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Winter Round 3 @ Silverado

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  • Winter Round 3 @ Silverado

    Evening Gents,

    Your race class lineup for round 3, at Silverado:

    1. Carrera DTM
    2. Fly F1
    3. Group C
    4. TSN Classics
    5. IMSA

    Driver rotation TBD

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    Preliminary driver lineup

    FYI - with Bob and Kevin down south, Danny back home, and Aaron competing in Camrose, we will have a lighter turnout. Right now, we have it at 7 racers.

    I would suggest that 6 racers is the minimum for a marshaled race at Silverado, with 3 marshals:
    - one between corner 1 and the swoop down into corner 2
    - a second between corner 2 and corner 6 (the cut out area that Pauly affectionately calls his own)
    - a third at the mid point of the big final corner to be able to reach into corner 4

    If we have less than 6, then we could decide either to run the day as a crash and burn or postpone/reschedule.


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      Milestones and streaks

      Here are the potential milestones to be reached at the Silverado race. Current values are in parentheses.

      Race day attendance:
      • 50: Kevin (49)

      Lifetime points:
      • 4000: Alan (3856). You can do it, Al!
      • 8000: Tom (7919)

      Class podiums:
      • 10: Thomas (7)
      • 20: Kevin (15)
      • 30: Alan (26)
      • 70: Matt (65)
      • 80: Brad (75) and Aaron (79)
      • 100: Bob (98)
      • 230: Tom (225)

      Here are the current streaks:

      Consecutive races (record of 34 held by Ken):
      • 1: Matt and Darren
      • 2: Aaron
      • 3: Paul
      • 5: Alan
      • 6: Kevin
      • 8: Ken and Thomas
      • 15: Tom
      • 27: David

      100-point days:
      • 2: Kevin
      • 6: Aaron
      • 7: Alan, Thomas, and Ken
      • 9: Bob
      • 11: Brad
      • 16: Paul
      • 22: David
      • 32: Matt (second all-time, tied with Bob)
      • 54: Tom (record)

      120-point days:
      • 1: Ken, Thomas, Brad, and Bob
      • 3: Aaron (tied with previous personal benchmark)
      • 40: Tom (record)

      Top-five finishes:
      • 1: Ken, Alan, Thomas, Bob, and Brad
      • 2: Aaron
      • 9: David
      • 54: Tom (record)

      Race day podiums:
      • 1: Bob and Ken
      • 3: Aaron
      • 32: Tom (record)

      Consecutive wins (record of 9 held by Tom):
      • 3: Tom
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        I thought Aaron was on a streak of 3 straight podiums?

        Fall Round 7 at Dartschleife
        Fall Round 8 at Al-Dorado - he did not attend
        Winter Round 1 at Mugello
        Winter Round 2 @ Tomadega

        Mathematically yours


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          Originally posted by Giddyup View Post
          I thought Aaron was on a streak of 3 straight podiums?

          Fall Round 7 at Dartschleife
          Fall Round 8 at Al-Dorado - he did not attend
          Winter Round 1 at Mugello
          Winter Round 2 @ Tomadega

          Mathematically yours

          Sorry, the error has been corrected in the post above and in the other three where it existed previously:
          Main stats thread:
          Mugello race 1 thread:
          Tomadaga race 2 thread:


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            Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in. Today, we have a special grudge match, no holds barred, garage-style event….Super Silverado Sunday!

            Before we start today’s show, let’s introduce some of RMR’s familiar cast of characters. The Shadow has emerged as a lone force to put down the evil horror of Triple T’s unholy reign in both rounds 3 and 7 this year. Legend has it he derives his power from math and uses cryptic Germanic nursery rhymes to disorient his competitors. Joining the Shadow is his tag team partner in crime; don’t call me Meathead….the man, the myth and the metal….Al-u-miny-um! Not only is he shiny, but after a crash/crumble - he can retake his shape. Like any good shape shifter, Al can alter his fighting style from Crane style to Gangnam style in the snap of a finger.

