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Winter 2019 Round 1 @ Mugello

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  • AndGoliath
    Stats update

    Here is the processed version of the big board:

    Paul's score was reduced from 120 to 118 due to an arithmetic error. The updated finishing order is:
    1st: Tom (148)
    2nd: Aaron (136)
    3rd: Bob (132)
    4th: Brad (122)
    5th David (120)
    6th: Paul (118)
    7th: Ken (116)
    8th: Thomas (104)
    9th: Alan (102)
    10th: Kevin (100)

    Streak update:
    • All but Danny and Darren extended their consecutive race tallies.
    • Everyone attending extended their consecutive 100-point race tallies.
    • Only Tom, Aaron, and David extended their existing consecutive 120-point tallies.
    • Only Tom and David extended their consecutive top-5 finish tallies.
    • Tom and Aaron extended their consecutive podium tallies.
    • Tom extended his consecutive win tally.

    Milestone update:
    • Tom reached 220 class podiums. Next stop, 230.
    • David reached 40 races.

    The standings update is located here:
    The IOE update is located here:
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  • Giddyup
    Race day recap

    Evening gents,

    Thanks to all who made it out today. After a Fall season on paralleled parity, round 1 of the Winter season was eagerly anticipated.

    Being the half way point in the season, but with such parity and still a possible 8 rounds of scores to improve, it seems like options are a plenty.

    Triple T’s response ...

    So with the driver draw, The Beard drew the coveted Hook position which added a little extra spring to his step...

    To kick off the day, DTMs rolled off the team transporters. A hefty car with a lot of oomph thanks to the Piranha motors with 3” of lane spacing and two squeezes....

    Some interesting heats with a surprise nuclear attack from the newly formed Red Bull camp over at Roboto Racing...AA-Ron’s new DTM is a beast!

    Shadow Werks stayed trued to their roots and rolled off another quick car while Al-u-Miny-um was low in mineral content having a tough time translating his cars success from Aldorado to Mugello’s yellow lane. Meanwhile, Stihl Racing was as slick as it’s owners beard oil but was in tough with a Chicano named Two Scoops who seemed to always be there.

    Class Podium
    T1. AA-Ron, Badger & Triple T - 28

    While the computer issues started, we waited until it was safe and Roboto’s new beast was caged then went back to the well one time for Fly Classics. Much to everyone’s surprise, there would be no Gulf hockey puck in Triple T’s arsenal. Rather a scarlet clad OG...yes indeed, THE original OG...model C1...a 512S. Apropos for Mugello.

    The club can “thank” the Shadow and his Uber-quick Chevron in their own “special way” (remember boys not the face, but the rest of the body is fair game) for forcing Triple T into an arms race and a faster car.

    Meanwhile, while Al’s been white hot of late

    Today the skies were overcast if your nickname was Al-u-Miny-um. His white bodied 908/02...normally a formidable opponent was in tough between Pauly’s cheese block and the Badger. The Badger freshly rejuvenated with some Mexican Tequila raced like he wasn’t going to race for a few months today and was nearly unstoppable.

    Class Podium
    1. Triple T - 30
    2. Badger - 28
    T3. the Beard, Pauly Walnuts, and Mr Roboto aka AA-Ron 3000

    Up next, a re-dux of LM Classics...but this time with more powah!

    And wait for it, yet another new car to roll off Triple T’s team transporter...hows that for alliteration! It seems like some experimentation of the green stuff has been blowing through Mugello. Ditching the Red Devil 917 in favor of some 420 Green Haze 917...Paul tried to warn the group but was soon ganged up on

    But that didn’t stop the white knights of No Hands Castrol P68 special and a plastic Porsche from Badger. The Badger showed off some old skills being quickest off the line, but would he last at this pace? The last time we saw a retiree last for so long was when our very own Sarg. Two Scoops broke up a pre-Xmas robbery with his patented choke hold! While the Sarg didn’t get any applause in this class, we did like his new Piper 917!

    Class Podium
    1.Triple T - 30
    2. No Hands - 28
    T3. The Beard and a Badger - 26

    Then we turned up the heat a little with Group 5.

    Some hotly contested heats, but no goats were harmed! No Hands quickly remembered why he hates his M1, T2 asked about buying a new one to replace his 512BB, Brad continued to fiddle with his knobs and all the while the Black Mamba Capri of Badger Skunkwerks rolled on. Capris were a favorite unless you were Al-u-Miny-um sandwiched between a Walnut and a Badger...but that’s the price you pay when you sky rocket up the seedings to the top. As usual, Pauly’s Capri was quick, now only if you could clear Corner one in the red lane cleanly for more than one lap. No Hands summed it up...Focus! B-rad’s Ricoh lived up to its name and was charged with RICO on multiple counts of deslotting, and several misdemeanors of obscene knob fiddling.

