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  • Carolina Carnage Race Results

    Laguna Trace Raceway and OFI Raceway will be hosting a two-day race event on Saturday, Nov 17th and Sunday, Nov 18th.

    We'll be racing NSR GT, NSR Porsche Cup, Slot.It Group C, Daytona Prototypes and Trans Am. We may also do a 1/24 scale IROC race.

    Rules for these events can be found here:

    I'll update this thread with more info as it becomes available.

    If you're interested in joining us let me know here so I can get a head count for race day(s).

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    We're only two weeks away from race weekend. Regulations for the event can be found here:

    We'll be racing NSR GT, Slot.It Group C, Vintage NASCAR and Trans Am. Maybe DP cars set up to last years Snowball in 'Bama.

    Racing will be at Laguna Trace Raceway on Saturday. Doors open at 12 noon. Schedule of events is being hashed out and I will post shortly. Supper will be provided. I may ask for a $5 - $10 contribution to help defray the cost of food and drinks.

    Racing on Sunday is at Rob's OFI Raceway, also in Winston-Salem. We'll start in the morning and be finished up by early afternoon.

    Stay tuned. More info to come.



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      Hey guys just to let you know Matt and I won't be able to make it. Leaving on the 16th for Florida for Thanksgiving.
      We'll make one of these races someday.



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        Looking forward to it.


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          butcher another hog

          TOJ will be there with bells on!! Somebody has to finish last.



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            Be aware I will not concede last place so easily, particularly with NSRs
            Marcus Seitz


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              Whenever the Atlanta Gang comes to visit SCANC we always have a great time and awesome racing and this weekend's Carolina Carnage event was no exception!

              SouthernSlotter, RacerX132, Mark, Kevin and The Old Jaybird visited from Atlanta for the event and Steve, Rob, Scott, Marcus and Ed represented SCANC.

              Racing at Laguna Trace:

              We ran five races on Saturday on my 80' Laguna Trace Raceway and another five races on Sunday at Rob's more technical OFI.

              The first race was an IROC race - SCX NASCAR. The racing was very close with the podium finishes all on the same lap. We ran ten 3-minute heats. Kevin took the honors in this race.

              1. Kevin - 96 laps
              2. Mark - 96
              3. Scott - 96 (Scott received honors as Top SCANC for this event)
              4. Steve - 95
              5. Marcus - 95
              6. Jason - 94
              7. Rob - 94
              8. George - 93
              9. Ed - 90
              10. Jaybird - 84

              Next we ran Trans Am. This class allowed extensive modification to Scaley, Pioneer and SCX Trans Am cars. No Pioneer cars were entered. Marcus ran an SCX 'Cuda. Kevin ran a Scalextric Mustang and the rest of the grid was littered with Scaley '69 and '70 Camaros. We ran ten 5-minute heats.

              Jason took first place in this event by a wide margin. His blue '70 Camaro with silver stripes was the envy of everyone present. We considered disqualifying it for lack of a race number but our better nature prevailed.

              1. Jason - 175 laps
              2. George - 167
              3. Kevin - 164
              4. Mark - 163
              5. Scott - 162 (Top SCANC)
              6. Steve - 159
              7. Marcus - 156
              8. Rob - 156
              9. Jaybird - 152
              10. Ed - 134

              The Trans Am Grid:

              A Trans Am Casualty - Rob Fowler's 1969 Camaro:

              The 3rd event was Slot.It Group C. We ran ten 5-minute heats. Jason took honors by a good margin with 186 laps.

              1. Jason - 186
              2. Mark - 183
              3. Kevin - 181
              4. Rob - 180 (Top SCANC)
              5. George - 177
              6. Steve - 168
              7. Scott - 168
              8. Marcus - 166
              9. Ed - 164
              10. Jaybird - 157

              The Slot.It Group C Grid (Ed and Marcus' cars not available for photo):

              For the fourth event we ran NSR Porsche Cup cars with 17k Baby King motors. These are always fun. They handle great and lap times are not too far off from the King motored cars we run in NSR GT - especially on Rob's technical OFI Raceway. We ran nine 5-minute heats. Jason won again by a good margin.

              1. Jason - 191
              2. Mark - 186
              3. Kevin - 186
              4. Steve - 183 (Top SCANC)
              5. Scott - 181
              6. George - 180
              7. Rob - 175
              8. Jaybird - 172
              9. Ed - 169

              The Porsche Cup Grid:

              The final event was NSR GT. We ran six 4-minute heats. I slid ahead for the win when Jason had trouble with his controller in the last heat. It turned out an internal braided cable had severed. George bowed out in the last heat.

              Jason set new laps records for all four lanes - Red: 5.861, White: 5.907, Blue: 5.845 (a new track record) and Yellow: 5.975.

              1. Steve - 152 (Top SCANC)
              2. Jason - 150 (controller)
              3. Mark - 148
              4. Rob - 146
              5. Kevin - 144
              6. George - 126 (frustration)

              On Sunday races were held on Rob's technical 65' OFI Raceway. Five classes of cars were run - Trans Am, Racer DP, NSR Porsche Cup, NSR GT and Slot.It Group C.

