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2018-19 Season Stats

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    This table shows each driver's IOE for each of the classes. Your highest performing class is indicated by a bold and underlined value. Your least performing class is indicated by a bold italic value. Green-shaded values are average to above average. Gold-shaded values are below average.

    It is important to note that the IOE may be affected by the IOE of your opponents as well as the strength of your car. For example, Alan and Kenny typically race together and it is apparent their strengths and weaknesses are mostly opposite to each other.


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      Here is a summary of achievements for each of our club's drivers. The milestone numbers are in multiples 10's (podiums) or 1000's (points). The numbers in parentheses after them are the actual lifetime values.

      I hope you all had an enjoyable season. (by the way, that's just root beer)

      * In case you missed the meaning of your slogan, Paul, Ferdinand Marcos was a former president of the Philippines. As well, his wife, Imelda, was well-known for having a huge collection of shoes. Two jokes there if you look carefully.
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        Email me if you see any errors. Please do not clutter this thread with correction requests. I will attempt to update the charts each day or so with corrections, but I cannot promise anything as the forum makes it exceedingly difficult to edit posts (it keeps dumping me out). Thank you.


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