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Racing with Social Distancing

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  • Racing with Social Distancing

    We did a race last night at the Manure Pile oval. The track is located in a corner with walls on the back and at one end. There is a room divider at the other end. There are three driver's stations at the front of the track and one at the end with the room divider. The corner marshal has to sit in the infield. For last nights race tables were placed at the front of the track to keep the drivers further away from the marshal. Only three lanes were used, the inside lane is red, the next lane is white and that was not used. There was a partition and some chairs placed to keep the driver at the red station and the next lane that was used, which is blue, apart. The outside lane is yellow with the driver on the other side of the room divider, so everyone was far enough apart. We had six people, but the track owner was the marshal and did not race. The racers had assigned chairs that were spaced apart and the racers that were sitting out had to remain in their chairs. Everyone wore masks and washed their hands before the racing started. The races were run IROC style and only the marshal touched the cars. The first race was for generic Scalextric open wheel cars. the second race was for the club Racer DP cars and the third race was for Rally cars towing trailers.
    On July 1st we will do our next race at Wayne's World, we hope to use all four lanes and have a limit of six racers with everyone wearing masks and gloves..
    We have a DaVols Cup proxy race coming up at Ivoryton Raceway. Face shields are on order so we can use four lanes without having to install barriers.

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    Here we are at Ivoryton Raceway doing a DaVols Cup proxy race on July 8th. Instead of having barriers between the driver's stations the drivers wore both masks and face shields.


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