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  • Another New Guy

    Just thought I'd introduce myself I am brand new to slot racing. Me and my son got an N-digital set up for x-mas and have been having a blast with it. Anyway it is great to see there are slot racers in the Atlanta area since I live in Mableton. If any of you guys plan on meeting up can you give me a heads up as I would like to meet some local guys.

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    Hi Paul. Good to see a father-son duo hitting the scene together!

    Some of the local Atlanta slotters are participating at the weekly racing at LZB Modelraceways in Gwinnett Place Mall. The next race there is going to be next Wednesday, January 10th. From what I see here, some of the local will be there as early as 5:00pm practicing for the racing that night until closing time.

    Actual racing starts @ 7:00pm with three different classes for racing, which are:

    Ninco Box Stock Class - pretty much a stock Ninco car with the NC-5(pink) motor. "Tuning" styled cars and bodies are allowed, but the NC-6(green) motor has to be replaced with an NC-5 to keep an even playing field.

    Ninco No-Magnet Class - this is a class for any Ninco car with the factory magnets taken off. The "unsaid" rule is pretty much that you use the NC-6(green) motor and the Ninco Shore A-25 slicks, but it is not a "must".

    Open Class - this class has no rules. Any motor is allowed, gears, tires, axles, wheels, etc. you name it.

    Gwinnett Place Mall is located off of exit 104 "Pleasant Hill Road" off of I-85. Coming from Atlanta, make a left from the exit, and coming from 316, make a right from the exit. The mall will be to your right. Track is inside the mall.



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      You have a email.
      And I agree with Mark, We would enjoy seeing you at LZB's next Wednesday.

      Missed you tonight at LZB's
      A few of us got together a ran a few laps.
      Just trying to keep up with you!



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        Is there a reason...

        ... it is all Ninco? I don't own any Ninco cars and really am not that interested in spending the money on that particular class...

        Oh well.



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          John Go,

          Yes it's all NINCO for now.
          That may change in the future.

          If you want to join us come by Wednesday night.
          I'll have a car you can borrow.
          The two classes we race in is box stock and No mag.
          Lots O' Fun!



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            Wait, you guys were there last night?! I didn't know you guys were going to be there.

            I was at JD's racing my pocket rocket

            Edit: Ok, I'm sorry I didn't check my e-mail George . I haven't checked it for a week! We got back in town Tuesday afternoon. So yes, back in business!
            Last edited by Mark; 01-04-2007, 06:17 AM.


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              Thanks George...

              I will have to come check it out.

              I have been trying to decide which track I want to build... I have the Road Atlanta layout which you guys have seen, but I have also come up with a Sebring-like layout for the room in the basement. Argh! I love both tracks. Both tracks are about 37' long by 10' wide. The Sebring variant has some serious straights and some nice twisty bits as well... I will try and post the design in the next couple of days. I have been battling a stomach bug for the past three days. Lots of fun there...



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                Hey Localpref, be sure to check with George for any driving tips. There are a few folks around the world who would say he's pretty darn good.


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                  Can't wait to see pics of the tracks.
                  We will probably race some next week and I hope you get feeling better.

                  I'm just a grasshopper trying to snatch the pebble from the hand of the master.

                  Last edited by SouthernSlotter; 01-04-2007, 11:02 AM.


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                    Originally posted by JohnGo View Post
                    ... it is all Ninco? I don't own any Ninco cars and really am not that interested in spending the money on that particular class...

                    Oh well.

                    the main reason is that we don't want you racing with us!!! The box stock class is very competitive, all cars run just about the same. As I describe it, it is a buy it, lube it, race it class. All stock NINCO parts as it comes out of the box, with the stock button magnet and Pink motor, plastic wheels and gears, any NINCO anglewinder car, but the Moslers and Supras are the most popular. And it is cheap, $4.50 to enter, and a one-time league fee of $10 which entitles you to buy a car at half-price, so that's a winner too. We run three 4 minute heats, total laps wins. Average about a dozen entries. Try it, you'll like it. George or I could scrounge up a car for you, if you're interested. TOJ


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                      I have been going up on wed to LZB and have been having a good time and i live in douglasville. if you want to go next wed let me know. We could ride up together. Its alot of fun, Even though George and Jay run illegal cars.

                      Give me a call 404 427 7431

                      Marc Waddle


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                        Boy, that's the pot calling the kettle black!

                        Fact: Box stock class, two weeks ago I won the class by a total of two laps with no offs in three heats.

                        Fact: Last week I did the same number of laps as the week before with one off and get beat by Waddle by two laps.

                        Marc, It's amazing that you car can improve over FIVE laps from one week to the next week?????

                        Fact: Box Stock Rules, Lube it and run it.
                        Marc, I want some of that lube you used in the final race.

                        Fact: I'm having a great time racing at LZB's and sparring with Marc verbally.

                        To bad it's coming to a end.



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                          Thinking Outside the Box...

                          Marc, It's amazing that you car can improve over FIVE laps from one week to the next week?????
                          Or maybe Marc's performance stayed constant and YOUR performance dropped off by 5 laps from one week to the next...

                          Steve (Troublemaker Extraordinare...)


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                            Your out of you jurisdiction!
                            Be careful, or I'll sick Smokieo on you.

                            This guy Waddle still has 1:24 in his blood.
                            We need to let him know that 1:32 is for FUN!
                            I do love the verbal sparring though!

                            Last edited by SouthernSlotter; 01-26-2007, 04:24 PM.


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                              George, I think Steve is on to something. You must have sluffed off this week. Maybe you need some energy drink so you will be a little quicker with your reaction time.