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Winter Round 2 @ Tomadega

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  • Winter Round 2 @ Tomadega

    Evening boys,

    The next scheduled race goes Sunday, January 20 at Tom D’s Tomadega!

    Race Classes will be:
    1. Fly Trucks
    2. TransAm
    3. Fly Classics
    4. NASCAR
    5. Host Class

    Stay tuned for the updated racer seedings...

    Night all!

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    Milestones and streaks

    Here are the potential milestones to be reached at the Tomadega race. Current values are in parentheses.

    Race day attendance:
    • 50: Aaron (49)

    Lifetime points:
    • 5000: Matt (4974)

    Class podiums:
    • 30: Alan (25)
    • 80: Brad (75) and Aaron (75)
    • 100: Bob (98)

    Here are the current streaks:

    Consecutive races (record of 34 held by Ken):
    • 1: Aaron and Bob
    • 2: Paul and Brad
    • 4: Alan
    • 5: Kevin
    • 7: Ken and Thomas
    • 14: Tom
    • 26: David

    100-point days:
    • 1: Kevin
    • 5: Aaron
    • 6: Alan, Thomas, and Ken
    • 9: Bob
    • 11: Brad
    • 15: Paul
    • 21: David
    • 31: Matt
    • 53: Tom (record)

    120-point days:
    • 1: Brad and Bob
    • 2: Aaron
    • 8: David
    • 39: Tom (record)

    Top-five finishes:
    • 1: Aaron, Bob, and Brad
    • 8: David
    • 53: Tom (record)

    Race day podiums:
    • 1: Bob
    • 2: Aaron
    • 31: Tom (record)

    Consecutive wins (record of 9 held by Tom):
    • 2: Tom
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      Prelim. Driver Draw

      Based on te latest rolling 5 race average, here is your seeded driver draw, pending attendance of course.


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        Winter season round 2, or should we dub it Hot Slots, Part Deux!

        We had some new faces come back today, namely Darren aka Big I’ve always said, give’em a taste and they’ll be back! Speaking of being back, Fozzy graced us with his presence and effervescent comedy and general good nature. Meanwhile Kevin aka Two Scoops aka Brother Love continued to smile, would he continue his rapidly improving results?

        Well, good thing you’ve tuned in!

        Round 2 had some of RMRs oldest favorites on its newest track, Tomadega!

        Up first, RMRs newest class....Trucks. Breaker breaker, watch out for corner 1! While some last minute track maintenance took care of the Shadow’s pre-loading of carbs...poor No Hands Mad Croc came down with Mad Croc disease, good thing Walnuts aka Enterprise Rentacar was there to help out. Meanwhile the dark Shadows truck is rumored to have gone Keto. Our erstwhile Jenny Craig was heaved and pushed around the track by Big Tasty, meanwhile Brother Love tenderly laid his Gulf Lady across each lane promoting peace love and get the hell outta my way! Both T-Squared and Fozzy meanwhile suffered the fate of Kimchi’s disease which can linger on for years! Good thing Al took the antidote, he seemed to stay healthy and quick with his Grey Dominator.

        Class Results
        1. Triple T - 30
        2. 3 Way Tie: Aa-Ron, Al-u-Mini-um and No Hands - 26

        Next, we boggied our way down to the Ponies to saddle up what seemed to IMSA-like speeds. Some old salwarts like Pauly’s Sunoco Camaro led the way of Camaro’s who would prevail to break the Stangs, albeit not without a fight. Orange and yellow and black were some favorite colors on track, just like the morning after too much Jager. Fozzy went with his white knight who looked more like a lumberjack rolling logs into corner one, spinning the clock all the way back in time to 1984.

        Class Podium
        1. Triple T - 30
        2. Tie: AA-Ron and No Hands - 28

        Moving on, we went with slippery quick Fly Classics who looked so purty around the track. Pauly’s cheese seemed to have a bit of green mould, meanwhile Fozzy wondered who moved his cheese. Brother Love stayed in the zone with 2 heat wins and No Hands was nearly untouchable in his slithery 906. T-Squared debuted a beauty 917k while Big Tasty tried to travel back to 1984 with a few rolls of his own.

        Class Results
        1. Tie: No Hands and Triple T - 30
        3. Brother Love - 26

        Next up, NASCAR. The good ol’ boys have quickly learned that a Pirahna motored car isn’t necessarily a good thing. All sorts of sponsors have been clamoring to be part of the dog pile which is usually corner 1. One too many M&M’s did in Brother Love, meanwhile Al-u-Mini-um had some great door to door racing with No Hands and a Bear with no pants.

        Speaking of no pants, T -Squared’s Pfizer special showed not only was he alert, he was hard....and deep in the corners....outlasting all comers ��

        Class Results
        1. Triple T - 30
        2. T-Squared - 28
        3. AA-Ron -26

        The day wrapped up with some relics unearthed by Walnuts....Scaley GT40’s. Not seen in lo these many years, who knew how they’d run? Well just fine. And dare I say, it was the closest racing we’ve seen all year. The highlight race for me was Al and Ken racing door to door for 20 laps only for Al to take it on the last corner.

        In fact, just one of many duels we saw every heat...heck even the Bear seemed to knock off his rust in the last class.

        Class Results
        1. Triple T - 30
        2. Fozzy - 28
        3. Tie: T-Squared and AA-Ron

        Well, that’s it? A fairly quick day with a full house. Lots of close heats and more than a few dashes to the finish line. Special thanks to T-Squared and his lovely wife for opening up their home. Love your track Tom.....maybe too much?

        Today’s big board:

        As usual, the usual math errors abound....with Kevin’s host score as well as Alan’s total score.

        Here’s today’s unofficial results brought to you by Pfizer!

        1. Triple T - 150
        2. Tie: No Hands and AA-Ron - 130
        4. T-Squared - 126
        5. Shadow and Al-u-Mini-um - 116 (check the math, looks like Al should be up here!
        7. Brother Love and Fozzy - 112
        9. Walnuts - 102
        10. Big Tasty - 94

        And there you have it....Thomas, Al and Kevin stay hot as we’ve come to expect much to Fozzy’s surprise. Big Tasty is still getting acclimatized to new cars and new tracks, but lots of smiles which is what this all about.

        I’ll be posting in the season thread about the biggest movers of the day for each round this year. Basically where or what seed did you start in the rotation vs where you finished for the day’s results ... call it your driver of the day.

        For today, your driver of the day showing the biggest improvement was.....drum roll...Mr No Hands, moving up 5 spots! Just behind was Thomas, moving up 4 spots. Well done boys!

        Two weeks until the next race at Brad’s Silverado where the classes will be....
        1. Carrera DTM
        2. Fly F1
        3. Group C
        4. TSN Classics
        5. IMSA
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          Stats update

          Here is the processed version of the big board (changed scores highlighted in gold):

          • Kevin's Host class score was added incorrectly.
          • Alan's total score was added incorrectly.

          Tom's final finishing order is correct.

          Milestone update:
          • Aaron reached 50 races.
          • Matt passed 5000 points.

          Streak update:
          • All but Bob, Brad, and Danny extended their consecutive race tallies.
          • All attendees except Darren extended their consecutive 100-point race tallies. Paul beat his previous 15 race benchmark from a couple of seasons back.
          • Only Tom and Aaron extended their existing consecutive 120-point tallies.
          • Only Tom, Aaron, and David extended their consecutive top-5 finish tallies.
          • Only Tom and Aaron extended their consecutive podium tallies.
          • Tom extended his consecutive win tally.
          Last edited by AndGoliath; 01-22-2019, 09:02 AM.


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