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  • Preparation

    I keep getting comments that I'm not using the correct car for a class. So in an effort to conform I'll rebuild my Porsches for Slot It Gruppe C and NSR Classics.

    The preparation is going well. I have found all the pieces for the 917k's and the front wheels and tires are finished. The next step is to glue and true rear tires. I'll probably combine this with Porsche 956/962 rear tire prep.

    Here is what I have so far:

    And here is the Slot It Group C's waiting in the bullpen:

    Can't wait to finish so I can test them. Jason says Stanley Motor Sports is on a fishing holiday so if you have any orders from them you might want to check on the status...

    Can't wait to race
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    Originally posted by low tech View Post
    I keep getting comments that I'm not using the correct car for a class.

    Just curious were you in breach of the regulations?


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      Technically not in breach.

      But way back when we re-started the Group C (in Atlanta) we as a group decided to only run Porsche 956 and 962. This made all the builds very similiar and the competition was close. As time went on we expanded to allow the new Group C releases but the bulk of the group still ran mostly Porsches. We have since all run something besides Porsches and in general we feel that the Toyota is the best Gruppe C car (based on body weight, chassis length and so on). Then throw into the mix a problem with our spec tire compound (NSR supergrip), the consistency keeps changing and our cars are not as close as they once were.

      The same thing happened with NSR Porsche 917k. When the car came out we all got them and raced a 917k class. Again very close racing. We have since amended the rules to allow all NSR classics.

      I migrated away from Porsches wanting to drive something that I hadn't been driving for the past two years or more. That and the fact that the motors were wearing out and getting slower, tires were also wearing out and getting looser. So my new builds in Groupe C were Toyotas others chose Lancias and Nissans. In NSR classics I got inspired and built two of every body make, one to race and one to share if someone didn't have a car, 2 Ford GT40, 2 Ford GT40mkIV, 2 Ford P68s.

      There have been technology advances that have made some of the older cars not as competitive, and new chassis sometimes help.

      My new builds were good, in some cases, 'lights out good', I felt the race was won before I started. I got a little heat, nothing serious, just fun prodding that I was running a cheater car in a class for Porsches.

      Having fun running the other cars I never rebuilt the Porsches with new motors and tires. So with a race weekend on the calendar with the SCANC's I decided to try to get inspired and rebuild my older Porsches to try to bring them upto the level of my more recent builds.

      Also, other thing that has been happening is that my tire prep is getting better. The more I do the better I'm getting. Add to that, the tracks we run on change and the weight setup that used to be perfect is now obsolete.

      So its time to tune up the old runners and make them fast again. As well as throw in a couple of new releases. It has been a slow process, and I don't have a wood track of my own to test them on so it is another reason why I build in bulk.

      We'll see how they turn out...


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        Sounds like fun! For those that have never raced with Jon, he builds very fast, smooth slot cars and drives the heck out of them. A formidable racer for sure and is a member of an amazingly fast group of racers. I have moved to Florida in the last year and I miss running with this group of racers that left me in awe of their ability. I was never able to match their driving on the wood no mag road course tracks. Did not bother me one bit because I understood the quality of racers I was with. So, Jon will rebuild his fleet to a very high degree and yet winning in his group will still be a challenge. These guys are that good.


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          Sweet looking fleet for both classes! Your prep may bring Jason out of fishing retirement! Looking forward to our race weekend and trying out the big track.


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            Past the pre-prep and all in now.

            Found out that the Slot It orange end bell is a discontinued item.... Also found out that half my Group C cars still had the old black 0.0 offset pod in them.

            I have all the Group C cars rebuilt. I'm about halfway into the porsche 917k's.

            I've been truing tires on a regular basis and need a test day at the track to see if I'm actually making any progress or just spinning my wheels. ha ha.

            I really wish preparing a Slot It car was as easy as a Thunderslot. I prepped one of those while truing the tires for it.

            Looing forward to some racing


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              You're coming to race with quite the armada there, Jon. I've no surprises. You'll see the same stable of cars that I have been racing for a long time now. I'll have to rely on my dubious driving skills to see me through this weekend's races. Looking forward to getting together again.


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                Progress or Junk...

                I've been putting in the hours and now I have a table full of untested cars.

                So the question is have I made any progress or do I have a table full of junk???? No matter what I'll have plenty of cars to share with anyone that wants to finish behind a JMS entry.

                Steve I think I've raced on only two occasions since visiting you in North Carolina. We've gotten together more than that but not raced, only tested our cars and talked. So I'm looking forward to some SCANCs coming here to make us turn the clock on and race some cars.

                All I have is a table full of potential. These cars are like Schrödinger Cat. They're preformance is only a set of possibilities. They may be good they may be bad. We just don't know until we can look into the box. Jason will say that all these cars look fast and his cars are junk. I wish I had his junk...

                If one looks closely, one can see some Slot It modern GT's, Porsche and McLaren. The Slot It GT's are a known quantity, they're wave form is bad and unstable. Maybe I'll look at those tomorrow or I'll ignore them, they don't seem to be on the menu this weekend as far as I know.

                By the way what other classes you race on a regular or irregular basis that we do not?

                Looking forward to the weekend
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