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    Hey guys,

    My dad and I are making our first trip to Road Atlanta for the Mitty at the end of question is which hotel should we stay at? For those that have been to RA, my dad and I go to races as much for the cars as we do the challenge of capturing the cars with our camera's..can you all recommend a good vantage point for catching the cars in action?
    Thanks guys,


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    Hi James,

    Glad to hear you're heading down this way. I'm going to have to do a little research on the hotels/motels. There are several across from the Mall of Georgia, on Highway 20, between I-85 and I-985, that are around ten miles from the track, and very close to I-85 that takes you to Road Atlanta. Lots of places to eat around there. That location is also pretty close to JD Raceway, the giant slot track at Discover Mills. About 15 minutes away.

    There are also a couple of hotels in Oakwood, at I-985 and Highway 53, that might be a little less expensive, but won't have as many choices for places to eat. To get to RA from there you just go south on Highway 53, about ten minutes away. Where ever you stay, let us know what your schedule is, and we'll get together for some slot racing in the evenings.

    You're in luck as far as taking photos, your ticket to get in for the Mitty will also get you into the pits so you can see all the cars up close. The best vantage point for seeing the race is at Spectator Hill (where I'll be most of the time), at the end of the esses, just past Turn 5. Your looking back up the track across a valley and can see the cars work their way downhill through the esses before they have to brake for Turn 5, then accelerate hard up the next hill right in front of you. You can also see some of the back straight from there.

    There are also some great places to get a little closer to the cars for action shots at Turns 5 & 6, before the cars go onto the back straight, and another couple of good vantage points on either side of the spectator bridge, just before the pit entrance. On one side of the bridge you can see the cars going through the left-right turns at the end of the back straigh, before they go under the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you can see the cars plunge down the hill to Turn 12 leading onto the front straight. From that vantage point, you're looking almost straight down at the cars as they come out from under the bridge. Just be sure to bring ear plugs if you go there!

    See ya soon,


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      Thanks for the info. I will let you know the plan for that weekend once we figure it out. My guess is that we will arrive Friday and leave Monday, but that's not certain just yet. I will be sure to have some slot cars with me in any case. Hopefully, we can meet up and turn some laps.
      I've been to JD's and I know my dad would like to at least see it so we'll hit that for sure. There is also an Aquarium down there somewhere?? If so he wants to hit that too, maybe on the way out of town.

      Back to RA - from playing Forza on the X-Box it would seem that turn 1 is a good spot, is that the case? Is there alot of passing in turns 5 and 6 or is it single file for the most part (I pass there, but I wreck alot )

      Thanks Jim,


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        The aquarium is right downtown and definitely worth seeing.

        As for RA, there is a lot of passing at turn 1, but it's not very easy to see. You can walk along the exit from turn 1, through the first half of the esses, and you can get pretty close to the cars, but it's not a great place to keep track of the racing action. Something about being too close to the forest to see the trees! But you should definitely check it out. Buy the infield parking pass - I know it's kind of pricey, but it will allow you to get around the whole track in your car. Without it, you'll be doing a lot of hiking.

        Coming out of turn 5, on the run down to turn 6, is also a popular passing spot. From outside of turn 5 you can see not only the different line through 5 that starts the pass, but also the outbraking at the end going into 6. Going into turn 10-10A, at the end of the back straight, what used to be called the "Gravity Cavity" because it was steeply downhill, is also a favorite place to pass, and you can find several good vantage points to see that, mostly near the spectator bridge.

        See ya soon,


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          Georgia Aquarium

          This has been a very popular attraction. Check online for tickets, you might have to buy them in advance because when they first opened there was a several MONTH! waiting period. It would be a bummer to drive all the way downtown, find parking, get to the aquarium, only to find out that no tickets were available.

          If you are familar with Atlanta, its located near the classic Varsity restaurant and Georgia Tech; on the map very near the junction of I-75 and I-85 as they merge going thru downtown.



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            Since it's going to be a weekend, the best time to go to the aquarium is a little before lunch time. Not as much traffic during this time on Saturdays.

            Like Jay and Jim said, the Aquarium is a must see at least once!! I live 5minutes from there and have gone twice.



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              I think that the Aquarium recommends reservations so you may want to go ahead and call.




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                Thanks all for the aquarium advice. We'll call ahead to get tickets.

                All of the descriptions of the racing at RA has me wishing it was next weekend and not the end of April. I also plan on hitting my 1st Petit in the fall, so this will be a good 'scouting' experience - I'm guessing I'll want to get my tickets/rooms/etc for Petit by ...June?? Sooner/Later? I know it's gaining popularity.


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