            Speaking of fingers, the Man with No Hands can sure wield a red hot controller. He may hold it between his legs for all we know, but he usually has that smirk going on when he is on his game. No Hands tag team partner is part walnut, part mobster and kinds of dead sexy according to his spread in “Slotters for Playgirl” last month. His pet peeves are nerfing, loose nuts and baby oil on his rear tread. Alas, The Walnut was holed up somewhere warm roasting his nuts over an open fire.
            No longer just an architect’s T-Square, he’s been more like Terminator v2.0 showing no mercy of late by buying up all the remaining inventory of RMR cars to build an unholy fleet of fastness. His special move of late has been figure four leg lock squeezing his competition into submission through the excessive use of snacks and sugary treats when he hosts.

            And then there’s the Bearded One. His bush has become overgrown and now doth runneth all over the track. For those who dare to stare into it, many are heard from again. He on home track, has chosen to relocate his Silverado ring to the upper realm which is equipped with a turnbuckle, good for one sneak attack at turn 1.

            And last but not least, we have the fuzzy one - part bear, part yeti is back from the back country to pillage a few picnic baskets.

            Okay onto to today’s action, first up – racing the Beard’s & the Shadow’s countrymen’s version of NASCAR – DieterTooMuch.

            These fat bottomed girls have plenty of junk in the trunk, and don’t like to move unless there’s snacks around the corner. The Bearded Wonder, aka the Man of Stihl, lept out like a scalded cat while the Shadow assumed his position, just behind the Trigger Finger Mafia duo. The erstwhile Triple T, who can’t be spelled Triple T without the word Terrorist strapped a new bomb into the red lane all the way from our friends in Korea. Like any good Samsung sponsored item, he deiced to self-implode at many inopportune times. No Hands launched his own shiny silver strikeforce to counterattack, but soon found he was overcome by gazing into the Beard too long and lost control. T2 came out of nowhere but soon felt the threat of No Hands’ stubby ways to wield a folding chair and came in off the top rope to pin T-Square into more of a rhombus.

            Speaking of taking new shapes, Al-u-miny-um who’s been known to crumple then regain shape decided a dose of the yellow fever was in order infecting the red lane to make a new lane color – orange. As in or-an-ge you glad to see me? Rounding out the cage match that would be DTM would be the Snowman, the byproduct of When a Bear and Yeti listen to too much Marvin Gaye and drink a little too much Courvoisier. Would Fozzy be down to pound? Or would he play coy? The answer would be…neither…instead, he chose to channel his inner pace loving ways as an homage to the absent Brother Love , choosing to donate his points back to his fellow racers.

            Class Results
            1. Shadowman - 30 pts
            T2. Aa-Ron & T-Square - 26

            While we recovered from the waltz of the DTM, we switched the SPEED channel and wouldn’t ya know it, they had some decent reality TV on for once. Yep, no Pimp this… or Jack that…it was classic F1, 70’s style! So put on yer pucca shells, slip on yer platform shoes and shoehorn yourself into some skintight bell bottoms, it was time to do the hustle…

            These Flyweights really knew their way around the ring, showing off some superior power slides and the occasional full body suplex. I swear I even say one fly! Every piled in with their own tonic for the chronic that is a closely contested class, except for T-Square who decided on a Scaley Ferrari for his very own Fly swatter. But not so easy is it? These guys are elusive! Just ask Fozzy the Yeti with his Black Beauty which turned to Black Plague on the middle lane. So elusive that many decided to take short cuts into other lanes. While desperation set in, the theme from Soul Train and Solid Gold rang true as the Penthouse Pet from the 70’s still looks pretty good for her age despite all the plastic surgery to look young. She may be less Cheryl Tiegs and more well…. Cheryl Tiegs…yeesh

            Don’t fall in love just yet fellas, care for a stare into the Beard? Look away! He would rule the day!

            Class Results
            1. The Beard - 30 pts
            2. Triple T - 28
            3. No Hands - 26

            Did someone say “low’n’wide”? Mmmm hmmm. Group C is in da house. A colorful lot and variety of weapons at your disposal. Maybe too colorful…think Mexican Wrestling!