    Class Podium
    1. Triple T - 30
    T2. Badger and AA-Ron - 28

    Finally, the bad boys of all...IMSA, but Group 5 was a hard act to follow indeed

    Triple T’s was caught twice by the Beard’s Audi and yielded to a new car in the 2nd heat. Too bad the Beard was preoccupied with those luscious knobs. And poor Pauly, his Scaleauto Vette looked dangerous until a marshal breathed on it. Thankfully, Fozzie and his germs stayed away today otherwise, we may have had to declare the Vette DOA. On the flip side, Al-u-miny-um decided he’d put up with enough crap and manhandled his last two heats to sweet V!

    Speaking of victory, the Green Machine was in fine form logging a 5.309 in the green lane, that being the fastest lap of any class of the day. Good job to the little Roboto.

    Class Podium
    T1. Triple T and Aa-Ron 3000 - 30
    3. Al-u-miny-um - 28

    And there you have it, Round 1 in the books. Here’s a shot of the big board:

    And your round 1 semi-official results

    1. Triple T - 148, one distraction away from a perfect day

    2. AA-Ron 3000 aka Mr Roboto - 136, his weakest class was His Thunderslot today?!

    3. Badger - 132, raced like he’s going on vacation...enjoy the sun sir!

    4. The Beard - 122, held his own despite a penchant for knobbery and against some tough competition

    T5. A Shadow and a Walnut - 120, solid respectable scores and strange to see all of the top 4 seeds make the top 5?! Don’t believe that’s ever happened before.

    7. No Hands - 116, Mr Mugello head to head again with the Robot May soon be parting with his M1

    8. T-Squared - 104, still working out the kinks in his fleet but ready to host in 2 weeks

    9. Al-u-miny-um - 102, climbed up the ladder to the top pairings, his highest starting seeding. I do believe. Valuable experience gained, he’ll be back!

    10. Two Scoops - 100, when he stays out of trouble, Brother Love does well..translation, he doesn’t play well with others.

    One side special occurrence today....7 of 10 racers nabbed a class podium and every racer won at least one heat, the latter being something that’s only happened a handful of times in 4 years. Well done to all.

    Sorry about the computer issues today, I’ll be taking Al’s advice to figure out what’s going on with the computer and/or power supply. :-/

    But for now, I’ll let the stat man do his thing, until then we await round 2 at Tomadega in 2 weeks time where your classes will be:

    1. Fly Trucks
    2. TransAm
    3. Fly Classics
    4. NASCAR
    5. Host Class

    On a final note ,sorry now Fozzie Bear jokes....we’ll leave you with your Fall Season podiumites...from left to right...Pauly Walnuts in , Triple T in and The Shadow in

    Congrats to Pauly for hanging on for dear life to a trophy...any trophy, despite its color. Watch your six Pauly, there’s a line up right behind waiting to take you replace. And special shout out to the Shadow who’s worked hard to improve both his driving and his fleet to become a formidable opponent.

    Cheers, eh!

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  • AndGoliath
    Current streaks

    Here are the current streaks:

    Consecutive races (record of 34 held by Ken):
    • 1: Paul, Brad, and Darren
    • 3: Alan and Danny
    • 4: Kevin
    • 6: Ken and Thomas
    • 13: Tom
    • 25: David

    100-point days:
    • 4: Aaron
    • 5: Alan, Thomas, and Ken
    • 8: Bob
    • 10: Brad
    • 14: Paul
    • 20: David
    • 31: Matt
    • 52: Tom (record)

    120-point days:
    • 1: Ken and Aaron
    • 2: Alan and Paul
    • 7: David
    • 38: Tom (record)

    Top-five finishes:
    • 2: Ken and Paul
    • 7: David
    • 52: Tom

    Race day podiums:
    • 1: Alan, Aaron, and Paul
    • 30: Tom (record)

    Consecutive wins (record of 9 held by Tom):
    • 1: Tom
    Last edited by AndGoliath; 01-22-2019, 03:13 PM. Reason: Corrected Aaron's consecutive podium tally

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  • AndGoliath
    Race milestones

    I have added a general milestone post at

    The applicable ones to this race are Matt reaching 5000 points, Tom reaching 220 class podiums, and David reaching 40 race days.
    Last edited by AndGoliath; 12-29-2018, 06:59 PM.

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  • MrCarp
    Well Tom the first half has been full of surprises. Can't wait to see what the second have will present for us. Looking forward to racing again in the new year.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year buddy!

    Cheers Paulie....
    Last edited by MrCarp; 12-31-2018, 11:53 AM.

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  • Giddyup
    started a topic Winter 2019 Round 1 @ Mugello

    Winter 2019 Round 1 @ Mugello

    Gents, a reminder we kick off the back half of the race year with Winter Round 1 at Mugello on January 6.

    Race classes will be:
    1. Carrera DTM
    2. Fly Classics
    3. TSN Classics
    4. Group 5
    5. IMSA

    Your preliminary driver draw

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