Shadoo formally Co Co Fluffy the 2nd formally the artist know as prince formally prince formally the Shadow formally the White Shadow to find out the trick to his success with such and unforgiving new class of car. After 2 hours of complex mathematics aerodynamics physics and advanced construction techniques that are way way way beyond a bear and his picinic baskets i gave up on the questions. However i have heard rumors of a top secret Shadow organization test track know only as White that could explain Shadows new skills.


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            Just before Group 5 start pepperoni cheese crackers and tasty sandwiches caused Paul to hit critical mass. A second mass evacuation was called as a toxic death cloud now consumed Mugello.

            The UN was called in and strict restrictions where implemented as Mugello was considered a


            Group 5 was a joy to drive after the DTM pileups. TTT proved that home track advantage and a light finger = a 1st place perfict score of 30. No Hands and Fozzy tied in 2nd at 26 points


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              Host class was DTM slot it. These where nothing like there carrera cousins proving to be light quick nimble and very snappy. I even managed to rolled one 5 times on a strait due to overpowering a turn exit. TTT got a perfict score of 30 followed by a 3 way tie Fozzy AAron and Nohands all came in at 26 points for 2nd.

              Now normally i do a points analysis and ranking but i will send you all to the stats above as this is our final round for the season. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas to you and your families. I hope to see you all next year when hopefully Brad will come back and kick some rookie butt cause i sure can't seem to catch him.................. Thank you all for racing and making this club awesome.
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                Finally got breather from work to read the recap!

                Awesomeness Fozzy! The air was definitely dense thanks to Walnuts specially timed releases...gawd, that's was awful! It's 48 hours later and my cats still refuse to go into the race room.

                Speaking of dense, the air was also dense with the litany of profanities. I think I'm gonna start calling a Kevin the Purveyor of Profound Profanities aka Triple P 😂

                Enjoyed the season, my best yet...actually 2017 probably couldn't have gone any better, except that b@stard Pauly ruining it all with that monster 158! (kidding Pauly).

                Although I do wonder if the points thing needs to be revisited, to ensure we aren't losing sight of the fun factor? I do like the structure, it's simple, well understood and does self level to certain extent vs random draws...but I think we need to poll to see what people are thinking....


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                  it may be a self fixing problem due to the simple fact we don't have any 4 lane tracks atm *wink*


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                    Originally posted by Lutain12 View Post
                    it may be a self fixing problem due to the simple fact we don't have any 4 lane tracks atm *wink*

                    I was thinking less about 3 vs 4 laner debate....and more about this whole points chase thing...While I like it, and keeps things entertaining and gives us reason to banter in between races.....if certain guys aren't climbing up the way they'd like is this going to turn people off, if they don't think it's achievable (and for some it's going to be the case if they never spend any time on their cars or change up their driving style) as I do worry if I'm always winning what's the impact of that on the rest of the crew.

                    I'm open to ideas...


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                      every car you own must weigh a minimum of 120 grams


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                        Well i think next season things are going to change alot. I do like the new points system after the first race you get a clean slate and now race where your skill is. Your going to see a few people fall from grace and a few rise to the occation. I was very suprised i landed in second. The brass tacks of it all is the more trigger time you put in the better you will do. Those who own a track will eventually do better than those who dont. So best solution to anyone struggleing. Make a track and bring it into rotation. Its good for the club and the person. But then end all be all is we are here to have fun. People need learn to have fun and stop trying to win like Trump at any cost. No dice on the weighted cars eh........rats


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                          Good thoughts on having a track and a must-win vs must-fun attitude

                          I've seen a few threads around how to level the playing field...when it comes to racing, I think there's only so much you can do - we've done it with the cars/equipment, most of the guys are getting up to speed on tracks, aside from a bit of luck during the race....the rest is how much people put into their hobby...the more you put in (practice, tuning, sharing/reading about tuning, learning how to control yourself during racing, where best to pass etc) the more "success" comes.

                          And "success" comes in different forms. For some it's more the camaraderie, and for a few - they measure it by points.

                          Success for me is defined by how many people are coming out to race, how many tracks we have, are we keeping and bringing in new members, etc....basically, are we creating the right environment for people to come back to every other week.

                          Some of this is encouraged through write-ups (thank you by the way for carrying that torch), the email banter, the nicknames and the race banter that helps create conversations and moments outside of pure racing.

                          But I'm cautious about this because when I think back to the "lean" times when there were only 4-5 guys, I see how fortunate we are now.

                          I just don't want the points chase or rankings etc. to be a deterrent and turn people off. I guess what I'm saying is we can't take our eye off the ball as it's easy to turn people off than attract newbies.

                          Originally posted by Lutain12 View Post
                          every car you own must weigh a minimum of 120 grams

                          You know Fozzy, you'd be surprised to know that I already run probably the heaviest fleet in the club by far. My Group C tips the scales at over 90gr...some of the guys run close to no weight (~ 70 gr) in that class.

                          While I can't out drag anyone in my cars, in the corners my fleet is more forgiving which allows me to be aggressive to either pass/make up time.....oops, that's another one of my tuning secrets out in the open...

                          Stay week on "All My Tracks", I disclose another dirty little secret related to pre-race "playing with your knobs". And Kevin gets all bromantical wining & dining Pauly in exchange for some "side tuning"...


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                            Colin Chapman displaying a new car design...

                            Colin: This is the Lotus 25 with my new monocoque design. With it I have have been able to reduce the total weight of the car from the Lotus 24's 1003 pounds down to only 996 pounds. Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere. I'll demonstrate by putting it on the scale.


                            Colin: Hmmm...

                            Reporter: It looks like it is actually 1010 pounds. It's heavier.

                            Colin: I swear it was 996 pounds an hour ago before I gave it to my assistant Tom to tune the suspension.

                            Reporter: Isn't Tom the guy who says adding weight makes cars more forgiving which allows drivers to be aggressive to either pass or make up time?

                            Colin: What? TOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!


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                              Not sure if Colin is going to wanna pair with me on the 29th now!

                              Just call me "Heavy T", my new year's resolution I guess should be to visit Jenny Craig more often


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