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Spring Enduro results from 3/31

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  • Spring Enduro results from 3/31

    Here are the results from the 3 hour endurance race at White Fox Motor Speedway held on Saturday, March 31. The results show the hourly lap totals and grand total for each team.

    The Zoomsters - Jim "Zoom Beedo" Basel, Palmer "Speedpalmer" Adams and Evan Kaminsky - 252 + 240 + 250 = 742 total laps,

    The Bagley Boys - George "SouthernSloter" Bagley, Jake Bagley and Britt Kaminsky - 242 + 248 + 251 = 741 total laps,

    J Cubed - Jay "The Old Jaybird" Hodges, Jack "Batman Jack" Muirhead and Jon Grizzle - 245 + 244 + 246 = 735 total laps,

    Checkered Pasttimes - John "JohnGo" Gossett, Frank Ranum and Wally Rowan - 241 + 239 + 246 = 726 total laps, Fourth Place

    The cars were NINCO anglewinders, a red Supra, a white NSX, a blue 350Z and a yellow Megane that remained on the respective lanes IROC style. Cars had NC5 Pink motors, ProRace narrow 17 wheels f/r, ProRace "blue" gears, ProRace guides, NSR Ultragrip tires, no weight or magnets. Run on a 113 foot Scaley Sport track at 10 volts, 15 minute heats rotating across the lanes 3 times. Each driver drove each car. A good time was had by all. Next enduro in 8 to 10 weeks, possibly at Batman Jack's in Conyers, Georgia.

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    Good job and thanks for being the clubs scorekeeper.

    The enduro was a blast with LOTS of close racing.
    I'll be looking forward to the next one.
    Congrats to Team Zoom for a good clean race except for the times my team got nerfed!
    One and one quarter lap difference after over 700 laps. WOW!



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      Jay, thanks from me as well for compiling and posting the results. Thanks also to Wally Rowan, if he's watching, for hosting the event, and especially for rebuilding a large portion of his track to make it more easily marshalled. And thanks also to George and Jay for building and providing the cars we raced (IROC style, with the car staying in the lane).

      Wow! That was one of the most closely contested enduros I've ever run. We tried to even out the talent on the teams and evidently we were pretty successful. Going into the last heat my team was three laps down (thanks in large part to the previous heat drive by George's son Jake, who ran very quickly and seemed to never come off the track). Luckily, I was scheduled to drive the fastest car and lane in the rotation, while George had to try to defend with the slowest car and lane. For me, it was like running a 15 minute qualifying run, and the outcome was in doubt until the last few laps because George just wasn't making any mistakes. When I got nerfed off the track by other racers (twice) before making the final pass and had to plan my passes more carefully, I thought my chances of catching him were pretty slim.

      Of course, that final heat might have shown the finishing order, but the final outcome was due to a fantastic effort by my whole team. Evan Kaminsky is a relative newcomer to our sport, but he did a great job of driving his own race and collecting laps at a very respectable pace. And what can I say about Palmer (SpeedPalmer)? He really impressed me with his pace and consistancy. He racked up some of the highest lap counts of the event. I expect him to be a national champion one of these days.

      I was also very impressed with the driving of all the contestants. By the end of the event, hardly anyone was coming off the track and the overall pace was incredible. I believe the value of a win is always due to the quality of the competition. Thanks to all who raced to make this one of my most valuable wins!



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        Ninco Nats finalists

        There were 6 finalists at JD's for the NINCO Nats last October. Three of them ran the final leg of this enduro, Jim, George and Jon Grizzle. Jon was second qualifier for the Nats, second only to Mr. El Secundo himself. Jon had never run this track before and is more at home on NINCO track than Scaley, but he was a great teammate and by the end
        of the day was clipping off laps as fast as anyone.

        Mark Azarraga ["Mark" on SCI] was also scheduled to race but had some family committments for the weekend, otherwise we would have had all 4 Georgia Ninco Finalists in this enduro.



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          I can't believe we missed all of the action that Saturday. We will definately be there next time around.

          I'd also like to thank good ol' Jaybird for being the club's scorekeeper. We can't have the series without you . A big thanks also goes to the big boys with their tracks. We definately couldn't do it without you three (and it seems that we're about to have a 4th addition, HURRY UP JACK!)

          Cya all tonight, I'll be running late due to some school stuff, but Jason will be there 30minutes late as always. I hope to be sneaking in right at or around 7pm, hopefully.



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