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  • Slot Car Addicts of North Carolina (SCANC)

    Slot Car Addicts of North Carolina (SCANC) has a loose "membership" of a half dozen guys and 5 privately owned 1/32 scale routed mdf tracks. Four of the tracks are right here in Winston-Salem only minutes apart. The newest, SlotZuka, will accommodate both 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars. The other track is less than an hours' drive from Winston-Salem.

    There are no dues and we welcome all racers.

    Lately, we've been racing regularly at SlotZuka on Wednesday nights. And we can usually muster at least 3 racers on short notice to accommodate visiting racers. PM ahead of your arrival to confirm and schedule.


    sacesta (Steve Acesta), Winston-Salem
    modernslots (Rob Fowler) Winston-Salem
    mcseitz (Marcus Seitz), Winston-Salem
    scytruckin (Scott Yaeger), Summerfield
    amateurslotter (Jimmy Baldwin), Winston-Salem
    rp6875 (Robin Petree), King
    kemtronracer (Jeff Buyer), Mooresville
    saleen385 (Jim Fasano), High Point
    rawafx (Bob Weichbrodt), Winston-Salem


    SlotZuka - A club track loosely based on Suzuka with 3 13/16" lane spacing to accommodate both our 1/32 and our 1/24 scale cars. Four lanes, 77' average lap length. Pyramid PS26KX variable power, tin-coated copper braid.

    SCANC with our friends from Atlanta - SSR GA, during a recent racing event:

    And a video trailer of the weekends festivities:

    Steve Acesta's Woodland Trace Raceway (aka Laguna Trace) ~ 80' four-lane routed mdf, loosely based on Laguna Seca, Pyramid PS26KX variable power, 7/32" copper tape, Winston-Salem, NC

    Rob Fowler's O.F.I. (Old Fart International) Raceway ~ 65' four-lane routed mdf, based on Catalunya, Pyramid PS26KX variable power, 1/4" copper tape, Winston-Salem, NC

    Marcus Seitz' Buena Vista Motorsports Park ~ 55' four-lane routed mdf, Pyramid PS26KX variable power, 7/32" copper tape, Winston-Salem, NC

    Jeff Buyer's Ascot Raceway - four-lane routed oval, mdf, Mooresville, NC

    Scott Yaeger's Leadfinger Raceway ~ 55' three-lane routed mdf, Summerfield, NC

    Jim Fasano's unnamed ~ 65' four-lane routed mdf, High Point, NC

    Bob Weichbrodt's HO Tracks, Winston-Salem, NC:

    108' four-lane original AFX track:

    61' Wizzard:

    "When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting."

    Best regards,
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    great looking tracks

    As a former HO scale racer I am pleased to see an active group.
    Many years ago I was part of a club in Jacksonville FL that raced weekly and had an annual 24 race.
    as well as several enduros through out the year. We had 2 tracks both appx 60 ft one complete with scenery and lighted for night racing. We raced Tjets - mostly modified with brass pans, silicone tires, cut down chassis etc. Will see if I can find some pictures.


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      That's AWSOME --all the cool tracks you guys have to run on!! Very cool!! Dennis Samson and I have tracks here in Southern Calif--the Pebblestone and the Hillside Raceways-- but you guys have more variety!! NICE!!!


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        mid 60's HO track in Jacksonville FL

        Took a little time to find these. Had to size down so hope they can still be seen OK.


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          You guys still running ? hey steve its danny .. im kinda getting my feet wet with 1/32 again .. when i can get away from directing 24th stuff .. i got my home track back up and working on it . just a small two lane 4x12 . yea yea magnets lol.. gotta couple new cars scx gt c6 vette. and a spirit renard . also picked up a couple parma 45ohm pro qualifiers. and next week im sending in my difalco to be builtinto the newer 30band with modules that way i can pick up a couple modules to use it in all scales. some sweet looking tracks i like the "old fart raceway" lol..


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            I'm having the guys over to my track tonight. No competition just some fun running. My timing system has been fouling up but I'm tearing the track down soon to rebuild it. The new track will be a facsimile of Laguna Seca distorted to fit my space.
            Here's the thread with pics:


            My address is 901 Woodland Trace Ct.



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              Hi SCENC !! I just had to post a welcome from the ALABAMA SLOTCAR RACERS (ASR) as Scytruckin (Scott) has been visiting with us over the past couple of weeks to race on Thursday nights. Southernslotter (LLSSR..."the Atlanta Gang") and I are trying to organize a 'Bama/Georgia/North Carolina SHoot-Out in the spring of 2012. More info later...

              Awesome tracks guys!! I can't wait to see Laguna Trace join in the fun. As they say, "keep the rubber side down"



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                id love to make it out tonight steve but we have a race and awards ceramony tonight . tues /thurs/sat are race days at the big track .. so sundays are about my only day .. yall have fun ..


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                  I hear you all are racing at the place in winston today ? i have free time and would like to swing by . found out one of my racers from the 1/24 track is into 1/32 aswell good guy he was telling me yall raced at the old fart int. today . guys name is marcus s. really good person .. anyway if yall do run steve give me a call . 336-749-3317 thanks .


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                    Glad you could make it today Danny!
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                      I had a really great time at robs track today . reminds me of the good ole days when bob and i ran ho all around .. good racing but more or less friends hanging out . and to the guy who i got the tire from they work great on plastic . im gonna do my best to get out more but time is tight. thank you all for having me . and thanks to steve for loaning me the cars to race today . im on a search for some slot-it cars and those ninco,s . could one of you all list what ninco cars are legal for the jtc class you all run .. thanks . and laso the slot it c .. very interested in those two classes thanks ..
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                        Lots of fun today. Yes, I would also like to see what is legal in the Ninco JGTC class too. Those cars worked well and I really enjoyed them. Might have to pick up a couple more.
                        Glad to hear the tires worked well on the plastic Danny. I need to make some more.

                        What classes did we finally decide on for next year?

                        Slot-it Group C
                        Slot-it Classic
                        Ninco JGTC
                        Trans-am - was it open or tires, gears or did we ever finish the conversation???



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                          Danny - legal Ninco JGTC cars are:

                          Honda NSX
                          Toyota Supra
                          Nissan 350Z
                          Lexus 430SC
                          Mosler MT900
                          Ford GT (the modern iteration)
                          McLaren F1 GTR
                          Ascari KZ1

                          Did I miss one?


                          I think we decided on:

                          Slot.It Group C
                          Slot.It Classic
                          Ninco JGTC
                          NSR GT and
                          Trans Am Open - I think we decided no limitations except that the chassis must be original - so tires, wheels, gears, axles, bushings, motors are all upgradeable. Maybe Scott wants to draw up some regs to clarify?

                          Great time yesterday! I especially enjoyed the encore! I'm glad you guys could make it!

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                            Thanks steve . ill be looking for a ninco for sure . i really like those seems like they have a good mix of handling and speed .. also looking out for a slot-it but those are a bit more so prob pick up a ninco first .. if you have any slot-its you wanna sell let me know .. money isent really tight i just dont like buying online i like to look at and hold in my hand what im buying on most things .. did some more wrk on the home layout tonight .. doing all kinda sceanery on this one everything from a water fall to woodlane sceanic grass .


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                              Danny, I've got about 6 or 8 Slot.Its I could part with. You can check them out next time you come by.


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