            In the first heat, we would see the mini-mite wrestler, Los pantalones illegals with he and his orange-flavored Jager bomb go up against his Papi…El maricon grande con tacos. The Taco man would not be denied a crunchy finish by either Los pantalones illegals or Senor Jim Beam. Meanwhile, La Salchicha Guapa and his new Lancia would also suffer at the fate of the Taco man. Sin Manos would have his say, but he would be pinned to the mat while La Salchicha Guapa took his lunch money while waiting for Amigo Ultra, no relation to the Taco man, could lend a hand to Sin Manos with a crack of a chair over an unsuspecting La Salchicha Guapa.

            El Santo was waiting in the wings to tag team with La Salchicha Guapa to avenge his partner by longingly looking into the eyes of Amigo Ultra, to distract him from the truth of Silverado’s corner. Gran sabroso was giving his pre-match rant when he was rudely interrupted by the spirit of Oso Borroso’s humor which doth runneth over.

            If you’re confused, so am I!

            Class Results
            1. Triple T - 30 pts
            2T. The Beard, Shadow and T Square – 26

            Next would be the reboot of our RMR RAW series, TSN Classics! Fast and dirty, but another colorful lots, just like a colorful rainbow of skittles. Boy, do these go down smooth! The Beard came out swinging with his Gunston vs Aa-Ron’s yellow banana split and a test mule from Triple T. McLaren’s not to be outdone had their moments when not being interrupted unless encountering a slippery Castrol. AL-u-miny-um decided to throw his weight around to show off bigger is better with his extra large spoiler. Just a fantastic class today…many many close heats!

            Class Results
            1 Triple T - 30 pts
            2T. The Beard and his Shadow – 26

            If that class seemed to go by quick, well – don’t blink. The nuclear missiles of IMSA were deployed and some of the best races of the day with Kenny’s F40 looking smooth as usual, while Aa-ron manned the feared Green Machine to give the Beard a run for his money….and I could write more, but honestly, before we knew it – it was all over.

            Class Results
            1. The Beard - 30 pts
            2. Triple T - 26
            3T. Shadow, AA-Ron, No Hands and Fozzy – 24

            Geez, today went by quickly, racing was over in just over 90 mins. A big thanks to the Bearded Wonder who’s heated garage was truly an oasis….an oasis of laughs today! Nice to see lots of banter and fun enjoying the hobby.

            Your unofficial results:
            1. Triple T – 138
            2. The Beard – 136
            3. Shadow – 128
            4. No Hands - 118
            5. AA-Ron – 114
            6. Fozzy Bear – 112
            7. T Square – 108
            8. AL-u-miny-um – 106

            11 rounds in, the stats are starting to settle in, but with 5 rounds still to come – one good score could throw a wrench into your competitors laid plans…..grab a brew, kick back and let’s see where the chips fall!


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              Driver of the Day

              Big to Fozzy who is our driver of the day, moving up 2 spots from an 8th seeding to finish 6th.

              Waka waka!

              Last edited by Giddyup; 02-05-2019, 03:44 PM.


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                Stats update

                Here is the electronic version of the big board:

                No corrections were necessary. The main stats thread has been updated.

                I will update the lifetime stats later. The SCI site is forcing me to login four times for every update.


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                  Milestone and streak update

                  Milestone update:
                  • Tom surpassed 8000 points.
                  • Aaron surpassed 80 class podiums.

                  Streak update:
                  • All but Darren, Kevin, and Paul extended their consecutive race tallies.
                  • All attendees extended their consecutive 100-point race tallies. Matt moved into sole possession of second place all-time with 33 consecutive 100-point races.
                  • Only Tom and Brad extended their existing consecutive 120-point tallies.
                  • Tom, Brad, Ken, Aaron, and David extended their consecutive top-5 finish tallies.
                  • Only Tom extended his consecutive podium tallies.
                  • Tom extended his consecutive win tally.


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