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Winter Round 6 @ Tomadega

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  • Winter Round 6 @ Tomadega

    A little late starting this thread...round 6 goes Sunday at Tomadega!

    Classes will be:
    1. Carrera DTM
    2. F1
    3. Fly Classics
    4. Group 5
    5. TSN Classics

    The preliminary driver line-up...FU - Darren aka Big Tasty is still away with Ringette...The Swamp Beast Fozzy is a definite maybe....hmm...should we sweeten the pot with a picnic basket?

    Click image for larger version

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    Back at Tomadega, after a 3 week hiatus, and maybe a little hung over from previous night festivities? Would the luck of the Irish be on your side? Or would it be more like the Fightin’ Irish! RMR’s lucky seven would find out…

    The Beard was recovering with some St Paddy’s day “medicine”, while Fozzy Bear was desperately searching for some Lucky Charms after a few night shifts. Yet the ghost of Fozzy has vowed to haunt the halls of RMR as he switches jobs from swamper to runway model,

    With just a few rounds left in the 2018-19 season, round 6 of the Winter season could be a “moving day” in the standings for some…so let’s get to the action!

    Leading off with the Fat Bottomed Girls…our heavyweight Carrera DTMs…look the part, they just more a little slower than everyone else. The “new Ninco” dubbed by many. Spills were followed by chills and a few groans as a few of us noticed our ladies didn’t put out like they do at the home tracks.

    Class Results

    1. Shadow – 30

    2. T-Squared – 28

    3. (tie) Al-u-miny-um and Triple T – 26

    After putting the fat bottomed girls to bed with an extra heavy meal, out came the rocketships of F1. Smooth quick, and yes even airborn if you’re the Baron Otto Von Zipper! Most kept their heads during the intense heats, except of course if you were the Baron! Brother Love was not amused and sent the Baron off to Columbia for a Narcos-ish style of discipline (maybe not so “Brother Love” anymore?) Frankly I think it was the greasy potato chips that were to blame

    Click image for larger version

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    Apologies, for the picture quality, but I feared for my life and was tryig to flee the scene before Two Scoops exacted any more retribution!

    Class Results

    1. Triple T – 30

    2. Shadow – 26

    3. (tie) Alu-miny-um, No Hands, T-Squared – 24

    Next we continued the Fly train with Fly Classics. Classics like Herman Melville’s aka Two Scoops Moby Dick. The White Whale was unleashed, then an eyelet was promptly harpooned - beaching her temporarily. Black was a familiar refrain to the marshals during yesterday’s racing…

    Rumor has it that the police were called in to raid No Hands hoke last night as his neighbors reported him yelling out “Black, Black……Black!” all night. Calgary Police service stormed the premises only to find poor No Hands huddled in the corner in the fetal position desperately clutching his controller.

    Class Results

    1. Triple T – 30

    2. Shadow – 26

    3. (tie) Alu-miny-um, No Hands and T-Squared – 24

    Not many pics to share or video to share today as it was skeleton crew….but here’s two I managed to snag.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	5E98B468-EA51-43AC-9478-EADFBC91C97F.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	C3FDA8FC-9D19-49A5-9A43-0EED61F4917F.jpg
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    Moving along, up came the bullies….with the big brothers to the Fly Classics class, we unrolled the TSN Classics…more speed = more thrills and yes, more deslots! Well, not actually, some great battles right now to the end.

    McLaren’s seem to be a popular choice with at least 3 of the 7 racers sporting one. Tomadega’s track record succumb to my Red Devil 917 as the record fell into the low 5.1’s

    Class Results

    1. Triple T – 30

    2. (tie) Shadow & Al-u-miny-um – 26

    Final class was a crowd favorite, the uber quick Group 5’s. After a few restarts, and then a few more….we finally got it right…and before we knew it, we were done for the day!

    Class Results

    1. (tie) Shadow & T-Squared – 30

    2. Triple T – 26

    Another quick and efficient race day at RMR, brought to you Al’s House of Swears. Today’s unofficial results:

    1. Triple T – 142

    2. Shadow – 138

    3. T-Squared – 128 (congrats on his first ever Podium!)

    4. Al-u-miny-um – 122

    5. No Hands – 108

    6. AA-Ron – 106

    7. Two Scoops – 96

    The big board:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BB2CD036-AD6A-454E-987E-FA043E2DFBE4.jpg
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    Next race is in two weeks at The Circuits of Silverado, most likely a double header with the Group 5 Proxy cars…if they show up?


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      Here is the processed version of the board (no changes):

      The main stats thread has been updated with the series and season results. The updated results are on page 5. The forum will not let me update the latest ones on the first page.

      Milestone update:
      • Kenny: 60 races, 7000+ points, and 90+ class podiums
      • Thomas, 20 races, 2000+ points, and first race day podium
      • Tom: 240+ class podiums
      Streak update:
      • Tom, Alan, and David extended their existing consecutive 120-point tallies.
      • Tom, Alan, and David extended their consecutive top-5 finish tallies.
      • Tom and David extended their consecutive podium tallies.
      • Tom extended his consecutive win tally.


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