              Racing Trans Am at OFI:

              Jason's blue and silver '70 Camaro was the car to beat and George gave him a good run for the money but in the end Jason won by two laps. We ran eight 5-minute heats.

              1. Jason - 168
              2. George - 166
              3. Steve - 159 (Top SCANC)
              4. Mark - 157
              5. Rob - 156
              6. Jaybird - 152
              7. Scott - 152
              8. Kevin - 147

              Next up was Racer DP. We ran nine 5-minute heats. It's probably no surprise that Jason again took honors.

              1. Jason - 177
              2. Mark - 176
              3. Steve - 173 (Top SCANC)
              4. George - 173
              5. Rob - 170
              6. Scott - 168
              7. Kevin - 168
              8. Marcus - 158
              9. Jaybird - 155

              The 3rd event was NSR Porsche Cup. Another win for Jason! We ran eight 5-minute heats.

              1. Jason - 189
              2. Mark - 185
              3. George - 181
              4. Steve - 179 (Top SCANC)
              5. Kevin - 179
              6. Scott - 174
              7. Rob - 174
              8. Jaybird - 163

              New records were set during Sunday's NSR GT event at OFI - Red: 6.093 (Jason), White: 5.877 (Jason), Blue: 5.794 (a new track record set by Mark) and White: 5.813 (Jason). Mark finished first with 191 laps. Scott did not run this event. We ran seven 5-minute heats.

              1. Mark - 191
              2. Rob - 189 (Top SCANC)
              3. Steve - 188
              4. Jason - 184
              5. George - 184
              6. Kevin - 171
              7. Jaybird - 166

              The final event was Slot.It Group C. I had to leave and could not make this event. Jason won this one too.
              Seven 5-minute heats were run.

              1. Jason - 184
              2. Mark - 181
              3. George - 181
              4. Kevin -
              5. Rob 177 (Top SCANC)
              6. Jaybird 164
              7. Scott - 153
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                Thanks for accomodating Kevin and I this weekend, Steve. We had a blast racing with you and the your group on both Laguna Trace & O.F.I. All I know is that next time.....I'm getting whatever steroid shot Jason got in the butt on Friday that made him so fast all weekend.


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                  urine test pending....

                  ....on Jason. The boy was "unnaturally" fast.

                  Steve and Rob were great hosts and a great time was had by all!! And true to form I continued my slot racing role as "human rolling chicane". Nice to see all them SCANCs again.

                  I wish they would spot drivers a lap for every year they have been slot racing....that would give me about 50 and Mark about 6 or 7...which would be about right to even things up!! Or they could have a scale and handicap the races by driver's weight.....I am good with either system!!



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                    It was great hosting Carolina Mayhem again and I had a blast racing both days. Thanks to the Atlanta Gang for all the tips and help tuning our cars. Unfortunately the only tip we got that helped us beat Jason was when George and Mark showed Steve how to sabotage Jason's controller!
                    Everybody is invited back, even Jason, who failed the post race drug test and Kevin who knocked a coke over (but he cleaned it up very thoroughly!).
                    Steve, I know you got used to putting top SCANC by your name, but I was proud of my second place GT class finish , so you didn't get away with it!
                    Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see everybody again at the Snowball!


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                      Great looking tracks!


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                        Geez Steve, give Rob his due props and I'm wondering 'bout your Trans Am finish as top scanc. Seems to me that should big a BIG DQ. After snibbling so much about your car, Jason felt so bad he gave you his to finish the last 2 or was it 3 heats. You totally ignored the black flag!
                        That's another for Rob.


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                          Originally posted by modernslots View Post
                          Unfortunately the only tip we got that helped us beat Jason was when George and Mark showed Steve how to sabotage Jason's controller!
                          Originally posted by scytruckin View Post
                          Geez Steve, give Rob his due props and I'm wondering 'bout your Trans Am finish as top scanc. Seems to me that should big a BIG DQ. After snibbling so much about your car, Jason felt so bad he gave you his to finish the last 2 or was it 3 heats. You totally ignored the black flag!
                          That's another for Rob.
                          Man, you guys cut me no slack - sabotaging controllers... ignoring black flags - maybe I should change my handle to Dr. Evil. Meh heh heh!

                          I must admit I would have DNF'd with a burned-out motor if not for Jason's generosity in loaning me his lightning fast '70 Camaro (of which Rob now holds title). And there were no objections in me commandeering another ride. In fact, I recall hearing a chorus of "Oh go ahead, Steve" when I attempted to bow out.

                          Btw - thanks to both Jason and George for donating the 1st and 2nd place finishing cars to Rob and me. That was more than generous compensation for our hosting the races and lodging and feeding the racers and was certainly not expected but definitely appreciated. Thanks guys! I can't wait for the next event.

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                            I wanted to leave mine, but I didn't want you picking up after my trash.


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                              Yeah your Trans-Am car wasn't your best, but beating the track record by.199 (set by Jason last year) was acceptable. To be fair, Jason did set new lap records in the other 3 lanes!


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