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Scaley A1GP Summer Series?

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  • Scaley A1GP Summer Series?

    Hello All,

    I know it's been brought up before, but what does everyone think of doing the A1GP cars for our short summer series? We need to get something set in stone before the enduro at The Batcave takes place so we can start the series soon after.

    The A1GP cars are fast, have superb handling, and need no tuning what-so-ever when doing the transition from Scaley Sport, Scaley Classic, and even Ninco. These cars handle great in all three surfaces in stock form. Each car cost around the $40.00 mark and are a good buy! They are also not bad looking.

    I vote to run these cars this summer and as SS said, save the Sloters for Fall and another car for Fall whene we can really put them to use for a longer period of time. If you agree to run A1GP, please say so and go ahead and call dibs on your country of choice.

    My country of choice is: Germany

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    We ran A1GP at Al's Hobby shop during the Fall/Winter and it was a blast.

    If you are interested in the rules I think they are still posted on website.


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      Sounds good to me. If we do this, I'll take the USA car.


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        I think it's a great idea.
        Please, nobody buy one yet!
        IMO we need to do a draw for liverys or pick of the liverys, so there's as few duplicates as possible.
        I believe there is 10 liverys, FWH has all in stock.
        I'll be glad to order all ten and pass on my cost to save shipping for all club members.
        I think that Jon is the only club member that has a A1GP as of now.

        Let's shore it all up next week at Wally's.

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          Jason also has one already. He has the Switzerland car.

          I'll be one of those willing to repaint so we don't have duplicates. Nothing a paint brush and stickers can't fix


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            That's great Mark if you'll do your own livery.
            If 12 to 15 of our club members race there will be some duplicates.
            What you don't want is 6 or 8 of the same liverys running around.



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              Wow! 10 liveries aren't enough? This is a good problem to have. This is new to me.


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                I like the idea. I can paint one as well. That Canadian car would look the business painted up like a classic Honda F1 from the 60's.



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                  just wondering??

                  How these cars compare to other Scaley open-wheelers, IRL Dallara and F1 cars???
                  Do they all run pretty close to the same??



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                    I have tried Jason's fantasy livery Dallara and my "kimi" F1 against Jason's A1GP car the the A1GP car is by far the fastest out of the three. It sticks very well and seems to have a lot more motor power and speed.


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                      Originally posted by The Old Jaybird View Post
                      How these cars compare to other Scaley open-wheelers, IRL Dallara and F1 cars???
                      Do they all run pretty close to the same??

                      The two things that these cars have going to run a series with is lots of different liveries, and "supposably" the most durable of all the open wheelers.

                      And I hear they do run very well!
                      Too bad they don't have a front magnet pocket to let 'em slide a little bit.



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                        Actually they do. John Grizzle put a button magnet on the front of his. There is a little spot in there for one.


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                          The A1GP cars were ordered today and will be passed out Wednesday night, or whenever you can get yours, at the Bagley house. Home of the infamous Bagley Park Raceway in beautiful downtown Cumming GA.
                          Rules and format will follow after testing is completed on said track.
                          TENTATIVELY the series will start June 20, 2007 at one of the three raceways in the current rotation.

                          Thank you for your time,



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                            What we found in the Al's Hobby shop series is that the magnets vary quite a bit on the A1GP cars. We ended up using a magnet marshal to set a max magnet reading as part of the tech inspection.


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                              That's the plan.
                              We've had one of our club members already experiment with taking the rear magnet out and just using a button in the front with success.
                              Our club tends to favor no mags or a magnet in the forward position to allow the car to be driven.
                              It's amazing how fewer offs we have when we run this way.
                              Thanks for you help.



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