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Winter Round 5 @ Al-Dorado

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  • AndGoliath
    Race results

    Here is the processed version of the board:

    Alan's score was reduced from 144 to 142 due to a math error.

    The main stats thread has been updated with the series and season results.

    Milestone update:
    • Alan has now attended 40 races.
    • Kevin has now attended 50 races.
    • Aaron surpassed 6000 lifetime points.
    • Brad reached 80 lifetime class podiums.

    Streak update:
    • All but Matt extended their consecutive race tallies.
    • Tom, Alan, Brad, and David extended their existing consecutive 120-point tallies.
    • Tom, Alan, Brad, Aaron, and David extended their consecutive top-5 finish tallies.
    • Tom, Alan, and David extended their consecutive podium tallies.
    • Tom extended his consecutive win tally.
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  • Giddyup
    Race Day Recap

    -It is déjà vu all over again! Back at Al-Dorado for the 3rd time this season. But wait, Al-Dorado is new and improved – now with more gold! That’s right girls, she’s got more bling which means more speed.

    The man, the myth, and the metal….has re-profiled the corner under the overpass. Often the scene of a few dangerous liasions and some illegal exchanges. Al’s been cleaning up the streets with a new wave of gentrification with his shiny, modern swoopy corner.

    I like to refer to this new corner as the comb over, as beneath it’s simple exterior lies the ravages of speed combined with a underpass, that with too much speed, maybe even too much of a tailwind, she’ll rear her ugly head to take you down before the final corner.

    So while we let that image settle in, let’s get to today’s action.

    Batting lead off was our heavyweights…Fly Trucks. Often the referred to as the New Ninco, just fatter and slower….

    While the big boys fumbled around trying to do up their pants for the big dance, a few of the “smaller” ones from the herd managed to break out and get clear of the stampede and the carnage that typically ensures. While Brad was busy practicing his truing skills on sillies, didn’t he feel silly? Well at least he remembered we were racing this week ;O) Jenny waddled her way out of Triple T’s stables for some much needed exercise under the guise of the Bearded One. Meanwhile, AL was busy working on Two Scoops of Gulf Blue … even after staying up all night to rubber in the track.

    What was it Al, 13,000 laps per lane? Buy boy, you wouldn’t know it as he was powered purely by caffeine today..or maybe that was whiskey?

    Class Results
    1. (tie) Triple T and AL-u-miny-um - 38
    3. (appropriately) Shadow - 36

    After the Jenny Craig meeting adjourned, the next support group took up a spot at the table for some free coffee and to spread the truth about the dangers of bulimia and anorexia. Yep, those pesky little flyweight Fly F1’s were back, but no sightings of their “odd” Scalextric cousin this week.

    Quick and twitchy? Yep, especially after Trucks! As usual the crème rises to the top and then gets quickly regurgitated as the well-funded F1 teams dominate….unless your name is Lawrence Stroll.

    Class Results
    1. (tie) Triple T and AL-u-miny-um - 38
    3. (appropriately) Shadow - 32

    Next we shifted gears and pull back tight our seat belts, as it was time for the TSN turning point, with TSN Classics. With nary a fairy in the field, all the cars looked the business – ready to tear Al-Dorado a new one…lap record that is. Did it happen?

    Well, the moose or was it meese, mooses’?! Whatever it was, all hell broke out …it was like talking cookies from grandma’s cookie jar, we couldn’t just stop at one lap record!

    TSN’s tore it up, setting and breaking lap records with relative ease! The final record before moving on was I believe… a 3.549…more on that later.

    Class Results
    1. Triple T - 40
    2. (tie) Al-u-miny-um and his Shadow - 34

    To close out the day, we’d continue theme of speed…and no, not like a good ole fashioned hot dog eating contest…
    Competitive eating legend Joey Chestnut gets an epic introduction and then breaks his own record by eating 74 hot dogs for his 11th career title.✔ Subscribe ...

    It was like Montezuma’s Revenge, or should I say Lloyd’s Revenge…yeesh….

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Except this time, the biscuit quick that was too legit was the Bearded Audi setting a new lap record in the 3.49 range! Action was fast, frentic and furious, but was the all the speed worth it? Uh, huh! Maybe once it was over you could relax, but during it was hold on for dear life! Brother Love was overhead that he’s looking for a new club after watching some of the best 4 way action of the season.

    Class Results
    1. The Beard - 38
    2. Triple T - 34
    3. AL-u-miny-um - 32

    While everyone catches their breathe, we see the (unofficial) results from this week’s action and wonders, how it’ll play out in the Winter and the Overall Season battles?

    Al-Dorado’s big board:

    Race Day standings:
    1. Triple T – 150 (hard earned today)
    2. Al-u-min-um – 144 (record setting day that could have been higher!)
    3. Shadow – 128 (back to usual tricks)
    4. The Beard – 120 (*fingers crossed he doesn’t start tuning his cars again*)

    For the rest of these scores I will say this, all were hard-earned despite the surface scores. Today’s playground action would have definitely yielded a few tickets. It seems Al’ has erected a special sign out front to get the competition to slow down!

    5. AA-Ron – 106
    6. No Hands – 94
    7. T-Square – 80
    8. Brother Love - 76

    Well boys, we have a bit of break until St Paddy’s day, so dust off your mugs and take a few aspirin and rest up!

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  • AndGoliath
    Milestones and streaks

    Here are the potential milestones to be reached at the final Aldorado race of the series. Current values are in parentheses.

    Race day attendance:
    • 50: Kevin (49)

    Lifetime points:
    • 6000: Aaron (5932).

    Class podiums:
    • 20: Kevin (15)
    • 70: Matt (66)
    • 80: Brad (79)
    • 90: Ken (89)
    • 100: Bob (98)

    Here are the current streaks:

    Consecutive races (record of 34 held by Ken):
    • 3: Matt
    • 4: Aaron
    • 7: Alan
    • 10: Ken and Thomas
    • 17: Tom
    • 29: David

    100-point days:
    • 2: Kevin
    • 8: Aaron
    • 9: Bob, Alan, Thomas, and Ken
    • 12: Brad
    • 16: Paul
    • 24: David
    • 34: Matt (second all-time)
    • 56: Tom (record)

    120-point days:
    • 1: Bob and Alan
    • 2: Brad and David
    • 41: Tom (record)

    Top-five finishes:
    • 1: Bob, Brad, and Alan
    • 2: Ken
    • 4: Aaron
    • 11: David (second all-time)
    • 55: Tom (record)

    Race day podiums:
    • 1: Bob, Brad, and Alan
    • 2: David
    • 33: Tom (record)

    Consecutive wins (record of 9 held by Tom):
    • 5: Tom

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  • Giddyup
    started a topic Winter Round 5 @ Al-Dorado

    Winter Round 5 @ Al-Dorado

    Good morning boys,

    Next race is scheduled for Al-u-miny-um's on Feb 24. Rumor has it that Al has re-profiled the dreaded corner that was never to be seen. Apparently it looks like more of a "comb-over" now?!

    Scheduled races classes will be:
    1. Trucks
    2. F1
    3. TSN Classics
    4. IMSA

    Your preliminary driver lineup pending RSVPs is:

    Cheers, eh!
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